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Chapter 5-7

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Daniel has always wanted to be an archeologist right? Wrong! Daniel is keeping a secret from SG-1 know about. What will they do when they find out that Daniel is really someone by the name of Harry...

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Disclaimer: I do not own either Harry Potter or the Stargate fandom. If you recognize anything in this story, then it probably doesn't belong to me. I make no money off this story.

I would like to thank DMG for her help in betaing this story. Without her help, it wouldn't flow as well and Jack wouldn't be able to keep his voice. I thank her so much!


By Marietsy



Jack waited impatiently for SG-1 to call him about Daniel. He looked at his watch and sighed as he realized that it had only been three minutes since he last glanced at his watch. He stared at the phone, muttering under his breath. It had been twenty minutes since Mitchell and his team left. He was going out of his mind with worry. He just knew that something was wrong with Daniel.

The phone rang and Jack jumped in surprise. /Huh, take your glance off the phone and it rings. Sweet! /Jack thought to himself.

Jack picked up the phone. "O'Neill," he barked.

"Sir, its Carter," a female voice said.

"Whaddya got?" Jack asked.

"Daniel's not here, sir," Sam replied quietly.

"Did he leave on his own?" Jack asked.

Sam hesitated before replying, "It doesn't look like it, sir. His keys are on the counter in the kitchen, and there's a broken glass on the floor. It looks like he was in the kitchen when he was taken. The kitchen chair looks out of place, but I can't tell if it was because Daniel fought back and it was moved, or if Daniel moved it to sit in it."

Jack closed his eyes and sighed. He knew it. He knew that something had happened to Daniel. "Anything else? Any sign of forced entry?" Jack asked.

"No, sir, and that's the weird thing. The door was deadbolted from the inside. However the person got into the house, it had to have been before Daniel came home or..." she trailed off hesitantly.

"Or what, Carter?" Jack asked impatiently.

"Or someone used alien technology to get into Daniel's home," Sam replied.

Jack cursed. "Are you saying that some Goa'uld might have taken Daniel?" he asked in disbelief.

"No sir, not necessarily. It could've been the Trust, or even the Asgard, though why they would take Daniel and not let us know, I have no idea," Sam said.

Jack shook his head. "No, that's not Thor's way of doing things. So we're looking for a human who snuck in before Daniel got home, an alien with advanced technology, or a Goa'uld," Jack sighed. "Great. Well, that narrows it down."

"Sir, you don't think Ba'al would kidnap Daniel, do you?" Sam asked.

Jack paused a moment before asking, "I thought Ba'al was dead. Didn't Gerak kill him?"

"Yes, he killed Ba'al, but it was never proven whether it was the actual Ba'al or one of his clones," Sam commented.

"Great, just great. All right, find out what you can. I'll send a team to check out the house. As soon as you're done there, get back here. We need to find our wayward Archeologist," Jack stated.

"Of course, sir," Sam replied.

Jack could hear the buzz of the disconnected phone in his ear. He hung it up and sighed, resigned with finding his wayward archeologist. "What does this make, the sixth or seventh time Danny's been kidnapped?" he mumbled to himself. "He couldn't leave a note? A map? A simple/ 'Hey, got taken again, it was 'insert name' and you can find me at 'insert address'. Come rescue me soon.'/ Would that have been too much to ask for? I knew I should have put a tracking device on him," Jack said with heavy sigh.

He picked up the phone and called the President to let him know that the first and foremost expert on the Stargate was missing, again. After a few minutes of talking to President Hayes, he hung up the phone and leaned back in his chair. The President was fond of Daniel. He admired Daniel, and he didn't like the idea of someone taking him. He promised to do everything in his power to find out if anyone in Washington knew anything about Daniel's disappearance. Jack felt a little relieved that someone was doing something, even if it wasn't much.

Thirty minutes later, Mitchell and the rest of SG-1 walked into his office. Jack glanced at them and continued to listen to the man on the phone.

"What about the known members of the Trust? Did you find anything on them?" Jack asked impatiently. Jack nodded as the man spoke, a frown on his face. He sighed. "All right, let me know if you find anything out. I'll talk to you later," he said, and hung up. He looked at Mitchell and asked, "That was one of my 'unofficial sources' in Washington. He hasn't found anything as of yet. What about you? Did you find anything further?"

Mitchell shook his head. "We know that the lock wasn't picked. The forensic expert said that if it had been, there would've been scratches on the lock and there weren't any. So unless the person had a key to Jackson's apartment, then that means they got him through other means," Mitchell explained, his blue eyes serious. "And most kidnappers wouldn't take the trouble to re-lock the door when they left."

"Plus," Sam added, "the security cameras in Daniel's building picked up no one going into his apartment all day, other than Daniel. So whoever's got him, they didn't come through the front door."

Jack threw the pen down on the desk and cursed. "My sources have found nothing on the Trust. The known members are clean as far as they can tell. There haven't been any secret meetings or any sudden disappearances," Jack explained, his expression frustrated. "I have no clue if they still have a ship or not. If they do, then they could've beamed Daniel out of his apartment. So we're looking at a possible Goa'uld or someone else with alien technology. I contacted the President and I can tell you that he wasn't happy to learn of Danny's disappearance. He said that he would snoop around Washington to see if anyone knew anything, but so far, it looks like we have nothing to go on."

"Do you think it could've been Vala?" Mitchell asked hesitantly.

Jack smirked as he thought about the thief and con artist who had taken a liking to Daniel many months ago when she tried to steal the starship Prometheus that Daniel had been on. She had once been a host to a Goa'uld, but with a rebellion by her previous subjects and the help of the Tok'ra, Vala Mal Doran had been freed of her symbiote. Vala had arrived at the SGC, asking for Daniel's help in deciphering some tablets that would lead to a great treasure. They had found the treasure, and in the process found out about a new enemy, called the Ori, a group of Ascended beings who believe that they should be worshipped. She has sacrificed herself to help destroy a gate that would bring the Ori and their army from their galaxy. The last that they knew, Vala had beamed out of the ship around the same time the gate closed. It is believed that she had gone through the gate to the Ori's homeworld.

