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A Little More

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AT THE FUSE CHAINSAW and your friends made an ametuer indie horror flick, and it got into the chainsaw awards thing! yay, go you! but this is another abstract one, seriously, a chainsa...

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At the Fuse Chainsaw Awards

"And, receiving the best indie horror flick is..." Pete Wentz rooted around in the head of the corpse, and pulled the face off and took the brain out. He split it in half and read, "Once Upon A Haunted House!" Your friends jumped up and ran up on to stage.

"Thank you!" Casey squealed at Pete when he handed the award over. Teal and Fawn held it while they started their acceptance speech. "We, would like to thank..." You walked out from behind a curtain.

"Oh, Tatsu! Um..." Fawn started sputtering nervously. The chainsaw was hidden behind your back.

"OH, I see how it is, FAWN. Thought you'd start without me, huh?" This was going perfectly.

"No, not at all-"

"SHUT UP!" You whip the chainsaw out from behind your back and before anyone could see that there wasn't a chain on it, you yank the cord. VVRRRRMM, VRRRM! You revved it and screamed psychotically, "WELL IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!" you dash for your group, narrowly avoiding Patrick Stump. Your friends scream on cue and run backstage, you following close behind with the whirring weapon.

"Well folks, that was interesting," Pete said into the microphone. "Talk about a 'killer' competition, yeah, I crack myself up." A FUSE cameraman found you and started filming you with the chain-less saw that was now dying into silence (i.e., it was turned off).

"Oh my god, Tat that was perfect!" Teal squealed as she ran up to you.

"Yeah, the audience totally fell for it," Pete came up on your right, and Patrick followed and took place on your left. "Oh my god! You're wearing my label! I love you!" He hugged you there and then, and you kissed him on the cheek. He grinned and said, "You're friendly."

"TATSU! Yeah, she's notorious for kissing random strangers!" Fawn burst out, and Ivory started squawking her agreement. Justin was just laughing his ass off the entire time.

"He's not a stranger, he's Pete Wentz. And I think that Patrick wants one too," you say devilishly and wrap your arms around his neck to pull his head down to meet yours-you're short, okay? And kiss him on the cheek too.

"Whoa," he said, pulling his head away.

"See, Tatsu? They don't like it!" Kelsey exclaimed.

"Don't worry, I'll win Patrick over yet," you promise.

Pete laughs and says, "Hey, I didn't mind! And don't feel bad about Patrick, he's asexual." You laughed, but Patrick's not as amused.

"Yeah, well you might want to be careful, Pete's a jerk when he wants to get a girl's attention."

"Oh really? And why would he want my attention?" you draw out slyly.

"God, Tatsu, maybe because he likes you?" Justin spat sarcastically. He is really irritating at times, not to mention Ivory's brother.

"Shut up, Justicle!" you spit back.
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