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Another Day Another Night

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Another Day Another Night

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance - Characters: Duke Devlin, Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine, Serenity Wheeler, Seto Kaiba, Tea Gardner, Tristan Taylor, Yami Yugi, Yugi Mutou - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006/09/27 - Updated: 2006/09/27 - 4233 words

Author Note: I do not own Yugioh or any of the characters from the show

Author Note: I do not own Yugioh or any of the characters from the show. I hope you enjoy this story and I look forward to seeing what people think of it. If you like it please R&R. I don't expect this to be a long story like my other two Yugioh fics, but I think it will be a fun ride as it moves along. Just a warning; this story will contain spoilers for Battle City and possibly the Noah's Virtual World saga. This fic has been beta read by Minor Arcana; a big thank you to her for all her help and advice on the story.

Dog Days Chapter Sixteen: Another Day Another Night


Joey got up and went through the motions of the day, but his head wasn't in any of it. He felt like everything wasn't real around him somehow. Like nothing since the nightmare of seeing his dad like that and even thinking about him hurting Yugi, something had snapped within the young duelist. He waited until lunch and then went out to the hallways and pulled out his cell phone. He had brought Serenity's cell number, having gotten her a phone to use to call him with he should know the number. Now if only it was turned on and she could talk.

He needed to hear her voice, "Hello?" she answered after it rang twice.

"Hi little sister, how are you doing today?" Joey said brightly.

"Oh just fine Joey, thought it might be you. Not many people call me on this you know. Out of respect for you and for what it means to have a cell phone at my age. How are you doing big brother?"

Joey chuckled and leaned against a row of lockers, he was near one of the boy's bathrooms and as far as he knew he was safe from prying ears. Not that he worried much about it. He wasn't going to lay much on her, he just had to hear her voice to bring him back to reality. Even talking with Mai last night hadn't felt as real to him. He hated that too, that he hadn't really felt what he'd talked to Yugi about. He had felt it but not like he did before that encounter with his father. Somehow that had really shaken the young man to the core.

"Oh I'm fine, just sitting here after eating and wondering how you were. I'm really glad you liked the phone. You know I moved in with Duke at the Black Crown. You got my cell number and you know you can call anytime sis."

"I know Joey, I'm so glad you called. It's great you moved in with Duke. I think it's cool that you've got another really good friend like him. You're so lucky to have all your good friends. I really miss everyone. Maybe I can come for a weekend and stay with you and Duke?"

Joey laughed, "You read my mind Serenity. But I need a couple weeks to get into a routine, so maybe weekend after next. What would you say to that?"

"I'd say great! I hope Mom lets me."

"Aw she will Serenity. I'll talk to her if it comes to that. Anyway I don't want to make you late for class," Joey said softly.

"Oh I won't be. Thanks for calling Joey. I love you, bye!"

"Love you too sis, bye."

Joey folded the phone and sighed. He didn't realize there was a teen standing at the door of the bathroom, he was lost in his own thoughts as he headed back to the cafeteria to rejoin the gang at their table. It was going to be fun to have her over for a weekend but if Joey ended up telling his mother everything about what made him move out, then she might not let her come. He sighed again as he left the hallway, pushing open the big heavy door that led outside. Joey had his phone turned off and put away and when he sat back down at the table he smiled, but his heart wasn't into it.


Hmmm, so he hasn't told his sister about all that crap their dad was up to. I'm not surprised though, it's nothing I'd be proud of either and I did hide a lot of our adoptive father's abuse from Mokuba so I think I can understand his motives.
Thought Seto Kaiba.

He let the door to the bathroom shut and thought about it some more. He wondered why it was that brothers would bear such humiliation alone and choose to keep it hidden, why was it that sharking the pain a parent inflicted such a taboo subject for people? It was still on his mind as he was getting his books out of his locker for his next class, ironically enough, Psychology. Seto waited until the first bell rang before going to the classroom.

He saw Yugi and his friends coming out of the cafeteria and going towards their lockers, Joey and Yugi coming towards him while Tristan, Duke and Tea all went in the other direction to different classes. Only Joey and Yugi were in the same Psychology class. And with all that had gone on in the young blonde's life lately Seto had to admit he found himself looking at both his own past with more acutely trained vision. The same vision he used when thinking about what Joey Wheeler was going through and had been going through for some years now.

I may not like Joey, but I do respect him for standing up for himself to his father's unjustified abusive behavior. I hope he does well with Duke. He just doesn't look like he is doing that well today. There is something I don't like about his eyes today. Like their empty; like he's not really all here. I wonder if something happened.