"I thought she was in the galaxy with the Ori," Jack said.

"Actually, we're not sure if she is. She could be dead or she could've somehow beamed off the ship to somewhere else," Sam explained.

Jack looked at her skeptically and Sam sighed. "I know. It's a long shot at best, sir. It's just another possibility. You know how about Daniel," she said with a small grin.

Jack snorted in amusement. He remembered well the bitching Daniel had done about Vala and the bonding bracelets that she had forced on him. It had been several weeks before Daniel could go farther than a few feet from the woman. She had wanted to make sure that she wouldn't lose the chance at finding the treasure. As much as he found Vala to be amusing, he was glad that she was gone. He got tired of hearing his best friend bitching about the woman.

"All right, so we can probably rule out Vala and we can rule out a normal human getting into his apartment. I kind of doubt that it would've been a Goa'uld, as they're pretty much in chaos right now, so my money is on the Trust. They might need his help on something that requires his knowledge of the Ancients, or the Goa'uld -- or something," Jack said firmly.

"We can check, sir, but it just doesn't feel right," Sam said.

"I am in agreement with SamanthaCarter, O'Neill. This does not feel like the Trust. I believe it to be something more, something that we haven't encountered before," Teal'c said with a frown.

"T? You got something?" Jack asked hopefully.

"I am hesitant to bring this up as I cannot explain it more thoroughly. It was a feeling I got in DanielJackson's home. It was something I have felt before," Teal'c said slowly.

"Well?" Jack asked impatiently.

"It was when we were on Kheb and in the presence of Oma Desala. There was a feeling of energy that seemed to emit from her. It was quite powerful and unforgettable. I also felt it when DanielJackson ascended several years ago. There was a presence of power that I could not explain," Teal'c explained.

Jack leaned back in his chair and looked at Teal'c with a serious expression. "Are you telling me that you can feel the Ascended?" he asked.

"I can. I felt the same presence of power in DanielJackson's apartment, though it was very faint. It was not of the same level of power of Oma Desala or DanielJackson at the time of his ascension, but it was there," Teal'c replied. "In fact..." Teal'c began only to pause a moment.

Jack looked at him in surprise. Teal'c was not known for being hesitant. "Yes?" he asked.

"It is the same sense of power that I have sometimes felt from you," Teal'c commented.

Jack looked at Teal'c in surprise. "Me? I've never ascended. How can you feel it from me?" he asked, shocked.

Teal'c shook his head. "I do not know, O'Neill, but I know that you sometimes emit the same power. I felt it when you healed Master Bra'tac after the knowledge of the Ancients had been downloaded into your mind."

"Sometimes? Could this have something to do with the Ancient gene?" Sam asked in bewilderment.

Teal'c nodded thoughtfully. "I do not know. It seems to flare up in times of extreme stress. I haven't felt in quite some time."

Sam looked thoughtful. "That would make sense. Oma was an Ancient and Daniel, even though he doesn't have the gene, was once ascended. Sir, is there anything about you that we should know about?" she asked.

Jack gave her a sour look. "Carter, I'm an open book. What you see is what you get. I'm not hiding anything about me that you wouldn't know. All my medical tests and blood work came back clean. There is nothing abnormal about me," Jack said with an annoyed expression. "I'm a simple man."

Sam's mouth twitched and Jack gave her a flat look. He knew she was holding back a grin. "Of course, sir," she said. "Maybe you should have the doctors look at you again."

Jack snorted. "I think not. I haven't noticed anything wrong with me. I feel fine, and as Teal'c said, it's been a while since he felt this 'power' coming from me." He looked at the Jaffa and asked, "Can you feel anything now?"

Teal'c tilted his head and looked at Jack intently. He shook his head. "I do not," he answered.

Jack gave Sam a smug look. "See? I'm fine."

Sam sighed. "Of course you are, sir."

"Enough about me. Could Oma have done something with Daniel?" Jack asked.

"I thought Oma disappeared when she took care of Anubis?" Mitchell questioned, confused.

"Daniel wasn't sure what happened to her. He doesn't know if she was punished by the Others or if she disappeared or was killed. For all we know, she could be floating around the galaxy," Sam said.

"This is getting us nowhere. We have no clue who took Daniel. It could've been anyone," Jack snapped angrily. "I swear when we find him, I am getting him a collar with a tracking device. I'm tired of him being kidnapped. Doesn't he realize that it's getting old? He needs to stop doing it!" he said, exasperated.

"Er...sir, I don't think he does it on purpose," Sam said, mirth shining from her eyes.

"Are you sure about that?" Jack asked suspiciously. "I swear he's the reason I went gray."

Mitchell and Sam snickered, while Teal'c looked amused. "If you say so, sir," Sam replied with a grin.

"All right, I want you guys to work with the team from Daniel's place. See if you can find anything that we're missing. I also want you to see if you can find anything more on the Trust. I still think it has something to do with them," Jack said.

He opened his mouth to say something more, but disappeared in a flash of white light. Mitchell stood up and looked around wildly while Sam and Teal'c sighed with annoyance.

"Where did he go?" Mitchell demanded. He turned to Sam and Teal'c, who looked resigned. "Aren't you worried that General O'Neill has just disappeared?" he asked.

Sam sighed and said, "No. It's just Thor. He does this all the time."


Jack saw the bright light and the next thing he knew he was on a ship. He looked around and sighed as he realized that Thor had beamed him up. He wondered what the little guy wanted now.

