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We suck at this.

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I fell back onto the ground beside Gerard, my breath still irregular. He looked over at me and smiled. He interlaced his fingers with mine as we watched the sun rise.
"You know-" he started. I stopped him.
"Shh, just watch it. Enjoy it okay?"
He sighed and turned back to the sky, watching light wash over the city as Clifton New Jersey started its morning.
I paused, taking a deep breath in before I spoke. "What...are we?"
"I don't....know. What are you and Frank?"
"Try, over,"
He pulled me close to him, "Then...are we...."
"We suck at this,"
He laughed, "We really do," he replied. We just shared a laugh over it and said nothing more. .We stared at the city for a while. I finally ended up dozed off, leter waking up in Gerard's room, covered in a ton of blankets, in his extremely comfortable bed. I regretted waking up, knowing I couldn't go back to sleep now, it being broad daylight and all. I pushed down the covers, realizing I was now clad in black boxers and a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt.
I stumbled downstairs, into the the kitchen and my heart immediately dropped into my stomach upon seeing Frank seated at the kitchen table with Gerard and Mikey. Gerard looked at my an apology in his eyes. I stood there for a minute attempting to breath. Gerard patted the seat adjacent him, the seat opposite Frank. No one said anything for about a total of two minutes until, simultaneously Mikey got up to get coffee, Frank mumbled something, and Gerard asked me how my sleep was.
"It was fine," I replied to Gerard. Mikey set a coffee in front of me, "Thanks hun," I said to him.
After another awkward silence I finally burst out. "Will someone please tell me what the fuck he's doing here!?"
Frank slouched over his coffee and stared down. Gerard grabbed my hand across the table. "He's here because...I thought we should tell him..."
"Evan why don't we go outside," Mikey suggested, "We'll let these two talk,"
I nodded, squeezing Gerard's hand once before following Mikey outside.
"You two are fucking aren't you..." Frank mumbled.
I didn't exactly know how to respond to this. He was always so blunt, "Frank, she's really hurt right now...she just needed-"
"You are too! I knew it! How long has it been?" he asked, his voice on the verge of a yell.
"Oh shut up, you don't even know what you're talking about," I replied through gritted teeth.
"I'll get her back I hope you understand that," he practically threatened.
I stood up abruptly and slammed my hands on the table, "She's actually happy now! Why can't you just leave her the fuck alone?!"
"Because I love her," he said quietly.
"Oh humor me, Frank, how exactly can you take a fist to someone you love,"
"Fuck you, you don't know what goes on-"
"I know enough. All I ask is that you accept what's happening and just let it alone. I love Evan very much and it kills me to see you continue to hurt her, over and over,"
Frank took a deep breath in and stood up, "Fine,"
I gave him a look, "Fine!? That's all you can say? Fine?"
He nodded, "Yeah, fine," he said, leaving the kitchen, and seconds later slamming the front door behind him. Leaving me standing alone, completely dumbfounded.

A/N: Hi kids. me again with another LONG AWAITED update. lmao, tells self dont' flatter yourself. UHmm, YEAH so i totally know where this is all headed. just working on getting there. Hope you all enjoy the journey. BAHAHAHA. rates and reviews are love. love you all. muahhhh
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