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She moves with grace and kills with precision. A dance but for the lack of music. [Crossover, FFVIII]

Category: Final Fantasy XII - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters:  - Published: 2007/01/03 - Updated: 2007/01/04 - 438 words

Disclaimer: I neither own nor make money off of these characters. You can tell because of, well, Basch. I'd never be able to do that to him.

Warnings: Crossover, Quistis is from FFVIII.

Notes: Ok, so I'm always of the opinion that Quistis needs more love. Makes her an easy character for me to crossover with, and I really wanted to get started with this fandom.

by fairady


"Extraordinary," Balthier said, utterly delighted in the unexpected event.

The blonde woman paused in her fight long enough to send him a tight lipped glare. Even then her attention was focused on the battered guards before her, as one poor fool quickly found out when attempting to rush past her guard. She was pure grace as she spun and caught the man under the chin with the handle of her whip. Muscles rippled in her arms as the slim looking woman almost carelessly threw the now unconscious man into the next two trying to press their seeming advantage. Space clear of immediate threats the woman once again made full use of her whip not at all hampered by the full skirt of her outfit or the high heels of her boots.

It was absolutely magnificent to watch. Skirt flaring with each step, body swiveling to keep balance, and the deadly crack of her weapon flying through the air. She danced across the floor moving to the ageless music of death.

Disappointment filled Balthier when the last guard fell, and the woman lowered her weapon. He was only mollified somewhat that she did not stop moving. In fact, she was turning to stalk towards him with her easy grace.

"Usually when attacked, I expect people I'm traveling with to help me," her voice was low and biting. All her anger was kept tightly reigned. "Not stand back and watch me do all the work."

"It did not seem as if you needed my help," Balthier could not help smiling at the flare of anger that got him. Quickly he stepped back and raising the rifle held loosely in his hands. "I am afraid I am useless right now though. I ran out of shot a while back."

The woman pursed her lips in irritation before turning away. Marching forward with a mesmerizing sway he had only ever seen in Viera before. "Then my suggestion is that you learn to use another weapon. Fast."

"A thought for another day," Balthier slung his rifle across his back, hands brushing the daggers hidden from sight. No need to let on about those, at least not until he learned more about this dangerous stranger.

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