"Thor, hey buddy. Where are you? I don't really have time for this. Daniel's missing and I need to find him. Thor!" Jack called out.

The door slid open and Thor walked into the room. He looked the same as always. He had a small gray body with a large head and large black eyes. Jack was always glad to see his buddy, but he just didn't have the time to visit right now. He needed to be out, looking for Daniel. He just needed to find out where to look first. It was so frustrating when he couldn't find his best friend.

A thought struck him and he looked at Thor with interest. Maybe Thor could help him find Daniel, or at least give him a starting point. That way he would know if it was humans or the Goa'uld who had kidnapped Daniel.

"So, Thor, why'd you come by?" Jack asked.

"The Asgard periodically scan Earth's communications. We like to keep an eye on things, in case our help is needed. Stargate Command is one of the places we monitor. I was in the vicinity and I overheard that Daniel Jackson has disappeared. When I heard that the Goa'uld might be involved, I decided to offer my help. Now that the Asgard have settled and the Replicators are no longer a problem, I have more time to help our allies," Thor explained. His large eyes blinked slowly.

Jack suppressed a shiver. Though Thor was his friend, he always thought the huge black eyes were a tad bit creepy. "I appreciate the help, even though I don't like the idea of you spying on us."

"The Asgard cares not for your governments and politics. We only wish to insure your safety from other life forms. Earth is an Asgard-protected planet," Thor explained.

"Er...right. So, do you think you can find Danny?" Jack asked eagerly.

"I will try, O'Neill. My ship is scanning Earth as we speak. If Daniel Jackson is on Earth, I will find him," Thor stated.

"Sweet!" Jack replied cheerfully. There were a few minutes of quiet before Jack got impatient. "Well?" he asked. "Did you find him?"

If Jack didn't know better, he would say that Thor was confused by the equipment he was staring at. There was almost a frown of displeasure on his face. Um...wonder what he found. It doesn't look good, Jack thought.

"This is most unusual," Thor said, his expression confused.

"What?" Jack demanded.

"Daniel Jackson is still on Earth, but where I'm not exactly sure. There are fluctuations and his life sign seems to appear then disappear. They are well shielded. This is a most perplexing problem. I did not think that humans had such technology," Thor said.

Jack frowned. "As far as I know, we don't," he remarked.

"He appears to be located somewhere in what you call Britain. His life signs keep disappearing. I am unsure as to why. I cannot get a better location as of yet. I will need to study this more. I will let you know what I find out when I am able," Thor said.

"What do you mean..." A bright light flashed and Jack appeared in his office. "'ll let me..." Jack trailed off as he realized that he was back on Earth. "Damnit, Thor! Bring me back!" he yelled at the ceiling. He waited, but nothing happened. He mumbled under his breath about annoying aliens. The door to his office flew open, surprising him.

"Sir!" Sam said breathlessly. "Are you all right? What did Thor want?" she asked.

Jack watched as Mitchell and Teal'c walked into his office. "How did you know I was back?" Jack asked in surprise.

"We were walking away when we heard you yelling at Thor. What did he want?" Sam asked impatiently.

Jack arched an eyebrow and Sam flushed. "Sorry, sir," she apologized.

"Apparently, Thor likes to keep an eye on us. He heard that Daniel was missing and thought he would offer his help. The good news is that Daniel is still on Earth and somewhere in Britain. The bad news is that Thor doesn't know where in Britain. It looks like Daniel is being shielded by something that even Thor's scans are having trouble with. He told me that he would investigate and let me know what he finds out. Until then, I want you to be ready. I have no idea when we'll need to move," Jack said.

"We, sir?" Sam questioned.

"This is Daniel, Carter. You're not going to rescue him without me," Jack stated firmly. "I want to know what the hell is going on. If there is someone on Earth with that kind of technology, then I want to know about it. Plus, Daniel is my friend. There's no way in hell I'm going to miss rescuing his ass again. I want to be able to rub it in his face for years to come," Jack quipped brightly.

"I understand, sir," Sam said with grin. "You know that's only going to annoy Daniel, don't you?"

Jack grinned. "That's what I'm hoping," he said cheerfully.

A few hours went by while Jack and SG-1 waited impatiently for Thor to get back to them. Jack spent his time trying to read reports, throwing pencils in the air, or just generally bugging Sam, Mitchell or Teal'c. He didn't know what to do with himself. He knew he was an action type of man, and all this sitting around and waiting was getting on his nerves.

He could tell that he was annoying Sam. The look of forced patience was a dead giveaway. He snickered silently as he looked at her blankly when she tried once again to explain the funny-looking doohickey on her table. There was a flash of light and Jack was once again on Thor's ship.

"Finally!" Jack exclaimed. He made his way over to his friend and looked down. "Well, did you find him?" he asked.

"I did indeed, O'Neill. He is being held in a large domicile in the place you call Scotland," Thor said.

"Great! Can you get him out?" Jack asked.

"I cannot. I have been able to tweak the transporters to beam you in, but as of yet I cannot beam anyone out," Thor replied.

"Tweak?" Jack asked, amused.

"Yes. I believe I have heard Colonel Carter use that word once or twice," Thor said, his eyes blinking slowly.

"Right. Can you get Mitchell, Carter and Teal'c up here? I want them with me when we go rescue Daniel," Jack said.

"I can indeed."

There was flash of light, a yelp, and a thud as something hit the floor. Jack turned around and grinned as he saw Mitchell on the floor. Mitchell looked around wildly and noticed Jack. He relaxed and grinned. "You know, if your friend Thor had beamed me a few minutes earlier, you all would've gotten an eyeful," Mitchell said.

"Oh?" Jack asked. "And why is that?"

"I was in the latrine," Mitchell said.

