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Bottled Up Feelings -One Shot-

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One Shot that will keep you guessing for a while. No interesting summary other than that.

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I woke up from hearing the door slam, followed by heavy feat stumbling and something crashing into walls. I sighed to myself. I could hear him trying to stay quiet as he maneuvered his way through the house. I could hear him go to the kitchen. It was the same routine as always. Next he'd go to the bathroom. No sooner than I thought that, I could hear the bathroom door open. I can't believe it. He's home for two days and he's already stumbling around drunk. I started falling back asleep, but was woken up by my bedroom door opening. I sighed to myself and moved over so I wouldn't be squished when he-

falls on the bed. I poked at him, but it was no use, he was already out. I sat up and looked at him. His mouth was hanging open and he was already drooling. His jeans were unbuttoned and his shirt was missing. I got up out of the bed and pulled off his jeans so he wouldn't bitch about having slept in them the next morning.
I pushed him all the way into the bed and pulled the covers over him. I walked into the kitchen to get him some Advil and a glass of water to put on the table next to the bed, but was surprised to find Branden already getting the Advil out.
"Your room again, huh?" He mumbled as he handed me the bottle.
"Isn't it always?" I joked. I walked over to the cupboard to get a glass. Branden just sighed. I glanced back at him.
"What?" I raised an eyebrow.
"Nothing... don't worry about it. You gunna sleep in the bed with him?" He asked.
"No way, he kicks in his sleep" I smirked and Branden laughed, knowing it was true. I poured the glass of water and started walking into my room with Branden following me. How he gets my room confused with his, I'll never know. Mine is the first door on the right. His was the last one at the very end of the hall. Whatever...
I set down the glass of water and left two painkillers. I left the room, shutting the door quietly, not that it would have mattered. Bulls could charge through the house and he wouldn't wake up. Not when he was this drunk.
I walked towards his room, but as soon as I opened the door, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep in there. There was junk and clothes everywhere. Not to mention the smell... I shook my head and started towards the living room.
I saw Branden leaning next to the door to his room.
"You're not sleeping on the couch are you?" He smirked
"Would that be an offer Mr. Steineckert?" I laughed. He opened the bedroom door and stepped to the side
"That it would, Ms. Allman." I walked into his room and made a beeline for the bed. His room was nice and tidy. It also smelt much better. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.

I woke up the next morning hearing clangs and clunks coming from the kitchen. I looked over and saw that it was 11:48 AM. I stretched as I made my way into the next room to see what the guys were doing.
"Hey sis." Quinn turned his attention away from the guys as he saw me walk into the kitchen. His mistake. As soon as he turned his head, Jepha hit him with some goop that looked like it was supposed to be pancake batter.
"What are you guys doing?" I laughed at the sight of them. Quinn in his PJ's covered in pancake batter, Jepha with flour everywhere, and Branden somehow had avoided it all and was sitting at the counter watching.
"Well. We were trying to make breakfast, but that didn't quite work out. Besides, food fights are much funner." Jepha smiled. I shook my head.
"Thats not a word, dummy." Quinn laughed before getting hit in the face with the goo.
"You guys have been home for two days now and I'm already having to clean the ceiling. What is that anyways?" I grimaced looking up.
"Yeah, see... we're not entirely sure." Quinn shrugged and tossed flour over his shoulder, hitting Jeph square in the chest. He picked up some more pancake batter and tossed it at Quinn but it ended up hitting me. I looked down at the big splat of goo on my t-shirt.
"Nice aim, dumbass." I sighed. More to clean. "Okay, no more. And you guys are going to help me clean this up!" I looked up to see that Quinn and Jepha had disappeared. Branden was still sitting at the counter with his book though. Just then I heard the front door slam. I sighed and walked over to Branden.
"Branden..." I smiled the sweetest smile I could muster at this point.
"Pretty pl-"
"No." I could see a smirk forming on his lips. I sighed and went to get everything I would need to clean up. When I came back into the kitchen, Branden was already doing the dishes.
"Fank you, Branden."
"You're welcome." He giggled. "You need help sometimes. It can't be easy looking after us four messy, stinky boys."
"Aww, you guys don't stink... only Bert does." I giggled as we started cleaning.

