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No-one will ever know

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30 years ago a virus a broken out and Jeff knew about, but it was kept from the world, 30 years later, the virus has returned and spearding. What will Jeff do ? Will he tell his sons about this ?

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Outbreak.\n\nMe: This story was base don the movie Outbreak. Because I didn\'t remember what the symptom where of the movie, I\'ve used the symptoms of the real virus Ebola. I hope you will enjoy my first chapter.\n\nChapter 1: No-one will ever know.\n\n\"Tracy !!\" yelled a voice. A twenty-six year old Jeff Tracy looked up when he heard his surname. At a young age, Jeff had easily made it to the top of being a general of the Air Force. He was the youngest General of the Air Force\n\n\"Yes sir.\" said Jeff while saluting his senior General Smith. The Senior General saluted back at his younger General.\n\n\"We have trouble in Zaire.\" said General Smith. \"The virus what we have found there is worse then we thought.\"\n\n\"What ?!\" said Jeff Tracy. \"But they had said it looked like the Margburgvirus.\"\n\n\"They did, but then General McDuck had called me and said they thought it was Ebola.\" said General Smith. \"But, a half hour ago, he called again. He said the we are facing a new virus here. Motaba.\"\n\n\"Motaba....\" said Jeff.\n\n\"Come we\'re going to bring a visit at their lab.\" said General Smith.\n\nJeff nodded and followed General Smith. They where brought to the base of General McDuck and in a hour they where there. General McDuck saluted the two Generals from the Air Force.\n\nAfter Jeff and General Smith had saluted back, General McDuck begun to speak. \"We\'re examine the virus and we\'ve found a antidote for it.\" said General McDuck. \"We still didn\'t find the host of this virus, but let us hope this antidote will work.\"\n\nJeff nodded. He had seen worse things in his life, but he never saw this worse thing. \"When will the antidote be brought there ?\" asked Jeff while they past the lab where people where testing the antidote.\n\n\"Tomorrow.\" said General Smith. \"I was hoping you could join the first cargo, tomorrow Jeff.\"\n\nJeff nodded and followed the two Generals.\n\n---\n\nThe next morning was Jeff on the first plan that would go to Zaire. \"Let me know how it is going there.\" said General Smith before saluting Jeff.\n\nJeff saluted back and walk to the plane that would fly off to Zaire. Jeff saluted the captain of the plane. \"Captain.\" he said and went inside the plane. Other soldiers saluted Jeff and Jeff saluted back. After a while Jeff\'s plane went up in the air and flied to Zaire.\n\n---\n\nAfter a while the plane had landed and the first patients where getting the antidote. \"Sir...\" a voice said.\n\nJeff had turned around and saw a women looking at him. Jeff smiled and went to her. The women took his hand and placed her other one on his. \"Thank you, thank you...\"she mumbled.\n\nJeff smiled and nodded.\n\n---\n\nA few days later, Jeff was called back to his country.\n\n\"Generals,\" said Jeff while saluting his senior and boss General Smith and General McDuck. General McDuck and General Smith saluted back and started to walk with Jeff.\n\n\"We\'re having trouble, Tray.\" said General McDuck. \"The virus is spreading.\"\n\n\"What ?!\" said Jeff shocked.\n\n\"We need it to keep it in the village before it goes any further.\" said General Smith.\n\n\"What is the plan to stop it then ?\" asked Jeff when they finely came at a room where only persons could come in with a high rang.\n\n\"Operation Clean Sweep.\" said General McDuck.\n\n\"What ?!\" said Jeff angry. \"That\'s inscane ! Why would you drop a air bomb on that village, to take all the air all away in a mile !! You can destroy this virus with the antidote, instead of killing those people !!\"\n\n\"Because the antidote isn\'t strong enough.\" said General McDuck. \"Just sign this paper and everything will be over at 1800 hours.\"\n\n\"If your going to do that, then I\'m stepping out of my position as General.\" said Jeff.\n\n\"Jeff, don\'t do this.\" said General Smith.\n\n\"No John, I don\'t want to be responsible for the death of innocent !\" said Jeff and laid his stars on the table.\n\n\"Jeff, you know you can\'t say anything about what had happened.\" said General Smith looking at his friend. \"This never had happened.\"\n\nJeff sighed. \"Goodbye John.\" said Jeff and walked out of the room.\n\nAt 1800 hours the air bomb was drop on the village and everyone who lived there died at once.\n\n----\n\nMe: I hope you like my (short) chapter of Outbreak.\n\nAbout:\n\nMargburgvirus: this one is hard to find, because this one looks more like a fever or Malaria. It will keep him calm for 5 a 10 days and then you start to feel really sick.\n\nEbola: This is a deathly virus. Many people had died on this one, some had survived of this one. It takes 48 72 before you die on it. Deplorable, this virus doesn\'t have any antidote for it yet.\n\n
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