Jack smirked. "Ah...that would've been embarrassing." Sam grinned and Teal'c raised an eyebrow.

They walked over to where Jack was standing. "Hey, Thor. How are you doing?" Sam asked.

"I am doing well, Colonel Carter," Thor replied. "Teal'c, it is good to see you as well."

Teal'c gave him a respectful nod. "And you," he replied.

Thor looked at Mitchell. "You I have not met," Thor commented.

"Right. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, CO of SG-1," Mitchell replied. "Excuse me, but if you did not know who I was, then how did you know to beam me up?"

"Ah. I said that I have not met you, I did not say that I did not know who you were," Thor explained.

Mitchell gaped at the small alien. "Right. Gotcha," he said.

Jack smirked. It was nice to know that he wasn't the only one left hanging when it came to the Asgard.

"Thor, were you able to locate Daniel?" Sam asked.

"As I told O'Neill, I have found Daniel Jackson in a large domicile in what you humans call Scotland. I am unable to beam him out, as the shields around the domicile are rather tricky. I have, as you say, tweaked the transporters to be able to penetrate their shields long enough to beam the four of you into the domicile. In the meantime, I will continue to work on the transporters," Thor explained.

Sam nodded. "Have you been able to figure out how the shields work or who they belong to?" she asked.

"From what I can tell, it seems to be an offshoot of Ancient technology."

"Are you saying someone is using Ancient technology on Earth?" Sam demanded.

"The word 'technology' may be a misnomer, Colonel Carter. I am unable to figure out how the shield works. I can find no power source that maintains the shield, yet the shields themselves give off energy readings that you would find in Ancient technology, with some differences. I am unsure how the shielding operates," Thor explained.

"Interesting. Sir, if we can find out how the shields work, we might be able to use them ourselves. They might be something we can use on our ships, or even to protect high security facilities," Sam said excitedly.

"Carter, if we have the time, we'll see, but our main priority right now is to get Daniel back," Jack stated.

"I understand, sir, but if we have a chance, I would like to find about the shields," Sam persisted.

Jack nodded his head. "That's fine. Thor, is there anyone else in the room with Daniel?" he asked.

Thor looked at his sensors. "There are three other humans in the room. They are not moving. They have been in the room for a while. There also seem to be hundreds of humans outside of the room, in various places in the building. I cannot get an accurate count at this time," he said.

"Great. That's all we need. All right, Thor, I want you to keep monitoring the building. When the time comes, I want you to beam us in wherever it would be the best to take them down," Jack said. He turned towards SG-1. "I want you to keep your eyes sharp. Zat them first, ask questions later. Understood?"

SG-1 nodded. "O'Neill, Daniel Jackson is moving and he seems to be backing away from one of the humans," Thor explained.

"All right, Thor, beam us down," Jack commanded.

Thor threw a device at him and Jack caught it. "I will let you know if I am able to penetrate the shields in order to beam you back to the ship. Good luck," Thor said.

Jack nodded and got into position. There was bright light and he appeared in a large, strange room. It took Jack an instant to assess the situation. Mitchell, Carter and Teal'c had not beamed in with him. Crap, /he thought to himself. He could see Daniel backing away from an old man who looked like a more colorful version of Gandalf from the /Lord of the Ring movies. There were two other humans in the room, a dark-haired, brooding man and a young woman -- the same woman who'd come to Daniel's apartment insisting he was someone named 'Harry.' Jack activated the Zat and shot the old man. He went down, and Jack quickly shot the dark-haired man, and then the young woman.

A glance around the room showed no other humans, as Thor had said, and Jack looked at Daniel cheerfully.

"Well, that was interesting. Who knew Gandalf was into kidnapping," Jack said impishly as he looked at the old man. He looked over at Daniel and grinned widely. "Why do I have to keep saving your ass, Danny boy?" he asked cheerfully.

He watched as Daniel groaned. "Ah, hell," Daniel said.

Yep, all in a day's work. He would be throwing this in Daniel's face for years to come.



Daniel looked at Jack and then at the unconscious people on the floor. How in the hell was he going to explain this? Daniel frowned a moment and decided that he would just lie. As far as Jack knew, they were just crazy people who wanted to kidnap Daniel for whatever reason.

"So, how did you find me?" Daniel asked.

Jack grinned and pointed his finger up. "Thor," he said smartly.

"Ah," Daniel commented. "And how did Thor know that I was missing?"

Jack shrugged. "Oh, you know, what's a little eavesdropping among allies?" Jack said impishly.

Daniel blinked and looked at Jack warily. "Eavesdropping?" he asked.

"We'll talk about it later. We need to leave now," Jack said. "Before Gandalf and his merry men wake up."

Daniel gave Jack an arched look. "Gandalf?" he asked.

Jack looked over at him and smirked. "You know, the White Wizard in the/ Lord of the Ring /movies. You would know these things if you would just watch the damn movie."

Daniel shook his head in annoyance. "I read the book, thanks. I don't need to see the movie."

Jack sighed mournfully. "Of course you did, Daniel."

"So, how are we getting out of here? Is Thor going to beam us back to his ship?" Daniel asked.

Jack shook his head. "Nope. Apparently, the shield that is surrounding this building is something that Thor can't get through right away. It has to do with Ancient technology or something. To tell the truth, I kinda zoned out when he was explaining. Whatever it was, it has Carter in a tizzy. He needs more time to figure it out. He only had the ability to send us through the shield, which reminds me. Where in the hell are Teal'c, Carter and Mitchell? They were supposed to be with me," Jack said with a frown. He pulled the communicator that Thor had given him out of his pocket.

"Yo, Thor, buddy, what happened? Carter, Teal'c and Mitchell didn't come with me. What's going on?" Jack asked impatiently.

