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Who Killed Santa?

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Someone killed Santa that night... Who did it? Scott looked at Jean, who avoided his eyes... Kurt kept looking at the body in front of them, Kitty was shocked and Rogue was laughing... Who did that...

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Disclaimer: I don't own the X-Men, they belong to Marvel. Santa Claus belongs to... I don't know, really. Maybe Coke, who knows?

A/N: Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah for the Jewish!

Summary: Someone killed Santa that night... Who did it? Scott looked at Jean, who avoided his eyes... Kurt kept looking at the body in front of them, Kitty was shocked and Rogue was laughing... Who did that? The butler? I don't think so...

Who Killed Santa?


My name is... well, is doesn't matter now.

I'll tell you a story that happened at this same time, the Christmas Eve, the past year. A tale about five kids that spend this magic night at their home... if the end of that story was different, maybe Christmas would never happen again. How should I start?...


"Kurt stop it!"

"But Kitty, that is the fastest vay to do it!" Said Kurt 'bamfing' everywhere around the Christmas tree, putting the red, silver and gold decoration on it.

"But sure it's not the most sweet-smelin'" Said Rogue under her breath while helping Kitty to put the gifts under the tree. "I didn't get why Professor left anyway."

"He was invited to spend Christmas with Moira, at the Muir Island." Announced Jean getting into the room with a tray on her hands. "Hank and Ororo went with him. Hot chocolate?" She offered, and all of them nodded getting the mugs on the tray.

"That means..." Scott was getting down the stairs wearing his green sweater. "I'm in the charge."

"Yeah, right." Rogue mumbled between a sip.

"No, really. I'm taking care of you guys." Kitty raised an eyebrow to him.

"Jean?" She called. Jean took a deep breath.

"Don't tell me; but it's true."

"So..." Started the blue elf. "... if anything happens, it vould be your fault?"

"Err... I didn't think about it this way..."

"It better you start to..." Joked the German.

"Well, like, Happy Hanukkah guys!" Said Kitty. "It's almost midnight, and soon it's Christmas, I mean, the eighth night of Hanukkah!"

"Happy Haunukkah, Kitty."

"Hanukkah, Scott."




"Vodka?" They looked at Kurt, who gave a small smile.

"Hanukkuh?" Tried Rogue. Kitty rolled her eyes.

"Merry Christmas guys." She raised her cup and all of them toasted to Christmas.


So far, the story of these kids is very happy and full of joy. But, like any other interesting tale, things don't stay like this. Did I tell you that these kids are powerful? Yeah, I discovered that in the hard way. Hoho, they are about to find out the magic of the Christmas' Night! Oh, where was I? Oh yes...


"Now, let's open the gifts!" Yelled Kitty.

"But we are supposed to do it tomorrow morning." Said Jean rubbing her hand near the fireplace. Scott sat near her and held her hands, to warm them.

"Bah, like, I can't wait!" Rogue rolled her eyes at Kitty. "C'mon, I know you wanna know what I bought for you!"

"To be honest, I don't."

"Shut up Kurt. Like, I start!"

"Why is she here and not at her home for the holidays?" Whispered Scott to Jean.

"We invented her to stay."

"Remember me to not do that again. Ouch!" Jean playfully punched him, giggling softly.

"Hey, has any one seen Logan? He should be here..."

"I don't know Rogue, I think he left to meet someone." Said Scott, hugging Jean closer. Kitty cleared her throat.

"This one here is for a special person." All the eyes on the room went to Kitty's form. "When I first met her, I thought Professor was crazy and living here wasn't a good idea. As, like, the time passed, I learned to know and love her, and now we are close friends. Of course, I still hate when she doesn't catch her hair in the bathroom floor at out room, or when she has those weird nightmares and wakes me up, or when she put that horrible CD to play, or..."

"Kitty, I think you're missing the point." Said Kurt.

"Oh, sorry. Ahem, in spite of all those things I still love her. Rogue, this is for you."

Taken aback by the girl's declaration, Rogue smiled gently, an unnatural gesture from her.

"Wow, thanks Kitty." She carefully hugged her, taking the green and pink box from the girl, a mix of colors that just Kitty would make.

"Open it!"

"Hun... now?"

"Yeah, c'mon!"


The room was silent while Rogue opened the box. Then, something that anyone expected, happened.

"Ahhh!" Came Rogue's girly scream. "Ah can't believe you remembered!" She hugged the girl again, pulling a pair of boots from the box.

"Isn't those like all the others ones she vears?" Asked Kurt to Scott, who was still shocked by the girl's yell. Scott shrugged in response.

