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Guinea Pig Pt. 2

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The cake tasted odd. [Bit of Albel/Cliff]

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Disclaimer: I don't own Star Ocean or Cliff. If I offer my sibling's souls can I get one day with him? Please?

Warnings: Yaoi, drabbles. Don't like? Don't read. It's rather simple, yes?

Notes: Just an excuse to get away with not writing anything with any sort of plot. Again. Maybe one day these two'll allow me to write them properly. Just not today.

Guinea Pig Pt. 2
by fairady


"Hey," Cliff stopped in his tracks. "What's that?"

Albel sat back further under the shade of the tree, and almost refused to deign the absurd question with an answer. He'd thought he had found a sufficiently remote place to not be bothered. Unfortunately the freakish blond worm seemed to have made it his mission in life to go out of his way to bother Albel at every available opportunity. "What does it look like, fool?"

"Hm," Cliff crossed his arms and studied the unwrapped cake seriously. Nodding decisively he plopped himself down next to Albel. "Well, it looks like enough for two!"

Crimson eyes glared at the blond willing him to shrivel up and crawl away to rot like the insignificant creature he was. It was a stare that had sent countless men to the brinks of madness before it's owner delivered them to the domain of Death. Cliff smiled impudently and stared back.

Minutes passed and neither man backed down. Cliff shifted slightly and removed a rock from under him before settling back down, obviously ready to stay for as long as it took. Albel snorted and looked back to the dessert; he wasn't going to waste anymore time on the idiot.

So decided he cut into the cake and briefly eyed the frosting before eating it. Mayu was a good cook and wouldn't give out anything inedible. It was one of the reasons why he trusted her and her mother to feed his troops.

"Anyone ever tell you what a cruel bastard you are?" Cliff scowled and edged closer, eyes locked onto the cake.

Albel shifted the package to his other side and glared warningly at the blond who continued to try to reach over him. Albel used his fork to stab one hand viciously and swallowed. The cake was a bit on the sweet side for his tastes but otherwise it was fine. Most people seemed to like their desserts that way. Albel rolled his tongue against his teeth trying to get the remnants of the frosting off and frowned. The sweetness left an odd aftertaste that tingled against his tongue.

"Looks like you don't like it," Cliff smirked and took the chance to push Albel back against the tree trapping his arms while he leaned over to grab the cake. Twirling the fork he cut off a generous bite and winked. "Best not to let it go to waste then."

The swordsman watched Cliff lick the fork clean oddly fascinated by the way his tongue moved. The tingle that had started in his own tongue had spread out through his body making him feel light and a bit dizzy.

Cliff licked his lips and frowned. Unconsciously he shifted his weight brushing his body along the other's, "This tastes kinda...odd."

Hissing Albel bucked suddenly throwing the blonde off balance before pouncing. He rolled Cliff under him and kissed him, tongue hungrily delving inside to find all traces of the frosting. There was nothing odd about the taste at all. Albel thought it tasted just fine.

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