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***"This Is Where You Should Come To Bowl Because There Is Bowling Stuff Here".

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Mikey has no tonsils? The safety belt has feathers? MCR hate me and chuck Frankie at my head? It's gotta be a dream right!....right? [One (STUPID) shot] :)

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This is a really weird dream I had last night about MCR. Yez may not be interested but then I'm not forcin' yez to read. There's always the 'go back' button on your toolbar-lol.
Well anyways, I think I had it cause I was listening to them before I went to sleep. Anyhoo, a friend said I should put it on here....:)
This is it in its entire dream like truth okay? Okay!....

"2:43 am? I suppose I should go to sleep." I said to the darkness putting my book ('Quite Ugly One Morning' by Christopher Brookmyre- tis flippin' Amazin'!!) down and switching my CD player (which was at the time playing "Vampires will never hurt you") off and laying down in my bed preparing to sleep.

Little did I know of the bizarreness of the dream that would hit me.

"Laura! Laura! We need to get into the bulletproof car immediately, or we're gonna be late for taking Mikey to the hospital!" a voice I didn't know seeped through the bathroom door reaching my ears over the noise of the shower.

I didn't know the voice but I trusted it and so decided to hurry up anyways. After all this Mikey guy needed to get to the hospital!!!

Making my way out onto the driveway to get into the 'bullet-proof car?' I met a small black haired guy with a scorpion tattoo on his neck (I was an idiot in this dream, I don't know why. Of course I know it's Frank DUH!).

"Hey there! We need to hurry! Mikey has to have his tonsils out pronto!" the guy said jumping up on the spot and suddenly lifting me up and carrying me to a large silver car with many dents in it (apparently caused by bullets).

Inside the car I sat in the front next to the hyper guy who was next to a blonde guy who introduced himself as Bob.

Bob pointed to Frank and said "Frank." Who then twitched and started acting like a dog licking his arms and barking.

I turned around in this car and saw three other people. Upon seeing them something clicked inside my totally uncharacteristically IDIOT brain and I shouted

"My Chemical Romance!!!!!!"

"Yes, now can you kindly shut the hell up so we can go to the hospital and have my tonsils removed!" Mikey lunged forward and shouted in my face.

"Yikes!" I said turning back around hurt and upset. Frank noticed and hugged me but then broke away looking agitated.

"What?" I asked worried.

"You need to put your safety belt on!" he said tugging at several complicated straps of material. I noticed that nobody else had them and they were all sitting staring at Frank who was messing about with the complicated devices.

Half an hour later (a big clock appeared on front of the car that was going really quickly to symbolize the half an hour going past) Frank still hadn't finished putting my safety belt on.

So far however, I had three straps pulling my chest back, six straps pulling my legs back, a bulletproof vest on and several feathers sticking out the sleeves of my jumper. (I'm being serious!!!; I'm not making this up!).

Mikey was getting impatient.

"Who cares if she's safe? Let's just fucking go!!!!" he shouted.

"Shut up Mikey! You know for someone supposedly in a lot of pain because of their tonsils you sure as hell are shouting a lot!" Bob turned angrily towards Mikey who coward backwards snuggling into Gerard's shoulder.

"Screw this! Come on Laura we're out!" Bob said getting out of the driver's seat, making his way round to my side of the car and pulling me out of the vest and the straps that were apparently a safety belt.

Really confused (again with the idiot thing) I followed this Bob guy down a street that is NO WHERE near my house but somehow miraculously appeared (Tis a dream after all...anything is possible).

"Where are we going?" I finally asked.

"Bowling!" he said suddenly motioning to the building (that just appeared) behind us with the words "This Is Where You Should Come To Bowl Because There Is Bowling Stuff Here" in a huge sign above the door/front windows/roof.

He grabbed my arm giggling like a little girl and pulled me inside the building where we then proceeded to play the most bizarre game of bowling I have ever played (Picture regular ten pin bowling but add laser guns, bean bags, ice cream and a suddenly there Frankie).

However, just when I was having the best time ever (How amazing would it be to go bowling with MCR????? Exactly...!), a group of people that are mean and nasty to me (I was genuinely upset when they appeared- and there were tons n tons of them!!!) appeared and started hoarding Bob and Frank who quickly decided that they hated me and should mock me and throw stuff at me (mainly ice cream although I did eventually get Frankie thrown at my head (I had serious dream pain- must have smacked it off my wall or the bed frame or summit) OW!).

Crying I ran to a corner and sat down. I felt someone shake my shoulders and I looked up to see Mikey sitting in front of me with marshmallows.

"If you think you've got it bad, imagine being me!! I just got ma tonsils ripped out ma throat!! And this stupid BITCH held us up cause she was so stupid she couldn't even do her safety belt up!! THEN she stormed off and stole BOB!! She fucking STOLE BOB!!!! Can you fuckin' imagine?????" he laughed to me

"Fuck you! That stupid bitch was me! And I did NOT steal bob, he just wanted to go bowling. And he turned out to be a horrible person anyways!" I shouted back attempting to get up but Mikey pulled me back down.

Then Ray appeared to my left eating some popcorn. With a bored voice he turned to me and said, "Get over yourself and listen to Bob play 'Amazing Grace' on guitar!"

I turned round and sure enough there was Bob playing 'Amazing Grace' on guitar- it was really good. Gerard was singing as all they mean nasty people that hate me were watching on swaying to the music (some had Zippos out even though it was the middle of the afternoon?).

Bob suddenly stopped when he saw me and put the guitar down running over and hugged me "I'm sorry Laura! I'm sorry!" he cried into my shoulder.

Everyone that is mean and nasty to me then decided that they hated all of MCR as well as me and decided to mock them and chuck stuff at them. So we had to run out of the bowling alley place called "This Is Where You Should Come To Bowl Because There Is Bowling Stuff Here" and out onto the street where the 'bullet-proof?' car was parked.

That was when I woke up (DAMN just as I was friends with them again! Even Mikey who decided to forgive me for being a stupid bitch and holding up his tonsil appointment thing).

Giggle "Och well, better get up!"

so, yeah that was the bizarre dream of mine!! I swear I made absolutely none of it up!!!! (there isn't even any sarcasm in that). I just thought I'd put it on here cause it made me laugh and so... yeah, ya know? :)
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