But as he would never allow anyone at school to know, he'd have to be satisfied to keep his curiosity a secret. If something bad did happen, he hoped Duke would trust him enough now to come to him if he felt they needed help. He didn't hate Joey Wheeler, he just didn't like the friendly puppy dog attitude he'd grown accustomed to seeing the young duelist with twenty-four seven. And having seen him for so long during the Battle City tournament he couldn't imagine what living with him for real must be like. Even for someone as outgoing as Duke was, Seto was certain he would grow tired of all the hyper outbursts the blonde was prone to having.

Not that I help him any in that department. I just can't help but to tease him sometimes. He just seems to take things so lightly like everything is a game when sometimes it's really life or death. Like how upset he was after he'd come to his senses dueling Yugi like that on the dock out there in Domino Harbor. I didn't expect him to be affected like that. To be fair though he does not always act so irritating as he used to when we first met.

The teacher came in and the second bell rang, with Joey sitting next to Yugi and Seto over to the far right. He had a good view of the two friends and liked to look over at them from the corners of his vision so that no one knew what he was actually looking at. Not that people noticed him much anymore. Seto had made a real effort to fade into the woodwork here at school. He could have chosen to take a test and be done with it, but at times he wanted to feel like a normal teen again. Even if it was just by being around a bunch of his so called peers, to remind himself of why he enjoyed being one of the most powerful CEO's in the country.

As class came to order he opened his book to get to the pages they were working on and pulled out his notebook with last night's homework. To his surprise Joey had his and had the right answers when the teacher called upon him. He still seemed like he was in a daze, but at least he was doing his homework. Seto had a feeling part of the agreement of his emancipation was that he had to keep up good grades. But then it never took Seto long to do all his homework, though he could have paid someone to do it for him, he enjoyed the simplicity of doing it himself so that when he took tests, he aced them without breaking a mental sweat.

To Seto Kaiba it was all about appearances and action. Not just school, but in business too. You had to show you were powerful to be accepted as being truly powerful. He had respect because he'd earned it. Much in the same way he now found Joey was slowly earning his, just as Yugi too had been over the years. However Seto still trusted Yugi much more, he had to admit he was finding some humor in the story Joey was still writing on and he actually left him a nice only mildly sarcastic review on his last chapter. He looked over more directly at the two friends as one girl from that side of the room was reading from the text book and they were taking turns down the lines of desks.

Another fun filled afternoon of reading, and getting ninety percent of his homework out of the way before he ever left class.


Later after Duke and Joey had gotten home Joey was up in his room and he called his mother's number. Somehow he just needed to talk to her to tell her some things that had been on his mind lately. He dialed the number and hoped she answered. On the fourth ring her pleasant voice greeted him and he smiled relieved.

"Hi Mom. It's Joey. How are you?"

"Oh, hello Joseph. Are you in some kind of trouble or something? Do you need money?"

Joey rolled his eyes and tried to be nice, "Mom, I didn't call to ask you for money or to whine about being in trouble. Good grief, I just wanted to talk. I been doing some thinking and some things have happened I wanted to talk to you about. That is if you care to."

When she didn't answer right away Joey was about to give in and say goodbye but then came her uneasy reply.

"All right. I'm sorry Joey, I just don't know what to say to you anymore. I haven't for a long time."

Joey sighed, "Look mom, I just wanted to tell you that I'm not angry at you. I understand why you left dad and I wanted you to know that. That I understand and am glad Serenity didn't have to put up with all the crap he's been putting me through."

"Oh? He isn't hitting you is he?"

Her voice told him she knew the answer, but he chose to tell the truth in spite of it.

"Yes, and I moved out a week ago. I got emancipated Mom. I'm not dependant on him for anything anymore. I have a job and a great room mate. A guy I go to school with who owns his own gaming store. Not Yugi though."

"Oh Joey, I had no idea it had gotten so bad. I'm sorry he just can't be the father you deserve."

His mother was about to cry and Joey could tell from her voice, "Mom, don't cry. I did what I had to do just like you did. I just wanted to thank you for saving Serenity this heartache. Listen I called also because I want to have Serenity over weekend after next to stay in one of the extra rooms here. You can meet Duke when we come to get Serenity ok?"

He hoped the change of direction of the conversation would help ease her grief, because she might be in the middle of making dinner for all he knew and he didn't want her being upset. He'd called to try to ease her mind and lift her heart.

"Sure honey. That will be fine. I'll mark it on the calender so I don't forget."

