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Chapter 1

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Jay invites Theresa to go with him to a museum. What will happen? Sorry not the best at summaries, so you have to read to find out. PLEASE REVIEW!!

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Hey everyone! This is my third fanfic but my first one that is not a oneshot. Once again, this is a Jay/Theresa fanfic. I'm sorry, they're my absolute favourite couple!


The Right Kind of Blood

Chapter 1

School had just ended at New Olympia High and the students were slowly leaving the grounds. The weekend had finally come and the titans were discussing what they were going to do with themselves. Herry's truck and Theresa's convertible had been taken by Hephaestus to be updates with newer technologies so they had to walk home. Luckily for them, it was a beautiful day so nobody, except Neil who was afraid the light breeze would ruin his hair, was complaining about walking home.

"So guys, what is everyone doing this weekend?" Odie asked.

"Well, I'm going to have to be practising for my next fashion shoot although I know I'm perfect already" Neil said absently as he stared at his reflection in his golden mirror.

"I'm going to be practising for track and field all weekend and Archie's going to help me, right Arch?" Atlanta asked.

"All weekend? Atlanta I said I was going to help you but I can't run all weekend!" Archie whined. With this, Atlanta gave Archie one of those "Oh yes you will!" glares and Archie quickly perked up.

"Oh ya, of course I'm going to help Atlanta all weekend," Archie quickly replied.

"What are you doing this weekend Herry?" Atlanta asked.

"Oh, I'm going to be hanging at the school. I want to have the final say on what Hephaestus does to my truck," Herry said. He was very protective of his truck, even though Hephaestus was the one who fixed it up for him in the first place.
"Herry, do you think I could tag along? I have some good ideas about the new technologies Heph is going to install in your truck and Theresa's convertible." Odie asked.

"Ya! Sure little buddy." Herry replied. You could tell Herry wanted someone to tag along with him. Herry and Odie were best friends although they were very different.

"What are you two doing this weekend?" Atlanta asked Jay and Theresa.

"Nothing" they both mumbled.

Archie and Atlanta both smiled knowingly at each other. Everyone knew very well that both Jay and Theresa liked each other. Maybe this was the weekend one of them would do something about it.

As they continued to walk home, Jay and Theresa fell behind. They were deep in conversation about which sport was more difficult, soccer or basketball. Jay was a major soccer fan and was captain of the school team. Theresa on the other hand played basketball at school and was one of the better players (field hockey season was over).

They continued to talk and would throw in an occasional flirting session, until they were so far behind the others, you could barely tell it was them, although they both failed to notice this.

"Umm... Theresa? Jay asked shyly.

"Ya Jay?" Theresa replied. She had a feeling about what he was going to say, so she grew with excitement and grew warm all over. She hoped he didn't see this though.

"Well... there's this special festival at this museum this weekend about an hour away and it's all about Greek mythology, and I was wondering... well hoping... if you wanted to... come with me?" Jay asked. Theresa could tell he was nervous and hopeful. She was just about to answer when she had a vision.

Theresa's POV (vision)

It seemed to be a beautiful day and looked like it was considered to be a day that nothing could go wrong. I seemed to have a birds eye view of a scene. I could see... myself and I was walking around a... courtyard? I couldn't recognize the place. It really was beautiful though. The courtyard seemed to be in the center of a large building. A few people that I guessed to be employees at this place were staggered around the yard trying to sell items that no one would by in their right minds. They were way too expensive but they were still fascinating. People were walking around and stopping at a few tables that were set up around the yard. So many interesting things were staggered around the yard, but yet I still couldn't recognize the place and I grew frustrated.

I continued to walk around until I heard it. I didn't know it at the time, but that sound was going to change my life. It was a gun shot. People were fleeing from the largest building and the sound of people screaming filled my ears. I looked at myself again seemed to be running towards the building instead of away from it and I didn't know why. What was happening?

End of Theresa POV (vision)

"Theresa? Theresa are you okay?" Jay asked worriedly. He was staring at her. I guess he was concerned that she didn't answer him or it could have been the fact that she had turned a ghostly white and was shaking slightly.

"Ya. I'm fine." Theresa replied. She didn't want to worry Jay about something that might not even happen. She had had outrageous visions before that had never happened.

"So Theresa? Do you want to come?" Jay asked and Theresa could see the hopeful look on his face.

"Ya Jay. I'd love to." Theresa replied almost absently. She was still trying to figure out what her vision was about.

"Great! Do you want to go tomorrow? We can leave in the morning." Jay asked

"Ya tomorrow's great." Theresa said, finally realizing that she was... sort of... going on a date with Jay.

What did Theresa's vision mean?

What is going to happen?
Well I hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter. This story will probably have at least 3 or 4 chapters. I have most of the story done already, so the next chapter will be up in the next couple days, maybe even tomorrow if I get enough reviews, so please Review Review Review!! Thanks!
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