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How We Live

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Inspired by a one-shot a friend made: As the shadows grew, she kept her secret. Some found love... Some found hate Some found friendship in the most unlikely of places... And I...I found...

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How We Live
01 - Running

Somehow, Raven felt that she should have been in her room, not meditating, but cleansing. There was something brothering the Titan, but nobody else knew it. Raven looked over at Melvin, Timmy and Teether, who rested against the soft fur of the giant teddy bear. The bear was resting as well; the damn thing scared Raven (though she would deny it without hesitation if anyone asked). But the bear wasn't what she needed to worry about, it was the kids. She needed to get them to safety. And the sooner the she got them to safety, the sooner she could get away from that bear.

There was an automatic heater in the little cabinet that they were in. Every few minutes, the thing would blare on, and Raven would jump. Eventually, the soft humming would relax her, drifting her slowly to sleep. The one thing she was trying to avoid happen to her.

This time, when the heater went off, the humming was a bit louder. Raven rubbed her eyes with her right hand, the heater is old/, she told herself. /There is no need to be paranoid. But she stood up and walked towards the heater, looking a bit dazed. Before she actually made it to the heater's control pad, she stopped. Raven looked over at the kids resting by the fireplace.


Raven went over to Melvin and nudged her slightly. Melvin tried to shake Raven's hand away, making the half-demon frown. There was a slight fear that if any of them made too much noise, the Brotherhood would be here within a second. So, trying to be as quiet as she could be, Raven murmured into Melvin's ear. It was then that the little girl woke up. She rubbed her eyes and looked up Raven. Maybe the look of urgency in the Titan's blue eyes was the reason why she kept quiet.

Raven silently picked up Teether and shooed him when he tried to cry. Raven smiled at baby, for someone of that age, Teether was pretty smart. Raven looked up at Bobby, the teddy bear was wide awake... and looking down at her. Raven flinched, wondering if she had enough energy to teleport the big guy out of here. Melvin had her hand on Timmy's mouth; her free hand went to her mouth and made a zipper closing type of motion. Timmy gave his sister a fast nod.

Raven grabbed a tote bag and started to fill it with some of the food from the cabin. She was balancing Teether on her left hip, a thing that she found a bit hard. The kid was nibbling on her hair. She looked around the cabin and checked to see if she could fill up the bag with some other materials.

The other two kids skittered by the side of the bed, they took some folded some covers and held it to their chests and waited, watching Raven mutely. When Raven was done, she slipped the tote onto her right shoulder and held Teether with both of her hands. Raven walked to Bobby and sat at the sole of his left foot, then motioned for Melvin and Timmy to come towards her.

Teleporting them was going to take a lot of energy, Raven realized this when the kids sat at either side of her. In any case, the half-demon closed her eyes and softly chanted her famous words. A gust of wind bit at the kids and Raven, but she told them to stand up and run. The Brotherhood might have a hard time finding them if the are as far away from that cabin.

Running wasn't a thing Raven was good at; she realized this now as she huffed through the woods. The air outside was frosty cold compared to warm cabin. Though the adrenaline rush she was getting from it woke her up pretty well, so she wasn't complaining much. Raven held Teether, pressing his face as close as she could to her chest without suffocating him. If that boy cried now...

Raven looked up at Melvin, who held on to her brother tight, whispering that they needed to be quiet. They both sat on top of Bobby's left shoulder and they held on to his ear to prevent falling. Raven wondered for a moment if Bobby's loud footsteps would alert the Brotherhood. She couldn't lift her, the kids, and the bear to safety (which knowing her luck, they would never find). She didn't even know where they were running to.

There was a bomb in that cabin. Raven should have realized that when she heard the heater go off in the old cabin. But... they were so tired. The spent days trying to get enough food to last the month and trying to find a place to hide out until they could find the other Titans or until they could make a proper plan. Raven didn't know anybody, and the kids didn't either. So when they saw the cabin, the kids jumped at the chance to enter it. Raven hadn't checked the place out, Teether might have sunk off. And it was already late in the night...

But where were they going to go now?

Raven heard the blast of the explosion. She turned around just in case some of the debris somehow managed to come at them. Lucky her; the trees seems to be a good enough blockage.

"Raven," the Titan looked up at Melvin.


"The sun is coming up." The little girl pointed east.

Well what do you know, Raven thought, the sun is coming up.

Raven decided that now was the time that she should take flight. She looked ahead of her, trying to find a good place to hide for the day. A small gust of wind whipped at her face but she saw the cave a small length from here. A hint of a smile graced Raven's face as she started flying towards it, Bobby and the kids following after.

Raven swooped down in front of the cave and turned around to face Melvin and Timmy, who were climbing off of Bobby's fuzzy surface. Teether was nibbling on Raven's hair again.

"We can stay here for the day," Raven was tugging at her hair when she said this, "by night, we can get moving."

"Where are we going," Timmy asked with wide eyes.

Raven nearly hesitated, "A friend."

Raven was tugging at Teether now; the kid had some strong teeth! She had finally got the infant to let go of her so she gestured the standing kids to enter the cave. Bobby gave Raven a blank stare. She was bouncing Teether so he'd keep away from her hair while holding a heavy bag of food, but she still returned his look with one of her own.

"Uh... could you..." it was weird for Raven, talking to a giant bear (though she had been through stranger situations...), "... could you stand guard out here? I kinda need to get them some food..." did that bear even understand her? Apparently, he did. Bobby walked over to the entrance of the cave (with a strange grace) and sat, leaving some room for Raven to slink inside.

The first thing Raven had to do was to start a fire, or get some source of light. Something to help them see, the cave wasn't big, but it was dark. Raven's demon heritage allowed her to see in the dark but she wasn't sure about the other kids. Heck, she didn't even know about their heritage, and that gave her a few questions that she wanted answered...