"Great. It's good to hear your voice Mom. Listen take this number down so you have it just in case ok?"

"Ok Joey, I have a pen," she said, her voice sounding much steadier now.

"Ok, this is the main game shop number so you can ask for Duke or me. It's 555-6555."

She read it back to him and he confirmed it, then she thanked him for calling.

"I'm glad you called Joey. Did you want to talk to your sister?"

"No that's ok, I called to talk to you and I haven't told her why I moved out and don't expect to so please keep it between us ok? I called her earlier today so don't be surprised if she mentions this coming over for the weekend thing. I love you Mom."

"I understand son. I love you too Joey. Good bye."

"Good bye mom."

Joey hung up the phone and sighed. He'd done the right thing, he knew he had even if it had upset her it had to be done. And like that conversation he had to get some homework out of the way. Now that he'd talked to his mom he was motivated to get his homework done so he could chat with Mai later. She was probably writing right now. She did a lot of writing in the evening after dinner. Just thinking about her made him smile.


"I said, it's a real shame your son is just a loser Jim. He'll never amount to shit in this life you know. Just like his old man."

Jim had bitten back his anger long enough. The fact that he'd let himself get talked into another night out with the guys from work was bad enough, but having to listen to that idiot running his mouth on top of things? He just couldn't do it. Jim got up from his chair and clenched his fists. Daniel would pay this time and no one would stop him.

"Take that back you asshole. Take it back right now or get ready to eat those words!"

He pulled back his fist and waited, giving his drunken co-worker a few moments to react. But his smirk made Jim lose it so he let loose, pummeling the man repeatedly until three of the guys they'd come with pulled him off the half-conscious bloody mess that was once a sarcastic prick. The bartender called the police and before Jim knew it he had cold steel handcuffs on his wrists and was on his way to jail. He didn't give a shit, he had nothing left to live for anyway. He probably wouldn't have decked Dan so badly had what he said not been true.

That was something his mother used to say to him, about how the truth hurts. He hated how she'd been so uncaring as to abandon him and his brother as she had, but there was nothing to be done about it now. All he could do is go along for the ride he was getting now. In a police car with his hands behind his back he didn't regret hitting Dan, he regretted that he'd put himself in the position to be around the jerk to begin with. He would need to have some dental work done and if Jim had to cough up the cash to pay for it he would, knowing the pain the son of a bitch was in now made it worth while.


-Yami? Are you there?-

--Yes Yugi. Is everything all right?-

-Well I noticed Joey didn't seem right at school today. Did you notice anything?-

--Yes, he did seem somewhat preoccupied. I don't know yugi I think last night really shook him up. I think he was afraid he might see you get hurt. I'm sorry I didn't give him the chance, but I couldn't risk him hurting you or Joey.-

-I know, but I was scared. I thought for sure he was going to hit Joey.-

--I was able to prevent it so don't worry Yugi. Is that what you think was bothering Joey? That this might happen again and be the first of several harassing encounters with his father?-

-Yes, that's just what I am afraid of.-

Yugi sighed and lay down in his bed, getting under the covers, Yami had come out of the puzzle and was standing ethereally near Yugi's mirror. His body language was definitely a reflection of the worry his lighter half was feeling. It bothered him to think that Yugi could be right, what if this was the first of many times that Joey's father got around him and threw him off balance. Such a thing could not be allowed to happen and Yami meditated on it as he thought of what to say to Yugi.

When nothing came to him and he saw Jim in jail again, dying in jail he couldn't think that Jim would be in any position to bother Joey again. If his prediction was right, he was going to be incarcerated very soon. Most likely before the week was over if not tonight. Yami got the feeling that the danger was past and it had been just the one rough encounter that Joey had to deal with. But until such a time as they heard for sure Joey's father was in jail, it would be in the back of his mind and the minds of his friends, Yugi and Joey both.

Yami soon retreated back into the puzzle once Yugi was sleeping and he let his mind drift, for some reason Kaiba came to his thoughts and the former pharaoh thought about the way Kaiba had seemed today, especially in the Psychology class. He'd seemed a lot more interested in Yugi and Joey then usual. Though Yugi hadn't seemed to notice Yami had, that the young CEO had looked over at them several times throughout the class. Yugi either didn't notice or chose to overlook it in lieu of being respectful or he just wasn't concerned with him anymore. Yami was inclined to think it was the latter because of what he'd said on the way to Black Crown yesterday after school.

