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Give a Little Whistle

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Xander tried to help a young woman, who doesn't need all that much help.

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Xander hated Vampires.

They weren't 'Dark and Mysterious' they were cowards that hid in the shadows.

They weren't 'Lonely travelers' they were animals that fed more on human pain and suffering then they did on blood.

And they certainly weren't 'Exalted and superior.'

They were parasites; they went about feeding on the unwary and running from the people that hunted them.

/Well... when they knew they were being hunted at least./ he thought as he watched the group of vampires as they moved about the humans.

He had been in L.A. for three weeks now as he desperately looked for work to get the money to fix his car when he ran into his first group of vampires.

"How about this one." One of the punks said as he started to circle an overweight man while the second vampire shook his head.

"No fatties. They taste like Cheetos."

"Well how about this shrunken apple-head beeyatch-a-saurus?" the first said as he angled in on an older lady.

For a moment Xander almost thought he was going to have to blow his cover and attack when a third vampire shouted in glee.

"Got it, I got it! Baby on board!" he said pointing out a mother struggling with groceries and a baby as she walked towards the subway.

As she walks past the four teens close in on her and watches as she walks down the mostly empty subway.

"Looks like we got ourselves a combo meal." The lead punk said before pulling a skull mask up over his face.

With a laugh he remembered from the hyenas the four started to close in on there prey.


Xander slipped down the steps as quietly as possible as he readied his crossbow.

He was praying silently that the vampires would play shadow games with her long enough for him to get into position when a scream echoed up the steps forcing a quicker pace from Xander.

Xander reached the bottom of the steps as two of the vampires finally managed to wrestle the baby from its carrier and held it up.

Xander was equally confused as he stared at the doll.

Before a hissing sound sprayed something in the vampires face making him recoil away and scream.

Blinking in surprise Xander fired at the second vamp before it could recover from it shock.

Ignoring it as it exploded into dust Xander dropped the crossbow with a clatter and pulled a stake as he advanced on the one vamp still stumbling as he clawed at his eyes.

Launching a field goal kick to its crotch Xander ignored the urge to cringe at the high pitch scream before stabbing it through its back.

Turning to the woman Xander watched in fascination as she un-folded a bowlike weapon from her back.

As it snapped into shape a lightbeam arched between the two edges before she pushed it through her last vampire cutting it in half.

Watching the dust settle Xander looked back as she folded the bow back into a compact form and slipped it on the back of her belt.

"Who are you and what the hell do you think you were doing?" she demanded as Xander continued to stare.

After a moment Xander managed to shake off the shock and smile. "Hi, I'm Xander and I 'Thought' I was saving a young mother from vampires... before she proved she could kick my ass any day of the week, and please don't kill me." Xander said as he realized he had found 'Another' strong woman.

/Please don't let her be a demon./ he prayed as she finally seemed to calm down.

"The name's Whistler." She said before looking around for any more vampires. "Lets go." She ordered before marching towards the exit.

Taking a second to scoop up his crossbow Xander followed 'Whistler' as he tried to ignore her grumbling about some King guy.
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