"Greetings, O'Neill. I am afraid Colonel's Carter and Mitchell, plus Teal'c, were unable to pass through the shielding. They are still on my ship. For some reason it only allowed you access. I am unsure as to why. Colonel Carter seems to think it has something to do with your ATA gene," Thor replied.

"Huh, interesting. So, is there any chance that you can beam us out of here anytime soon?" Jack asked. He was watching Daniel as he checked the unconscious people on the floor.

"As of yet, I still cannot penetrate their shields enough to bring you and Dr. Jackson back. I could try, but I would only have ten percent chance of getting you and a ninety percent chance of scattering your atoms into oblivion," Thor explained.

Jack paused. " hurry. We'll find our own way out, or at least hide until you can penetrate the shields. I'll contact you when I'm able. Tell Carter and Teal'c that I have found our wayward archeologist and he seems fine," Jack said.

"Understood, O'Neill. Good luck. Thor out."

"Well, Danny, my boy, it looks like we need to find a way out of here. Do you have any ideas?" Jack asked.

Daniel shook his head and looked around the room. "I guess we go through the main door and hope for the best," he said with a shrug.

Jack looked at him incredulously. "This is your plan?" he asked.

Daniel glared. "Hey, I'm the Archeologist, you're the Military man. You figure it out," he said with a pout.

Daniel watched at Jack looked around the room and realized there was no other way out of the room except by the main door. Jack sighed and said, "Fine, we'll go out the main door."

"Ha, told you it was a good plan," Daniel stated smugly.

"Danny, it's the only way we can leave," Jack commented, annoyed.

Daniel sniffed haughtily. "You're just upset because you can't blow something up."

Jack grinned impishly. "There's still time," he said.

At that moment, Fawkes trilled and flew over to land on Daniel's shoulder. Jack's eyes widened as he took a step back. He raised the Zat gun and glared at Daniel. "There's a strange bird sitting on your shoulder, Danny. How about stepping away from it?" he asked.

Daniel shook his head in amusement and reached up to pet Fawkes. "Relax, Jack. This is Fawkes. He is apparently a phoenix. He's harmless," Daniel said. He frowned a moment. "I think. Either way, it doesn't matter. He hasn't done a thing since I came into the room. I think he likes me."

"Er...Danny, I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I'm pretty sure Phoenixes are a myth," Jack stated slowly.

"Sure, just as Ra, Apophis, Anubis, Thor and Hathor were myths. It's said that the Phoenix was a companion to Ra. I wonder if maybe it's an alien bird. Something that was brought here by Ra and was forgotten when Ra left Earth," Daniel mused thoughtfully.

"If it is, then why haven't we seen more of them?" Jack asked impatiently.

"Maybe they're shy?" Daniel asked innocently.

Jack gave Daniel a sharp look and shook his head in annoyance. "Sure, whatever. Regardless of how absolutely fascinating it is, we still need to leave. You have any idea how to get out this building?" Jack asked. He started for the door.

Daniel shook his head as he followed, wondering how much he could safely say. "It's a castle and no, I woke up in what looked like an infirmary. I escaped and only made it down a couple of halls before I was found. Wherever we are, Jack, it's a school, with kids," he explained.

Jack stopped and gave him a look of disbelief. "They kidnapped you and brought you to a school? What did they want? For you to teach?" Jack asked.

"I'll explain it later, but we need to go," Daniel said. He suddenly felt antsy and the desire to leave Dumbledore's office grew urgent. He looked around warily and realized that portraits on the walls were staring at them. Crap! He had forgotten about the portraits. He knew that Dumbledore used them to spy on others in the castle. It was how he knew so much about what was going on. One of the portraits was empty. They needed to leave. He had no clue how long the portrait had been empty, but any minute someone could be walking through that door.

"Jack, we need to go," Daniel said urgently, ushering his friend to the door.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked seriously.

"It's a feeling," Daniel explained.

Jack nodded in understanding. For years, Jack had watched Daniel come up with these 'feelings' and theories out of thin air, and no matter how implausible they seemed, the youngest SG-1 member was nearly always proven right. Jack didn't know why Daniel had the feelings, but he wasn't about to ignore it now.

"All right." Jack opened the door slowly. He held his Zat gun at the ready and looked out warily. He saw that nobody was there and began to creep along the corridor, with Daniel following closely behind him. They made their way down the staircase and out into the hallway.

"Which way?" Jack asked.

Daniel frowned thoughtfully. Where could they go that no one would find them? There was no way they could make their way to the castle's front doors. They would be discovered before then. There were students here, not to mention the teachers, the ghosts, the house-elves and the portraits. Where could they go that no one else could go? The Room of Requirement? No, it was too easy to enter. Daniel's eyes brightened. Of course! The Chamber of Secrets. No one knew where it was and even if they did, they couldn't get to it. It would give them a safe hide-out until Thor could get them out.

"Let's go right," Daniel said.

Jack nodded and they made their way down the hallway. They had gone down several hallways when McGonagall confronted them. She had her wand out and aimed at them. "Stop where you are," she commanded.

Daniel and Jack stopped and McGonagall glared at them. "Who are you and where do you think you're going?" she snapped angrily.

"My name is Daniel Jackson and I was kidnapped and brought to this school by a psychotic lady with a serious issue about mistaken identities. I tried to warn your friends that they shouldn't have done that, but they refused to listen. So now, I'm being rescued. Now, if you don't mind, we'd like to continue with the rescue. Could you point the way out of the castle, please?" Daniel asked sweetly.

McGonagall blinked at him in astonishment, while Jack snorted, amused. "Oh, that's good, Danny. Why don't you asked the nice lady directions for the front door?" he stated with a grin.

Daniel looked at him innocently. "What? It looks like she works here. I figured that if anyone knew, she would. What would it hurt to ask?" he asked with a pout.

