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"Where do you want to go?" he asked as we climbed into his car. I couldn't think of anything except how badly I had treated him. And he just ran to me the second I called.
"Evan? Just a drive? Or what?" My head snapped up with his words. I nodded in agreement. "Oh, I know where to take you! You'll love this." His tone of voice.. It was like I could tell he was trying not to touch on the subject of what had just happened. Which was...kind of nice. And plus, now I was kind of anxious to see what he had planned.
He kept glancing between me and the road.
"Yes?" I asked, after the third or fourth time.
"Just wondering," he started, pointing up at the sky, "The sun's gone y'know. No harmful UV rays are attacking your retina's,"
I shrugged, "I guess you would call it a fashion statement."
"Of course," he replied, leaving it at that.
We drove around aimlessly for a while, stopping once for coffee at a 24 hour convenience store. I watched out the car window as the blur of building and houses passed. They faded to trees as he turned onto a gravel road and stopped the car. We got out and walked for a while eventually stopping and this clearing that overlooked the entire city.
We sat on the grass finishing the last of our now cold caffeine.
"I love it up here," he said quietly after a much too long silence.
"It's nice.," I said, leaning back on my elbows. He looked over at me for a second then tried to pull my hood down. I stopped him, "Please don't,"
"Evan its okay, why are you trying to hide from me?"
"Because, I don't want you to see how horrible it looks." I replied.
"I don't care..."
I placed my hand over top of his, which had somehow ended up on my cheek. "I do,"
He pulled away, sighing loudly. He pulled out a cigarette for each of us, offering me his lighter after he was finished with it. We sat on the ground staring at the skyline....until he randomly blurted out, "What the fuck are we going to do!?"
I stared at him for a moment before asking what in god's name he was talking about.
"About Frank, you, everything. You have to get away from this, for real."
I stared down at my hands.. "I know but..."
"But what?"
I couldn't deny that I had feelings for Gerard, I had for a long time. It wasn't something that I had ever wanted to fully admit though. Frank always had a way of making fear a main component of my day, even when he was being that phony sweet thing he became when it was convenient for him.
"But...I want to be with you,"
"You really have to make up your mind about that Evan," I said, actually getting quite annoyed with her inability to make a decision here. I didn't want to get tugged around.
"I have," she replied.
"Until Frank comes back around telling you that you forgive him, right?" Damnit, that definitely was the WRONG thing to say.
Her mouth fell open. "I told you I was sorry."
"Evan, I didn't mean that,"
She stared at the ground for a while before answering. "That's not how I want it to be," I could hear soft sobs, she finally took off her glasses and set them on the grass beside her, her head remained down.
"Me neither...and however much I wish I could be with you... It wouldn't work. We both know that," I whispered.
She finally looked up at me, and I did nothing but give her a small look of sympathy. I knew that she was expecting more, and that that was the reason she had kept the glasses on the whole time. But when I didn't give it to her, she seemed relieved.
She half smiled and moved closer to me, then resting her head on my shoulder.
She turned to face me.
She looked down at the ground once before she said something, that I didn't quite know how to take. "I think... I think I'm falling in love with you."
"Don't..don't say that." I replied, gazing into her eyes, looking past the swelling to see nothing but sincerity.
She leaned in closer, brushing her lips against mine lightly. I pulled her closer and kissed harder, wishing I didn't want this to go further.

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