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I walked wherever my feet would take me. At that point I didn't care. A few hours and way too many cigarettes later, after the sun had faded and the streetlights turned on, I ended up on the front porch of my house, having yet another smoke. I was beginning to wonder why I ever decided to get involved with this. I came to the conclusion that its because I'm a sucker. It glanced at my watch. 1 o'clock a.m. It was bedtime.
On my way upstairs Mikey stopped me. "Gee, me and Evan are... going to see Frank tomorrow.. You should come. You know.. He needs support in what he's doing."
"I could give a fuck if he needs support Mike, besides I work tomorrow. So no," I caught myself in this awful tone I was using and immediately apologized to him, using my fatigue as my excuse. The hurt expression faded from his face.
"Its okay.." he said, "Just get some sleep,"
I sighed. "Yeah, I will,"
I trekked up the stairs, and found Evan sitting on the window sill staring outside. Its amazing how perfect she could look while wearing my shirt. She was fiddling with something.. A pack of cigarettes. She looked over and weakly smiled. "Hi," she said.
I slowly approached her side, "Evan?"
I cleared my throat and shifted my weight... "You haven't been... smoking have you?"
She shook her head. "No....I couldn't find any... this pack is empty,"
I laughed hoping that was an attempt at humor. "You okay?"
"Are you?" she asked, turning back to the window. "Where did you go?"
"Just for a walk. I really needed to get some semi-fresh air." I said, smiling.
She sighed. "I've been thinking..."
I went to tuck her hair behind her ear.. But retracted my hand. "About what?"
"There's... there's a way I can fix this,"
I gasped slightly. "No... no you can't do that. We have to figure this out. Evan... you..." I grabbed her hand. "No one is going to abandon you, it doesn't matter who it belongs to. I'll still be here."
"I know you will.. And that's what I love about you..." she continued to stare out the window. "I... just get so mad at myself... that I wasn't more careful."
"We were careful baby," I said, kissing the top of her head, "These things just happen. I'm going to sleep okay?"
She stood up and kissed me, "Good night," she said, leaving the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Nothing good ever came from that.
I wandered downstairs. I really needed to work on the whole, sleeping at night and being awake during the day thing. I was never tired when it was convenient. Apparently Mikey and I shared nocturnal tendencies, as I found him mindlessly staring at the t.v. in the living room. He looked up at me and smiled as I walked in. "What's up?" he said.
"I need a fucking cigarette so bad I'm ready to kill someone, you?"
He laughed at this, "I have none, don't kill me."
"I wouldn't dream of it. So what are we watching?" I said turning to the t.v.
"I have no fucking clue." he replied. He looked over at me, "Its boring whatever it is. Are you nervous about tomorrow?"
I shrugged, "I don't know... I wonder if I should even go.'s just going to cause a fight, I know it." I stared down at my lap. "I want to just... fix this...permanently."
He turned his head sideways, "How would you do that?"
I scoffed, "Get rid of the problem," I said, motioning to my stomach.
His eyes widened. "What?! You can't do that are you fucking crazy?"
I gave him a look. "I know I can't."
"I don't know why you are so scared, that baby is going to be so fucking loved it won't even know what to do with itself."he said, folding his arms across his chest.
"What are you talking about?"
"Think about it. Gerard will love it no matter who it belongs to. Frank might not if its Gerard's, but if it is you got the crazy uncle," he pointed to himself. "And you'll be such a good mum,"
I smiled at every word that left his mouth. "Thanks Mikey,"
"You're welcome, now stop stressing okay?"
"I'll try," I said, hugging him. "Thanks again, I think I'm going to try and get some sleep. Wake me up when you want to leave okay?"
"I will."
I climbed into bed next to Gerard. He was sleeping already, and deeply. I leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear, "I love you,"
He didn't even stir. I fell asleep soon after.
Mikey woke me up at ten, already prepared to leave. "I need a few minutes. Ten at the most,"
He sighed, impatient. "Okay."
Gerard was gone, to work I was told. But I found a piece of paper folded up on the nightstand.

I love you too!

And that was all it said. I smiled and realized I had wasted three of my ten minutes staring at this paper. I quickly changed into whatever was lying around, swiped some eyeliner on and pulled my hair up into a crazy ponytail. Mikey was waiting by the door with two travel mugs full of coffee.
"Yay! Caffeine!" I said, grabbing one from him.
"Okay, lets go," he said, pushing me out the door.
When we arrived to this massive building and were seated in an uncomfortably small visitors room. Ten minutes passed before he walked in the room and sat in tho couch across from me, next to Mike. One thing to make it less awkward. Yay.
We made extremely uncomfortable small talk for a while. It really surprised me though, Frank was there voluntarily and could leave whenever he wanted. But he didn't.
Mikey stood up. "Washroom?" he asked.
"Oh, just outside to the left," Frank said.
I shot a look to Mikey, mad that he was leaving. He saw it and just smiled. What a jerk.
I just stared at the door until Frank got up and moved next to me. I flinched a bit and moved over making enough room as possible.
"So, how are you doing... with... everything," he stuttered.
"I'm okay..." I replied, slowly relaxing.
A big smile spread across his face, and he said nothing.
"What?" I asked.
He shook his head, "Nothing.. Its just...were going to be so happy,"
I stared at him completely confused. "...huh?"
"Well you said you thought it was mine right? When we find out for sure, you and I are going to be really happy. That's why I'm doing this. For you,"
My mouth fell open, and no words came out.
He looked at me, genuinely unaware of why I was confused. "You okay?"
"We... you and I, are...over...Frank...nothing is going to change that." I finally managed to spit out.
"What do you mean? I thought you said the baby is mine."
"Well I don't know yet," I said. Jesus Christ Mikey was taking a long time in the bathroom, "And even if it is...why would we get back together?"
"Because... that's just what you do when you have a baby with someone."
I sat there attempting to comprehend what the fuck he was talking about. Mikey finally walked in and sat down, glancing between both of us. "You guys okay."
"Yeah," Frank answered for me.
I don't think I said another word for the entire "visit". I just wanted to go home.

A/N OMG WHAT IS THIS?! AN UPDATE?! i REALLY hope i still have some readers. i'm trying really hard to update more its summer holidays now so all i basically do is sit at my computer might as well do something productive right? ANYWAYS remember the three r's kids. read rate review. i love you ALL who take time out of their day to read this useless story. :):):)

p.s i realize my stories are super dialogue-y. but its because if i don't put in dialogue, i end up putting in way too much exposition and it just ends up in a mess. so i end up having really short paragraphs and what not. sorry. :(
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