"I knew you'd like it, because last month you saw it at the mall... I talked with the manager and got the last pair!"

"'Talked', hu?"

"Shut up, Kurt! And for your information, the manager is a woman!"

"Hun... gross..."


"Sorry, sorry..." The young adult smiled. Kitty once more focused on Rogue.

"Well, I know, I know, I'm like, the queen when the subject is choosing gifts!" The girl sat back on her sit. "Well now... let's see..." She looked at the feet of the tree, searching for which gift she'd give now. "Aha!" She chose a mid-sized box. "This one is for someone here that is far away from his home land..." She looked at Kurt. "... and is a very special person for me too." She handed him the box.

"Great... vho?"

"Hun... you Kurt."

"Thanks, Kitty." He opened the box. "A beer mug!" He exclaimed exited. Scott looked at Kurt, and Kitty continued.

"I know that is something you guys do a lot in Germany, and I also know you're sneaking out to drink with Logan. Oh, and there're some things in German engraved on it."

"Thanks!" He hugged her.

"Kurt?" Scott looked at him and folded his arms. Kurt came closer to him and whispered.

"I don't kvow vhat she is talking about!" But couldn't mask the grin on his face. Jean laughed and patted Scott to calm down.

"C'mon, Kitty, my turn now." The redhead got up.

"But I didn't finish-"

"It's better I start, or maybe your next gift is a box of condom of something like that." The girl didn't answer. "Oh my God!" The eyes focused on the girl again.

"C'mon, do it, do it..." Said Kitty to Jean.

"Well" She started. "My first gift is for someone very special, and I love him more then life. This year was really important in our relationship. I was scared at the beginning but..." She talked for more then six minutes, at the end, it was just Scott who was paying attention.

"Bah, cut the grab!"

"Rogue!" Scott cut her off.

"Sorry, Ah just want to finish it today!"

"Ok, ok." Jean locked her eyes with Scott's, or tried to, because his shades were reflecting the flames of the fireplace. "This is for you, Scott." She handed him a small box.

"I hope that's not a ring."


"I'm just saying!"

Scott opened the box and got a golden bracelet from it.

"Wow...thanks Jean." He leaned down to kiss her. Everybody smiled and Kitty comment how cute they were. Two minutes passed and they were still kissing... four minutes... five... now the kiss was passionately and soundly.

"Ahem, guys?" Kurt tried to interrupt the couple. "Guys?"

"Do you want my gift now?" Asked Kitty. Scott parted the kiss.

"Actually, ye-"

"Ahem, next." Jean eyed him and they sat on their sits again.

Suddenly they were interrupted by the alarm sound.

"What's that?"

"It's the alarm."

"I know that is the alarm."

"Actually, it could be the bell ring or-"

"Guys!" Scott got up. "Everyone, met me in the meeting room..." He stopped to think how idiot this sentence sounded... hun, ok. "... in five minutes in your uniforms! Go, now!"

"Five minutes? Like, I never gonna be ready-"

"C'mon Kit!" Rogue caught her by the arm and headed them both to their room.

"Boy, ve don't have a break even on Christmas!" Mumbled Kurt before disappearing in his smoke.


Well, well, well... our kids have no idea of what, or better, who, they are going to handle now...


"Scott?" Came Jean's voice. She entered in the room where Cyclops was already waiting for them. "What happened?"

"Where is everyone?"

"Here!" Said Kitty phasing the wall on her uniform. "Wow, I did it on time!" She looked down to herself, not noticing the fact that it was do avesso. The others came in sequence. "Ready to go!"

"Hun... Kitty?"

"Yes Rogue?"

"Ah think yer uniform..."

"Cut the grab, guys. I think we won't go anywhere... the alarms was the mansion's alarm, someone is trying to brake into the mansion."

"Hun..." Kurt was hanged by his tail upside down. "I think this thief chose the vrong house to brake into!"

"Do you know where s/he is?"

"The alarms come from..." He checked the panel again. "The roof! Go, Kitty, you phase up with Rogue! Kurt, teleport me, and Jean go from the window!"

"Have we done it in any other way?" Rogue asked Kitty, who just smiled.

"You!" Yelled Cyclops when they were at the roof.

"Scott, he looks like-"

"A clown, that's what he looks like!" Said Rogue with just her head above the tiles.

"Gosh, we are been robed by Santa..." Said Kitty when she saw the man near the chimney. "I thought e was taller... or fatter..."

"X-Men! Pay attention, he is a sham! Get him!" Yelled Cyclops. He soon shot the men, and he lost his balance. "Shadowcat?"

