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Chapter 03 - Just Follow Me

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Adoption, isn't it great?

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The car ride was silent, apart from the few coughs here and there from either the officer of myself.
It was wierd being in the back of a police car and not being taken down to the station for questioning.
I didn't like it much. Well, who in their right mind would?

We got to the orphanage about half an hour later. It was quite big but in a sort of small way.. It's hard to explain really. It was a dirty brick grey colour.
"Heidi Casher" The officer told the lady at the desk.
"Ah yes. If you just follow me." She said, looking over her desk at me.
I meerly nodded. What more should I do? I'm in a fucking orphanage for Christ's sake!
Once she saw me nod she came out from behind her desk and told the officer that he could leave now.
"Bye Miss Casher, hope everything works out for the best." Fucking knob. Of course everything's not gonna be good. I'm gonna be adopted by some shitty family who don't know the first thing about me or how to look after someone and there for I'm going to have a fucking shit like. Or I'm going to be stuck in this hell hole for the rest of my life. Cunt.

Walking through the halls of the 'care home' I noticed that there were quite alot of small children, and only a few older ones. But none that really seemed to look my age...
Well this is going to be even better no isn't it.

When we finally got to the room there was already a girl who looked about a few years younger than me, wearing a light pink top (ew), flaired jeans (skinny for the win mate) and she had blonde hair.
"You will be staying with Amy Peterson here." The lady said. "And you shall have lights out at 8:30 la-"
"8:30! YOU'VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!" Eight-thirty! That's like 4 and a half hours before I usually go to sleep.
"Excuse me. We do not use that kind of language here." She snapped. "I shall leave you with Amy now, get to know each other." Bitch, she said it in a way that could only imply that we would be here for our whole lives.
I could see Amy looking at me, probably checking out all the black I was wearing, and my piercings and all the other 'gothic' or 'emo' items I had on me.
"Great" Amy muttered to herself.
"Oh fuck off." I growled. Seriously, if life here was going to be with this whore I might as well leave now.
"What did I do?!" You already hate me and you don't even know me! That's what you did.
I chose to ignore the blondie and dumped my stuff on my 'bed'. It was more like a jail bed, grey with dirt and thin sheets.
I then continued to unpack my clothes and everything else as I'm probably never going to be adopted. I flopped down on the bed and sighed. It was 8 now, so bed in half an hour. Fucking great.
"So, why are you here?" Amy asked. I still couldn't cry. I just couldn't. I guess the realization of it all hadn't hit me yet.
I didn't want to answer her. Why should I? She's just like one of the popular girls in a secondary school who act nice to you so they can find out your secrets then bitch about you behind your back. Why should I tell her anything? Damn right I shouldn't.
I just stayed silent, laying down on the lumpy mattress and taking the whole place in.
Amy's bed was in the far left corner, while mine was in the opposite, each bed had a manky bed side table that had a drawer and cupboard compartment.
There was only one chest of drawers for clothes and such, but was just about big enough to fit mine and Amy's. There was a small oval shaped mirror between the two beds which had a matching small desk and chair underneath it that had the same dirty gret coloured clothe as the bed sheets and the walls were painted a dusty yellow colour that had handprints and other dirt all over them.

I heard Amy fall onto her bed and mumble "fucking goth" under her breath.
Ha! Fucking bitch. I could so do with punching her face in right now.

"LIGHTS OFF!" The old hag yelled through the corridors and turned the power off, leaving all the rooms in picth black. If she seriously thinks I'm going to sleep now, she is sorely mistaken.
I waited for Amy to fall asleep and once she had I crept out of my bed and grabbed my torch.

I sneaked out of my room, being careful not to make a noise and crept through the halls of the orphan.
I eventually got to my destination. The kitchen.

It was a pretty sad thing to do, but whatever. It was better than going to sleep.
I grabbed all of the spices off of the shelves and mixed them into all the other ingrediants in the kitchen. In the end, every last bit of food was probably now going to burn your tongue if you ate it. Even the cerial would kill.

Mental note: Do not ever eat the food here.
Ha, tomorrow is going to be fun.

I went back to my room and decided to sleep. There's no more point in me being awake at this precise moment anyway...

I woke up the next day at 7 to the sound of the same old hag shouting "EVERYONE UP!"
You have got to be fucking kidding me! 7 in the Goddamned morning. Jesus Christ!

I listened to Amy stirring in her bed for a moment until she got up and mumbled a "breakfast" at me.
I nodded, signalling I heard but really had no intention of going.
"Suit yourself" She growled.
"Yes, I will fucking suit myself thanks!" I retorted. Seriously, she is really going to get to me.
Why am I even bothering staying in this place again? Can't I just leave?
Would they actually notice if I left?
Hey! There's an idea. I can 'run away'. Ha! Run away from an orphanage. Don't I have one fucking fun life.
Well, I'm going to run away.

I packed all of my stuff back into my suitcase and back pack and picked them up.
Luckily, I'm only on the second floor so it's not too much of a fall. Think I can make it?

I chucked my suitcases out of the window and watched them fall on the muddy grass out side. I quickly followed, thinking it'd probably be safer to use the drain pipe.
Ha! This place is just one big fucking joke!
Seriously, how easy are they trying to make it?

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