But now wasn't the time, they needed food, she need relaxation, and they need light. Raven kneeled down and set the bag of food on the cold surface of the cave.

Luminescence, aurora, beacon, blaze, brightness, gleam, shine, flambeau...
those were some of the words that she was taught at school, synonyms of light./ Dawn daytime effulgence, emanation, sun, star.../

Star... where was Starfire? Did she get captured by the Brotherhood? If not, where is she? And where is Robin? And Beast Boy and Cyborg... what happened to them? Are they okay? Are they safe? What about Bumblebee? Más y Menos? What about Speedy? Through all her fast paced thinking (thinking that would make Kid Flash look like a sloth!), Raven hadn't even realized that she had stopped searching. And Teether had been crawling around the cave until his sister picked him up. The same sister who brought Raven out of her dark thoughts.


Raven looked up at Melvin.

"What are we going to do now?"

Raven sighed, "I... I don't know."


Wally didn't hear about the Brotherhood from the news, the news didn't even say much about the missing Titans or villans. Even as he sped through Jump, there was no sign of them. The message that he received on his communicator (before it blew up) seemed... unbelievable, even in the short time that he'd been with the Titans. And the fact that nobody seemed to care was amazing.

Thieves like Red-X and Dr. Light were lying low for a while. Even they didn't think that the Titans were gone. There was a few people that he knew who knew about what exactly was going on. There was only one person that he wanted to talk to. He was just hoping that she didn't want to tear him limb from limb...

Wally was the Kid Flash, The Flash's uncle, nothing could catch up to him. Nothing should. But that girl, that crazy, pink-haired girl could stop Kid Flash in a second, with a simple wave of her hand. And as Wally sat on a building across from her room, he wondered if that was the reason why he was so fascinated with her. The wind was blowing like crazy, but Wally sat at that building, staring at her petite form until she closed the curtains and when to bed. But heck, Wally was still sitting at the edge of that building, staring at the closed violet coloured curtains, almost hoping that she would open it and just relax out there.

His wishes might be answered.

There she was opening the curtain, stepping out, and staring blankly at something. She bent down and picked something off the ground and went back inside, closing her balcony door with a loud, almost angry bang. Wally sighed, maybe he wasn't so lucky today.


Raven was sitting closest to the entry of the cave, looking out at the sun. Mid-afternoon if she had to guess. Raven sighed, it was almost like being on Azarath, when the people at the nearby villages tried to kill Raven. She would have to hide with some of the monks in different places, hoping that nobody would find her. Praying that nobody would hurt the monks. Raven looked over to the small fire in the center of the cave, more than five years have passed since those days but the memories still stung.

Raven let out another sigh, Raven had a small idea. She could try to send her soul self out to somebody, and create a small bond. The could all find each other and find a way to stop the Brotherhood. Raven glanced up at Melvin, she was holding Teether and making silly faces, Timmy was snickering. Raven looked out the cave again, they could find a way to keep theses kids safe...

Raven closed her eyes and focused only on her breathing. Soon enough, all sound and light dissipated. Blue surrounded her and a shadow of a Raven appeared above her. Raven knew that she couldn't fly in this part of her mind and so she waited for the stairs to appear in front of her.

Soon enough, the stairs appeared, violet coloured stairs waiting for her. Raven walked on the first step and felt herself rising, the stairs was like an escalator. Raven closed her eyes when she entered the silhouette of the raven, she felt a warm surge of power pulse through her then... nothing. It was like having no feeling at all.

Then, thousands of images surrounded Raven. She was travelling, well, her soul self was travelling.

This was possibly the only time that Raven felt free... even if she had a mission to do. She couldn't get hurt, she couldn't hurt anybody else. But Raven knew that staying like this would leave her real body dead, and eventually, her soul would follow after. And death, at the moment, scared the living shit out of her. Raven couldn't really feel the air nor could she breathe it. At the same time, Raven felt that she didn't need to.

The forest was already out of sight, and she was now reaching the mountains. All that was left was the vast ocean, and she could find Cyborg. Raven saw the night, she saw the day, she saw animals that she thought was extinct when she was travelling.

Many times had she wished for her to see this world like this. When she first arrived at the planet, she didn't know much. There was customs that were outlawed in most planets. The one thing that Raven recognized easily was shot-gun weddings. Just about every planet had weddings like that, except the people used much more lethal weapons.

Ah, to be married. That was a dream Raven held dear to her. Her mother, when she was alive, had dressed up in the most amazing dresses. She would have a boukay of flowers in hand and walk down the halls, humming some strange melody. When she arrived at earth, she found that it was called the 'Wedding March' - up 'till now, the title of that song confused her to no end. Though she didn't know why. Stupid earth customs...

The one thing about earth that bothered her was the global warming issue. Yes, of course, people were changing their light bulbs and choosing environmentally-friendly cars and whatnot but there was one problem:

Not enough people were helping.

Their scientist were smart enough to warn people, their space probes has seen Venus, and its strong greenhouse effect... what more did they need? Raven would get frustrated about these subjects, feeling that small tiny annoyance of ignorance grow just a tiny bit. But right now, Raven shouldn't ponder on what could happen to the earth and it's people, it's something that... is irrelevant at the moment. What was relevant was finding Cyborg, and by the thought waves Raven was picking up, she had just found him. Her demon heritage wasn't so bad after all.

Raven was smiling by the time she found the bulky form of her comrade. How good it was to hear his voice... especially when he was talking to himself. Joy, oh joy, now how was she going to finish this? Raven looked around as if she was going to receive an answer. Her gaze switched back to the half-human Titan. I guess I'm going to have to wing it... man, I //so don't want to do this...

Raven took a huff of breath and dived for Cyborg's head.

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