"Danny, don't pout. It's not becoming to someone your age," Jack said.

"I'm not pouting. And what do you mean my age?" Daniel snapped, his expression indignant.

"Can we not talk about this now?" Jack hissed.

"Why not? You brought it up!" Daniel snarled.

"Daniel," Jack sighed.

"No, really, I want to know. What do you mean my age? If anyone has to worry about age here, Jack, that would be you," Daniel replied. He crossed his arms and glared at Jack.

"Now, Daniel, there's no reason to get nasty. I wasn't insulting your age," Jack said hastily.

"Excuse me!" McGonagall snapped. "I demand that you tell me who you are."

"Er...Elvis?" Jack replied. She looked confused and Jack grinned at her, quickly raised his Zat gun and shot her. She fell to the ground and Jack smirked. "Nice distraction, Danny," he said with a grin.

"Right, because I was the one who started it," Daniel said as he rolled his eyes. "Don't think I'm going to let this go," he stated firmly.

Jack grinned at him. "Don't you worry, Danny boy. I would never expect you to. Come on," he said. Jack walked over to McGonagall and picked up her wand. He looked it over and threw it down on the ground. "Is she nuts?" he asked Daniel. "She tries to stop us with a stick? A stick! I tell you, you know kidnapping is going to the dogs when the kidnappers try to harm you with a stick," Jack said with disgust. He began to walk down the hall, all the while grumbling about sticks.

Daniel shook his head in amusement. He walked past McGonagall and took a second to look at her. She looked older than when he had seen her last. He felt a little guilty about Jack having to Zat her, but he wasn't going to stay here. His life in the Wizarding World was over and no one was going to force him to stay, nor were they going to mess with his memories.

Ten minutes later, and several near misses later, they arrived at the girl's bathroom. Daniel pondered how he was going to get Jack to enter the bathroom when they heard footsteps coming down the hall. Quickly, he grabbed Jack's arm and pulled him into the bathroom, shutting the door behind them. The two men listened as the footsteps approached.

"They're in there," a male voice said.

Daniel bit back a gasp as he recognized Ron's voice. Well, hell, the gang's all here, he thought bitterly.

"According to the map, there are two unidentifiable men hiding in that bathroom. I'm not sure why their names don't show up on the map," Ron said, confused. Daniel groaned when he realized that Ron must have been using the Marauder's Map. Why didn't he take it with him when he left the Wizarding World? He knew it would come back and bite him on the arse.

"I knew it! It's Harry," a female voice said triumphantly. Daniel frowned as he realized that someone must've found Snape, Hermione and Dumbledore.

"Mrs. Malfoy, do we have to go through this again? That man is not Harry Potter," a dark, velvety voice said.

Daniel frowned. He didn't know whether to be disappointed in Snape for being so damn oblivious or proud that he fooled the man. Snape had been a spy for years. He should be able to see beyond the norm.

Hermione apparently decided to stop and argue. "If it's not Harry, then how did he know his way to the girl's bathroom? It's the only entrance to the Chamber of Secrets and you know only Harry can get into the Chamber," Hermione said triumphantly.

"Actually, Mrs. Malfoy, there are three entrances to the Chamber of Secrets. Mr. Potter was kind enough to show them to me before he left Hogwarts. One is in the dungeons, one in the girl's bathroom and the other is down several hallways, hidden by a large portrait of a snake. If it was indeed Harry Potter, then he would've used the entrance behind the portrait as the hallway is usually deserted," Snape retorted smugly.

There was silence a moment before Hermione said, "I still say that he is Harry Potter."

"And I still say that my godson was an idiot for marrying you," Snape replied sarcastically.

There was a huff of outrage before another voice joined in. "Regardless of who is in the bathroom, we need to find out who knocked us unconscious and how they got into Hogwarts and past the wards. Such a breach of security cannot be allowed," Dumbledore said sternly.

"I agree, Headmaster," Snape said. "And I'd like to repay the debt I owe to someone for knocking me out." He sounded quite put upon.

"Once we're in the bathroom, be sure not to harm them. I don't want them hurt. I need to be able to question them," Dumbledore said.

Snape sighed reluctantly. "Very well," he grumbled. "All right, let's go."

Jack and Daniel looked at each other and glanced around the bathroom. There was no place to hide and they were unable to lock the door. They stepped away from it and watched as the handle on the door began to move.

"This doesn't look good, Danny," Jack whispered harshly and Daniel nodded his head in agreement. He looked over at the sink briefly before deciding not to open the entrance to Chamber. It would give too much away. Hermione was right. Harry Potter was the only one alive who could open the entrance. If they opened the door and found them gone, there would be no hiding the fact that he was Harry Potter, and his life as he knew it would be over.

He glanced at Jack and briefly entertained the idea of letting Jack know about his former life, but decided against it. Jack would be angry at the knowledge that Daniel had kept his true identity a secret. They were best friends and Daniel had never once let him know who he really was, even though he now thought of himself as Daniel Jackson.

"So, you think I can take 'em?" Jack asked curiously.

"Watch out for the sticks that they carry," Daniel warned quietly.

Jack was gazing at the door intently. "Why?" he asked absently.

Daniel watched as the four wizards entered the room. He saw Dumbledore smile at him and he grimaced with annoyance. Doesn't anything ever faze that man? He looked at an excited Hermione, an annoyed Ron, and an irritated Snape and sighed. There were going to be so many questions about how Jack got into Hogwarts, about how he was able to get past the wards. Things were about to get a little sticky.

"Danny," Jack hissed.

Daniel whipped his head around and looked at Jack. "What?" he asked.

"The sticks! What were you going to tell me about the sticks?" Jack asked as he gazed at the four wands pointed at them.