"Right away!" Kitty jumped in the roof, phasing it. She appeared near the men and stuck him between the tiles. The men freed himself. "Wow, he's stronger too."

"C'mon!" Yelled Scott jumping on the man. He was also surprised by the strength of the man when he was pulled away. Kurt 'bamfed' next to him with Rogue at his side, without her gloves. Jean was right after, using her TK, and Kitty was also surrounding the man. The smoke of Kurt's teleport covered everyone's sight and they all attacked at the same time. PUFF! BOW!


"My neck!"

"Is this your neck? Sovy!"


"My ass!" Everybody stood quiet at Jean's comment and Scott stated to whistle innocently.


"What was that?"

The smoke passed. That was just the five of them. Where was the man?

"Ouch!" Came a voice from the chimney. "My arm! Argh! My leg! My... Oh NO!... ouch!" BUMF.

With that noise they thought the man got to the first floor at the living room, after falling of the third floor. A deadly silence filled the air.

"Let's go downstairs."

Everybody followed Scott's order.


When that happened, I thought Christmas would not be a happy night in that house. But, as they say, Christmas is a night full of miracles...


When they got to the living room, where the fireplace was, Scott looked at Jean, who avoided his eyes... Kurt kept looking at the body in front of them, Kitty was shocked and Rogue was laughing...

"We killed Santa..." Said Kitty.

"Kitty please... I don't know who this guy is, but I don't think he is..."

"Yep. Dead." Said still chuckling, Rogue, checking the man's pulse. She stopped laughing in respect.

"Hu... who did it?" Said Kitty.

"It's Scott's fault!" Yelled Kurt.


"You vere the responsible! It's your fault that Christmas is over!"

"What?! No! I didn't..."

"Yes, you did, everybody did! We all attacked him..." Jean got into the conversation.

"So? Who wants more hot chocolate?"

"Rogue! How, like, can you be so insensible?"

"With or without marshmallows? Ok, ok, sorry..."

"Han... guys? Ahn... I think he is mo-moving!" Said Kurt shaking.

"What, impossible!" The man was getting up when suddenly something hit him on the head.


"I'm sorry, that is scary you know!" Said the girl still with the baseball bat on her hand "Don't tell Evan that his gift was used to kill a guy."

"Rogue?" Scott asked to the girl that was kneeled beside the body.

"Yep, still dead."

They all looked at each one and then back to the body.

"What are we going to tell the Professor?" Asked Jean, already turning to the kitchen.

"The truth. Santa Claus vas going to deliver ours gifts and ve thought he was an enemy and ve killed him." Four pairs of eyes focused on the elf. "Vhat?"

"Yeah, great truth Kurt." Kitty said what all of them were thinking.

"Ahh!" Jean yelled when the man grabbed her leg. "Oh My God!" Scott turned around quickly and shot a blast of his laser at him, who just yelled and fell backwards again.

"Gosh, why do we keep killing him?"

"Maybe he's immortal." They looked at Rogue. "Well, he was already old when mah grandpa celebrated Christmas."

"I thought you didn't remember about your family." Said Kitty.

"Yer missing the point again Kit." She responded.

"Maybe she's right..." Jean was thinking about the possibility. "Do you think we shout lock him?"

"Arrgghhhh..." Came the man's growl, too familiar for them... "Argh..." He stopped when Rogue touched him.

"We have to stop doing this and..." She started to blink, looking at the man's body next to her. Then she did what anyone expected, she started to laugh.

"Hu... Rogue?" She was still laughing and tear had dropped from her eye. "Who is he? Is he really Santa?" Asked Scott.

"He, he..." She kept laughing. They stood in silence, looking at each other with confusion on their eyes.

The man for one last time got up and pushed his bear and hat off, revealing his features.


They stood in silence looking at the elder man in front of them, who growled.

"It was Chuck's idea. Shh. Not a word." With that he got out the room.

After they heard his door closing, they laughed together enjoying the Christmas' Night.


Well, after that I could come and enter in the house with no problem. Hoho, these kids... if I had come earlier, I would be dead, and Christmas would be over. What? No, I'm not immortal, I just have kids that do the same job. Hu? No, not all of them. I have a kid, Angelo Claus, that is a lawyer.

Hoho, merry Christmas folks, and if you excuse me, I have to go deliver some gifts, it's already night in China!



Some Humor in this lovely day! Let's not forget the truth about Christmas and remember the birth of Jesus. Happy birthday Jesus! God bless you all!

Jesus is the only way guys!

See ya!


If this story gets a lot of reviews I'll make a 'Who Killed Santa? Dark Version' , ok? A Horror/Humor thing. So, if you like this idea, please review!

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