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Not the Quicker Picker Upper

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Trowa always runs out of bandages at the most inconvenient times.

Category: Gundam Wing - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Duo, Trowa - Published: 2007/02/05 - Updated: 2007/02/06 - 465 words

Disclaimer: I neither own nor make money off of the characters from Gundam Wing. I actually give money to those people, a lot of money. Because I had to buy the damn series three times. One for VHS, one for DVD, and another for when the DVDs were irrepariably lost. So please don't sue me, I'd hate to have to deal with lawyers I helped pay for.

Warning: None. Oh, wait. My humor.

Notes: You know I've got a pack of these in my house, and it's true. They absorb for shit, but make great bandages.

Not the Quicker Picker Upper
by fairady


"Dammit!" Duo swore loudly emptying the entire contents of the med-kit onto the table next to the bed. Syringes, needles, thread, and various bottles of stuff scattered onto the top. Only one pitiful looking excuse of a bandage fell out. He looked at the scrap in dismay before turning back to the bed and it's injured occupant. "Trowa, I think you really need to restock your kit."

Trowa, still out cold, didn't answer, but the heavily bleeding wound on his upper arm seemed to silently agree. The stitches were barely doing anything to slow down the flow. Duo'd really been hoping he could use a pressure dressing to control it.

Duo turned and began to tear through the various cabinets and boxes that littered the safe house. Anything he'd find in the dusty ruins would be better than trying to use the rags of their own clothing. That was a last resort, he already had plans for using the gas soaked clothing as wicks for Molotov's.

One particularly pathetic box yielded a generic package of paper napkins. At least it was more sterile than their clothing. Duo looked at the plastic packaging skeptically before tearing it off with a snort. "Soft and absorbent my ass."

The paper towels looked as soft and absorbent as cardboard. Looking closer it became apparent that the spots he'd first taken as a really ugly design were actually bits of wood.

"Sorry, buddy," Duo said to the unconscious pilot as he set the stack down. "This isn't gonna feel pleasant, but look on the bright side! I don't think there's anything better suited to keep blood from leaking out than this stuff."

The paper towels wrapped stiffly around Trowa's arm. Duo pressed it close to the wound until some of the blood managed to seep into the paper and hold it closer. A few more layers helped to seal it off, and the one scrap of a bandage left made a good tie for it.

A few spots of red seeped through, but otherwise the improvised bandage held up rather well. Duo grinned to himself and tossed the left over paper into the med-kit. "Hey, whatever works."

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