"Oh!" Daniel said brightly. "Apparently, they're wands and they can do magic."

"They can do what?!" Jack yelped.



"Oh, you have got to be kidding me?" Jack asked in disbelief.

"No, I'm pretty sure I'm telling you the truth. Mr. Tall, Dark and Broody showed me how it worked," Daniel answered with relish. He enjoyed the frown that Snape gave him. If he was going to have a bad day, then by god, so was everyone else.

"Danny, you know you're my best friend and I love ya," Jack began sarcastically, "but I think you might have been hit over the head one too many times. There is no such thing as magic!" he sing-songed.

Daniel frowned. "Ok, see, now that's just irritating. When are you going to believe me when I tell you something? You know I'm almost always right, but do you EVER listen to me? Noooo," he drawled out.

"Er...Daniel, this really isn't the time to be bringing this up," Jack said warily as he pointed the Zat gun at the four Wizards.

"Oh right, like we'll ever talk about this any other time. It's been nine years, Jack. Nine years! And still you don't listen to me," Daniel said stridently.

"Look, when we get back home, you can yell at me all you want, but right now, we're in a little situation here. Could you please just focus?" Jack yelled.

Daniel crossed his arms and pouted. "You know, I don't even know why you bothered rescuing me. I mean really, I was having a better time here. They weren't yelling at me," he said as he waved at an amused Dumbledore.

Jack sighed mournfully. He gazed at Dumbledore, who was staring at them in amusement, and asked, "You wanted to kidnap him why?"

"Yes, well, I'm not the one that kidnapped him," Dumbledore said. His blue eyes were twinkling in merriment.

"I thought I was being a good friend, you know. Danny gets kidnapped, again," Jack began, making sure to stress that one little word. "I figure, hey, I'm a good friend, why don't I rescue Daniel? Sure, he would appreciate that, right? I mean, you would, wouldn't you?" Jack asked. He didn't wait for an answer. "But nooooo, can Daniel be grateful? Of course not! He has to complain until the bitter end."

"I am so going to hurt you," Daniel snapped angrily.

"Bring it on, Danny boy," Jack snarled.

Dumbledore chuckled. "As amusing as this is, the distraction will not work. There is no way for you to leave this castle," he said genially.

Daniel blew out an exasperated breath and Jack shrugged. "Eh, it was worth a try. So, Gandalf, what's the situation here? Why was Daniel kidnapped? Who is that woman?" Jack asked as he nodded towards Hermione. "She was at Daniel's house. She was looking for her missing friend. What is she doing here?"

Dumbledore looked a little sheepish. "Well, first off, my name is Albus Dumbledore, not Gandalf, delightful fellow though he is. Second, Mrs. Malfoy here decided that Dr. Jackson was her missing friend, Harry Potter. In her exuberance, she took it upon herself to kidnap Dr. Jackson," the Headmaster explained.

Jack nodded in understanding. "I see. So once again, Daniel Jackson gets taken by the 'crazy woman,' huh, Daniel?" he asked, irritated.

"Hey! Not my fault!" Daniel cried out.

Jack snorted. "Of course not. It's never your fault," he said tauntingly and Daniel grumbled.

"All right, if it was just a case of mistaken identity, then you should have no problem in letting us go, right?" Jack asked hopefully.

Dumbledore shook his head. "I'm afraid not," he said gently.

Jack sighed. "Yeah, I thought it would be too easy. So, now what?" he asked. He made sure to keep his Zat gun on the four people in the doorway. He wished he had thought to bring another Zat gun for Daniel, but he had been counting on Sam, Teal'c and Mitchell to be with him.

"I need to know how you got into the castle," Dumbledore questioned pleasantly, his eyes hard.

"The front door," Jack answered mockingly.

"I don't think so, Mr.?" Dumbledore asked politely.

"Homer. You can call me Homer," Jack replied brightly and Daniel snorted in amusement.

"Ah, as in the poet," Dumbledore said cheerfully.

Jack blinked as Daniel laughed. "Right," he drawled. "Sure, you betcha."

Dumbledore looked momentarily confused before continuing with his questions. "We do have the security of our students to consider. I really must insist that you tell me how you got into the castle," the Headmaster said pleasantly.

"Yeah, about that. You kidnapped Daniel and bring him to a school?" Jack asked Hermione in disbelief. "I mean, couldn't you have at least locked him the dungeon or something? You're clearly not the standard variety kidnapper," he said with a shake of his head.

Hermione flushed with embarrassment and looked away. Snape chuckled softly and Dumbledore smiled genially at Jack.

"Be that as it may, I really must insist in knowing how you go into this school. Perhaps if you were to show us?" Dumbledore asked cheerfully.

Jack looked at him intently and asked idly, "Do you do drugs?" he asked. Daniel choked on a laugh. "Because, really, you're like way too happy. Are your eyes supposed to do that?"

Snape snorted in amusement. Jack gave him a brief look, noting to himself not to cross this man. He had the presence of a predator. Jack had a feeling that this man could be dangerous when angry.

"My eyes?" Dumbledore asked, confused.

Jack nodded. "Yeah, are they supposed to twinkle like that? And really, are you seriously that laid back? There is no way that it's natural. Only thing I can think of is drugs. You know, they have help for that now. The first step is admitting you have a problem," he said wisely.

Snape gave a low chuckle and Daniel snickered. Dumbledore frowned in annoyance. "Mr. Homer, I'm trying to be nice," he began.

Jack shook his head. "See, that's where you're going wrong. Trust me. When you kidnap someone and you want information, you don't just politely ask them, you need some torture involved as well. Trust me, it's in the evil-doers' handbook," Jack stated impishly.

