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Once a king.

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Summary: answer to the Question as to where Xander got his 'White Knight' Complex'

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Xander growled as Anya continued to argue the point.

"But it's bulky and heavy and we have no place for it, why won't you just get rid of it." She demanded before continuing without waiting for an explanation.

"Besides it's pre-world war two hand made, we could make enough to pay for the wedding AND honeymoon."

"ENOUGH!" Xander shouted as he finally stood up and glared at his fiancé. "We are NOT selling it, not now not EVER." Xander stated before forcing himself to calm down. "It's all that's left from my great grand-fathers estate after Tony sold most of it to raise the stock prices of Jack-Daniels and Bacardi."

Ignoring the shocked look on her face Xander stormed through the house until he arrived at the object of there argument.

Running his hands over the smooth wood Xander thought back to the one other reason he would never sell the wardrobe.

"Once a king in Narnia." He whispered to himself before straightening his shoulders and turning back to apologize to Anya.

After all as his great grandfather Digory had used to say, "A king can't throw a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way, my goodness what do they teach kids in school these days."
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