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I'll Deal With It

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Mike, Billie, and Tre's thoughts from the events of the early days of Green Day to Present time.

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Chapter 1: I'll Deal With It

Author's Notes: It's sort of confusing . Some will get it and some will be like this 0_o Mike's Thoughts.

Disclaimer: You know the drill. Don't own, didn't happen, no money, don't sue.


I'm tired, but it's Ok.
I'm angry, but that's alright.
I'm happy, but it doesn't matter.
It's hard, but I deal with it.

Because if I don't, who will?

It was fun, but then it ended.
It was stressful, but that's the whole point.
It was betrayal, but then that happens.
I can't go back, but do I really want to?

Would I even know what to do?

We made a decision, but it was difficult.
We didn't know what would happen, but that's the beauty of it.
We broke Gilman rule number one, but was it worth it?
We didn't understand it, the hate; but we did what we could, with what we had.

I have been the one with the higher sense of responsibility.
Always have, because it's ALL I have.

So sometimes I might get tired, but it's Ok.
And maybe I might get angry, but that's all right.
Yet every so often, I'm happy, but it doesn't matter.

And it was always SO hard.
But I'll deal with it.
Because if I don't, then who the hell will?
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