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There was no Us

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I was having a really hard time comprehending what had just happened. Evan actually sort of took him back. Something here wasn't right and I was sticking to my "he scares the living shit out of her" theory. I did see the look on her face when he kissed her. It was a combination of fear and disgust. I just wanted to get in her car and just drive...anywhere.
"Frank you're being a fucking idiot," I said, as we walked out of the restaurant, "Just leave her alone. Please. She deserves better than to be slapped around like that."
"Okay, listen this morning was an accident its not like this happens all the time. I get a few drinks in me and I get a bit temperamental,"
I knew that wasn't the case, but I had a defense anyway, "Then quit drinking,"
"Gerard when did it become any of your fucking business anyway?" he asked me.
"Evan's my friend and I care about her, I don't want her to keep getting hurt." I replied, spotting her sitting alone in her car. Frank beat me to the passengers door. And she was just going to let him in the car. I knew she would.
He slid in and kissed her. Her face remained emotionless. I stood outside her door, wanting at least an explanation.
She looked at me through the window, turned to Frank for a second then stepped out. She waited for me to say something.
"Evan I don't get it, what's going on?" I finally asked.
She stared at the ground, "I don't know Gerard, he seems like he means it this time. He's never actually apologized before.."
"Don't you understand? He's got you brainwashed Evan, that's what guys like him do. Just in the last twenty four hours he's damn near broken your wrist and knocked you out! What about the next twenty-four huh?" I paused for a second, "And what about me? Us?"
"There wasn't really an 'us' Gerard, I just wanted someone around. You care so much, and I know that." she said, still unable to look at me.
"Well, he doesn't care. If he did, he probably wouldn't have given you this," I said, running my thumb over the purple mark that was beginning to show through her make-up.
"If anything happens I'll call you." she said, squeezing my hand once before climbing in the car and stranding me in the lot.
I walked to a payphone and dropped a quarter in the slot. I dialed Mikey's number and asked him to come pick me up, telling him I would explain later.
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