Branden and I had finished cleaning and were now watching brainless cartoons. I don't even know what this one was called, but it was entertaining. I heard my bedroom door open and Bert start to walk out.
"Its alive!!" Branden and I yelled at the same time before laughing.
"Do you have to yell?" Bert groaned as he walked passed us into the kitchen. He joined Branden and I a few minutes later on the couch, with a cup of coffee.
"So how did I end up home last night?" He asked.
"Pfft, hell if I know. All I know is you woke me up from a very nice dream concerning myself and Johnny Depp." I fake pouted.
"Sorry. It's not my fault. Um, I mean, I don't' mean to always end up in your room." Is it my imagination, or did he just blush? Nah..
"Shh! Cartoon back on." Branden shushed us as we continued to watch the hero do whatever heros do.

I sat at the kitchen counter getting myself some ice cream when I heard someone walk in behind me. I turned and saw Quinn.
"Hey there Quinny-Boo." I giggled.
"Uh, don't call me that." He groaned as he grabbed a bowl and spoon. "Did Bert go out again?"
"Yeah. Another night I'll be woken up by his drunken self stumbling into my room." I sighed. I saw Quinn shake his head out of the corner of my eye. "What?"
"You're really blonde, you know that, right?" He laughed.
"Pfft, says you!" I retorted. We were silent until my curiosity got the best of me. "Why am I blonde?"
"God, what are they teaching kids in school these days? Um. Well, its called genetics an-"
"Thats not what I meant and you know it! Now tell me whats going on in this house!"
"Can't you even tell?"
"Tell what?"
"How much Bert likes you."
"What? Bert doesn't like me..."
"Yeah? What about when he got you those shoes you were dying for?"
"He said they were an early birthday present."
"Even though your birthday was in 5 months?"
"Shut up."
"What about that time he made you chicken noodle soup when you had the flu?" I heard Jepha shout from the living room. "Even though he hates cooking."
"Or that time you had a broken arm and he tended to your every need." Branden yelled from his room.
"Or how about the way he always blushes around you?" Quinn raised an eyebrow.
"What is this, a mutiny?" I screamed before heading into my room and closing the door.
"Whatever sis, you know we're right!" I heard Quinn yell.

I sat there for what seemed like hours thinking about what the guys had said. All the signs pointed to it, but he was just being a good friend, right?


But sitting in my room I came to another conclusion...
I think I liked him too. I thought about it and the more I did, it seemed the more I liked the thought of /us/.
I heard the door open, but this time, there was no stumbling. I listened quietly. He didn't go into the kitchen. He didn't go into the bathroom. I heard my door open and I looked over to see him standing there looking at me. He had one hand behind his back. I stood up and walked over to him.
"Bert, wha-" I was cut off by his lips crashing onto mine. I was shocked, but responded happily.
"I should have told you sooner. I've always liked you, but you were Quinn's little sister. I talked to him today and he told me to just go for it. I was going to go partying, but the thought of nothing stopping me from telling you how I felt just kept nagging at my mind." He pulled out a single red rose from behind his back. "I think I've always loved you, Marissa Allman." I stood there in shock.
"Bert, I-"
"I understand if you don't feel the same, but I just couldn't keep it inside anymore. It was dri-" This time he was cut of by my lips.
"Bert, I think I love you too." He smiled and pulled me in again for a kiss. We stayed like that for what seemed to last forever, but at the same time, not long enough. We were interrupted by cheers and cat calls. We pulled apart and saw Branden, Jepha and Quinn smiling.
"Told ya so!" Jepha giggled as the other guys laughed. I could feel myself turning red and I buried my head into Bert's chest. I looked up at him and he smirked before pulling me into my room and closing the door. I could hear Branden and Jepha cheering.
"Aw, dude! Thats my sister!" Quinn shuddered. Bert opened the door just enough to stick his head out.
"Should have thought of that before hand" He laughed maniacally and closed the door.
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