Kaiba was acting odd because he wasn't antagonizing Joey at all and Yami wondered if the reasons didn't indicate something dark about the young man's past that they might not all be aware of. There could be no other reason for it. He thought it made more sense then the thought that they really didn't matter to him. Seto might appear to be rough and coarse, cold and uncaring, but he really wasn't. Yami had seen the softness there for his little brother and because that existed, there was hope for the young man that he might someday find his own happiness. Of that Yami would hope to be around to see someday.


"You really think that Joey?" Mai asked, batting her eyes at her web cam.

"Yes I do, I think you are the hottest duelist I have ever laid eyes on. To think you turned down that movie star guy because he couldn't beat you. I've beaten you babe. And you've beaten me, stolen my heart even though I'd give it freely."

"My you're awful poetic tonight. I can't wait until you are right here with me Joey. I miss you," Mai said, wiggling in her chair, adjusting her halter-top straps seductively.

"Oh Mai, you're such a tease. At least I know how to make you mine. I miss you too, but I'll be with you all weekend. We don't have to get out of bed if you don't want to."

She giggled and brought her hand up to her mouth and kissed her finger, then blew a kiss at him through her web cam. He smiled back and took off his shirt, sat back and grinned. It was a response to her challenge by wiggling around so cutely. She grinned and took off her shirt, winked and shook her cleavage at the web cam. He gasped and swooned in his chair and she laughed, sitting back down.

"You like that don't you big red." She taunted.

He grinned and nodded slowly, "You know I do."

She nodded and put her right index finger in her mouth.

Joey shivered, "Oh man, you gotta stop that Mai. I got school in the morning. You save that for me tomorrow night. Ok?"

Joey smiled knowing she would. She knew what effect she had on him and she played it to the fullest. She'd shown him the height of pleasure and the joy of truly loving someone. Being the only girl he'd ever kissed or touched, just seeing her in her bedroom like this was enough to make him want to rush over there right now. He looked over at the clock. It was only ten. If he left now he could get over there in time to have some intimate time with her. But would she mind taking him to school? Would people notice and make a big deal out of it?

"How about I pack a bag now to get us through the night and you come get me?" He winked at her, seeing her smile widen he knew he'd be getting that bag ready.

"You read my mind handsome. I'm on my way."

Mai blew another kiss and then reached to her halter-top putting it back on. Then she waved to him and then turned off her side of the chat. He saw her go offline then and knew she was grabbing her keys and out the door. He quickly got a duffel bag together and grabbed his backpack. He turned off his computer and then headed out to let Duke know he'd be hitching a ride home but had the way in to school covered tomorrow.

"You're going where?"

"You heard me Mai's. You got the number if you need me."

"Ahhh, I see. Don't worry I won't need to call. You two have a nice night. See you tomorrow in class Joey."

Duke waved at Joey as he nodded, "Ok, see you Duke."

Joey closed Duke's door and smiled. Duke was a good friend and he knew that Duke had his share of females fighting for his affection. It was nice that he had him to talk to. The look he'd given him told him he understood that she'd been chatting with him and he couldn't take not being with her after that. As Joey went downstairs he saw that Mai was in the parking lot. He went right to the front door and on out to meet her. She looked so good he felt like he was real again. Like the world was suddenly real around him.

The evening was still young and having planned on leaving his backpack in the car, when they got back to her place, he brought his duffel bag with him. Things were tense between them as they both needed to be together so badly. Joey wasn't sure if he should share with her what happened last night, but as he headed into her apartment he had a feeling they wouldn't be doing much talking before falling asleep. That was fine with him. He'd slept good last night so if he didn't fall asleep until two he'd still be fine to get through school. All that mattered now was that he was with his love right now.

He followed her into the bedroom and she pulled off her top and then unzipped her skirt, dropping it, wearing only a pair of sexy black thigh high hose, her black panties and the black bra that she'd had on earlier. He lifted off his shirt and they came quickly into each other's arms. Immediately they were kissing and she led him to the bed. She backed away long enough to sit down and then move back onto the bed properly, inviting him with her sultry charms. Joey felt his stomach twist in his gut as he moved onto the bed, above her, pressing his lips to hers as everything around them faded away.

His heart fluttered in his chest as she snaked her hands around his neck, entwining his hair in between her fingers. It sent shivers down his spine and he caressed her cheek with a hand, that he then moved down over her breast, down to her hip, then down her leg. Joey wanted her so badly right now, he could feel her desire for him was burning just as hotly, it was the reason he'd wanted to be here. As they began their sweet journey in each other's arms the two lovers gave in to their passionate longings. Because he wanted to make love to her, to show her how much being part of her life meant to him.
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