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At eight Ashelia loved sunrises, her father, and strawberry jam. In that order. Oh, and she also loved her future husband Basch.

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Disclaimer: I neither own nor make money off of these characters. You can tell because of, well, Basch. I'd never be able to do that to him.

Warnings: Beware the cute.

Notes: Yes, I'm sure it's been done, but it's too cute for me to not try my own hand at it.

by fairady


Early morning was always Ashelia's favorite time of the day. The sun would gracefully climb the sky and paint the world around her in shades of fire. There was no clamoring from the city and no loud calls in the palace as everything in the world watched the sun's rise with awe. The breathless beauty of the sunrise was her favorite thing to watch, but it was not the only reason why she liked mornings.

Early morning was her time. It was the only time of the day that she could spend in her father's company and not expect to be interrupted by advisors or petitioners. It was while he broke his fast that she could have him all to herself.

The sun had risen and Ashelia carefully picked her flowers from the garden bed. Inspecting the lilies carefully she decided they were good enough to use. Smiling, the girl ran back to the balcony, depositing her array of colorful flowers on the table before climbing onto her father's lap.

"What beautiful flowers you have found," the king smiled and settled the girl on his leg. "Whatever shall you do with them? Will you make another bouquet for your mother?"

"No," Ashelia squirmed as her father rubbed his chin against her cheek, the scratchy beard tickling her. Red lilies were threaded carefully with the blue flowers she could never recall the name of. "I am making my bridal crown."

"Nay! My beautiful little girl is far too young for such a barbarous thing as marriage!" Ashelia shrieked in laughter as her father bounced her on his knee, fingers finding all the ticklish spots on her back.

By the time she had gained control over her laughter the flowers had been scattered, and her time was almost up. Ashelia pouted over the flowers but contented herself with the knowledge that she could always begin anew.

"Who is the rapscallion that has asked for my only daughter's hand without asking my permission first?" His face broke into a wide grin. "More importantly, who is this man that has caught your fancy enough to think of abandoning your own father?"

Ashelia drew herself up with all the dignity she could muster. "Lieutenant Basch fon Ronsenburg."

"Lieutenant..." the king trailed off to an uncharacteristic silence. "I see, then the Lieutenant has asked for your hand?"

"No," Ashelia gathered what flowers she could salvage and bunched them together. She did not notice the tension in her father disappear. "Basch said he could not until he had slain a hundred demons. For him to do anything less would be an insult to me."

The king threw his head back and laughed deeply. Ashelia joined him shortly, unsure of the cause but happy that he was laughing. "Indeed, the Lieutenant is a smart young man," Her time was over, her father rose from his seat and lowered her to the ground. "He shall have my permission to take my beloved daughter away from me, but only once he has slain a hundred demons."

Ashelia smiled ecstatically as she followed her father inside. She had thought getting his blessing would be much harder. Her feet automatically took her to the barracks as she ran to her third favorite part of the early morning; waking her future husband with the good news.

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