Daniel cracked up as Dumbledore looked at him, baffled. Daniel couldn't help it. He had never seen Dumbledore look so nonplused, but then again, Dumbledore had never before been faced with Jack. Jack could try the patience of God himself. There had been many a Goa'uld who had lived to torture Jack. Of course, Ba'al was really the only one who had gotten away with it.

"Mr. Homer, I must really insist that you explain to me how you got into the castle," Dumbledore said sternly.

Jack looked at him in interest. "All right, I'll tell you if you tell me about the shields surrounding the castle," he replied.

Dumbledore frowned. Jack arched an eyebrow. "No? It looks like we both have something the other wants. I don't have to explain crap to you. You kidnap my archeologist and you expect me to tell you anything? I think not!" Jack said adamantly.

"Your archeologist?" Snape inquired.

"Yes, my best friend, my geek, my archeologist, a member of my former team, my comrade in arms," Jack replied harshly. "You don't just don't kidnap the one person I consider family. I get irritated."

"Odd, I didn't know you could serve with family in the U.S. Military," Snape drawled.

Daniel looked at him in surprise. He didn't think Snape would know much about the Muggle world, let alone the United States Military.

"Funny, I thought vampires were supposed to sleep during the day. Looks like we're both wrong," Jack quipped sarcastically.

"Why you..." Snape began angrily as he took a step forward.

Jack raised the Zat gun and aimed it at Snape. "I took you down once, I can do it again," he snarled.

"Severus, please," Dumbledore said.

Snape stopped and glared at Jack. Daniel looked at him with interest. Um...nice to know that the man hadn't changed too much while he was gone.

"Professor Dumbledore, we don't have time for this. The Ministry will want to know how Mr. Homer got into the castle. We can't have Muggles getting in whenever they decide to. We need to protect Hogwarts," Ron said impatiently. He took a step forward, aimed his wand at Jack and uttered a spell.

A bright flash of red rushed towards Jack and he ducked. He fell to the ground, rolled and came up on his knees, shooting Ron with the Zat gun. Ron went down with a gasp and while the rest of the Wizards stared at Ron and the two men in shock, Jack grabbed Daniel and rushed around the other side of the sink.

Jack took out Thor's communicator and clicked it. "Thor, buddy, tell me you got good news. We're under attack. We could really use some help right now. Either beam us back or send Carter, Teal'c and Mitchell to help," Jack said impatiently.

"I am close, O'Neill. I need just a few more minutes," Thor said.

Jack could hear raised voices on the other side of the sink. They weren't shielded well, but it was better than being out in the open. The voices sounded angry. "I don't think we have a few minutes," Jack said. "They have some sort of energy weapon."

"They're wands, Jack," Daniel said in exasperation.

"Daniel, not now," Jack replied, annoyed.

Daniel sighed and shook his head. Jack hated anything that was unexplainable.

"I am hurrying as fast as I can, O'Neill," Thor replied. "I will beam the two of you out as soon as I can. Thor out."

Jack cursed. "This is great. Nothing like being pinned down with nowhere to run," he snapped.

"Well, if you hadn't shot that man, we wouldn't be in this predicament," Daniel stated.

Jack looked at him in disbelief. "Hello! I was doing a great job of stalling before Mr. Excitable decided to shoot at me with his little stick thingy. I only reacted."

"It's called a wand, Jack, not a stick thingy," Daniel replied with a sigh.

"Uh huh, sure, and next you'll be telling me that Merlin himself was real," Jack said.

"Actually, Jack..." Daniel began.

Jack already knew that Merlin was an Ancient. "Daniel, that was a rhetorical statement," he said.

"Ah, I knew that," Daniel said sheepishly.

"Mr. Homer, if you would please come out from behind the sink. No harm will come to you or Dr. Jackson," Dumbledore called out.

"I'm thinking, no," Jack yelled out. "I don't believe you. You already shot at us once. If you want me to come out, you're going to have to drag me out."

There was a moment of silence. Daniel could hear whispering among the Wizards. He knew that they were up to something. As much as the Zat gun was reliable, it still couldn't beat magic. There were all kinds of ways to get to them. He was just glad that you couldn't apparate inside of Hogwarts, or else this little stand-off would have been over a long time ago.

Daniel leaned over to Jack. "They're up to something," he whispered.

Jack nodded. "I know. Watch your side. I don't want them to surprise us. Do what you can. I'm sorry I didn't think to bring a Zat for you," he said sheepishly.

Daniel shrugged. "You didn't think you would need it."

"True," Jack replied.

They sat there for a few minutes, waiting for whatever came next. There was a sudden snarl above them and Jack jumped back in shock as a large black panther roared at them from the sink. Jack moved back quickly, staring in disbelief.

"What the fuck? Nobody said anything about panthers. This isn't in the handbook, damn it," Jack yelled.

Daniel cursed. He never thought of Snape using his Animagus form to get to them. It was actually a brilliant idea. Snape had Jack off balance. He didn't have time to bring the Zat gun up before Snape pounced. He landed on Jack and roared. Daniel had to give Jack credit. He didn't scream, even if there was fear on his face. Daniel heard footsteps running over towards them and jumped over to Jack to get the Zat gun. He heard Hermione yell, "/Stupefy/," and darkness took him.

Jack cursed as he saw Daniel go down. He had been hit by their stick thingies. He stared up at the black panther that was glaring down at him malevolently. He prayed that this animal was tame. He looked over at Daniel and shouted with joy when he saw him disappear in a bright, white light.

He felt the tingles that meant Thor was about to beam him back to the ship. "Later," he called out cheerfully, and he disappeared in flash of light.

Dumbledore looked at the spot where Dr. Jackson and Mr. Homer had been. They had somehow apparated out of Hogwarts, even though that was supposed to be impossible. Not only that, but they had taken Severus with them.

"Oh dear," he said.
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