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Cadbury Eggs And Yami Yugi -one shot- { Easter }

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For Easter...and my sister. By: Hayley

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor,Romance - Characters: Joey Wheeler,Tea Gardner,Tristan Taylor,Yami Yugi - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-12-04 - 415 words - Complete

i was stiring chocolate when tristen wandered in the kitchen " hey, _____ you do realise easter is a whole MONTH away right? " i glared over at tristen " are you trying to say something bub?! " " why are you makeing chocolate so early? " i smirked " oh, it's not just any old's cadbury eggs! the GOD of candy!! " " ah man, i love those! how'd you get the recipe? " " internet. " " soooo...anyone in particular you thinkin' of giveing some to? " i bulshed and nodded " who? " " y-yami. " he got a blank look " don't worry i'll make some for you too. " he smiled like a doofuss " that's all that matters! " then joey came in " yo! i smell somethin' sweet, hand it over. " " no way!!! back off!!! " " jeez, you don't have to be so mean about it ____! " " sorry but, the first batch is for yami. " he sighed " of course it would be. how long have you liked him again? " tea walked in " like forever and a day, am i right ____? does that mean i get secound batch? " i blushed " um... " " hey wait, i call it!! " " no way joey!! first come first serve and i came to the kitchen first!! " " girls gotta stick together!! " " tea quit sucking up!! " " look who's talking!! " i waved my hands " um, tea? " " what? " " a-are you thinking of makeing candy for someone? " she blushed " well-i-uh...yeah. " " who? " " k-k-kiaba. " the boys eyes bugged out " WHAT?!!!! " i smiled " oh my gosh! you would look so good together! " " what on earth are you guys yelling about? " i turned and saw yami in the doorway i turned the shade of a tamato " uh, grandpa moto said i could use the kitchen. uh! but, i could move if you needed to like get something to eat or- " " no, it's fine. realy. " he smiled " o-okay. " !!DING!! " ah! the eggs are done! " i opened the freezer and got a bag and started seting them in one by one when i got to the last one i handed it to yami " um...i don't know if i-uh did any good but,- " he took a bite " it's realy very good! " i smiled " REALY? " " yes. " he blushed " um, could i talk to you for a sec? " " uh? sure. " he grabbed my hand and led me out to the steps " um, well- " he gulped " i-i've liked you a realy realy long time and- " i kissed him and pulled back a few minutes latter for air " um...well does this mean you're my girlfriend? " " okay. happy almost easter boyfriend. "
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