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Sophmore Slump or Comeback of the Year

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my first one-shot attempt, i was bored and had some time to kill between classes today. *review and let me know what you think, sorry if it isn't that great; it was a quick idea i had.

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Tears building up behind his nervous eyes as the flood gates opened, and the memories from that day came rushing into his mind, unable to avoid the thought, it had been expected.

Knocking before attempting to enter, like the gentleman he was, he received no response. Attempting once more, he received nothing but the sound of a slight squeak from behind the door; he took the initiative to let himself into the bathroom to find her sitting on the floor, back against the vanity, trembling, knees to her chest and tears in her eyes. Catching his attention, he spotted the box on the counter out of the corner of his eye, immediately tagging the reason for her tears.

Taking a seat on the cold tile floor next to her, his long arms pulled her to him, her tears softening as she sobbed into his chest. An uneasy nauseous feeling ran through the course of his body, he wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, he wanted to run away; anything that would get him out of this situation, in this room with this girl, holding back his tears as she cried her eyes out.

"I love you" Was all he could think to say, mumbling into her hair as he ran his fingers through it gently, trying to calm her down as his initial shock began to falter, assuring her that they would figure it out, "everything is going to be okay, we'll work it out."

"I'm pregnant, Joe, how are we going to work that out? It isn't a fight, it isn't like a car accident; it isn't just going to go away." Sprang out from her lips as the tears began to subside, fighting back the urge to let any more break through the barriers of her eye lids before apologizing and breaking down once again, "I'm so sorry for ruining your life."

With his head in his hands he now sat in a hospital waiting room, his father and best friends at his side, her words echoed through his hollow mind. Sickness taking over her immune system, she was unable to take the pills for this moment in time, so they attempted every form of protection they could find, unwilling to give up the physical intimacy. It was a terrifying accident for Emily to have become pregnant during those two fateful months where they experimented with other contraceptives, but it didn't ruin his life. Initial terror and shock coursed through his veins, at 21 years old, a child was the last thing that either of them needed; but he assured her they would work it out, and he wasn't one to break a promise.

Unable to bring herself to abort their child, a living thing they had created together, whether it was a horrible accident or not; she spent as much time as she could with him, flying until she was unable to, on the bus until she couldn't make it in a bunk any longer, never leaving his company until it was physically impossible for her to continue life on the road. Career oriented at heart, Emily didn't mind returning home while he continued to tour; she wasn't one to want to be partly responsible for the destruction of his dreams.

Warming up to the idea, despite their age and unstable lifestyle, a shock of this magnitude was enough to stabilize someone as wreck less and hopeless as he had been. Purchasing a home for them in Chicago, he had spent all of his free time flying home to her, preparing their lives for what was to come, and adjusting his mindset to the responsibility he would soon receive. Dread and fear fading away, he found himself anxious and excited for what was to come.

Marrying two weeks prior to this very day, he would never bring a child into a broken family, and it was the only way he could express to Emily how serious he was about their future, and how much he really loved her. Assuring himself that he was the luckiest man in the world, he was happier than he ever would be again; a happy family in the making, breaking a career goal he never dreams of meeting, he had it all.

Luckily enough he had been home when her water broke, eleven days early. Luckily enough, his friends accompanied him to the hospital to share in his happiness on this eventful day; he would need the support more than he could have known.

Michael Jacob Trohman, that was the name they had picked out for the son he was suppose to have, a son with the wife he was suppose to love forever.

Moments after the doctors broke the tragic news to him, he broke down; falling to his knees, his father taking his side, wrapping his heartbroken son in his arms for support as his tears also broke through. Unable to steady the baby's heart beat or vitals, its lungs gave out and its will to strive was lost, and unable to foresee the destruction of an aneurysm that caused her heart to stop, they lost Emily only minutes after he was pushed from the delivery room to this hollow cold waiting area.

Sobbing into his hands on the floor of a hospital waiting room, his emotional barriers crashed down, letting out everything he's ever kept inside; he never cried, it just wasn't in his nature, but no one blamed him for breaking down.

Nervously and sympathetically seated inches away his best friends we're there by his side, but unaware of how to help or console their grieving companion. Retreating one by one from their chairs, they knelt on the floor beside him, attempting a group hug; it was their effort, and it was something, anything to let him know they were there. It was all they could do, and all he needed and could ever ask for; losing his child and the love of his life in the same day, almost the same moment, he would never love again, and they became all he had left to make his life worthwhile.
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