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in the presence [:: Sabaku No Gaara ::] of great powers -1- Your worst NIGHTMARE

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Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Gaara,Kankurou,Temari - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 524 words

i sat up in my bed from another nightmare of my fathers demise. a soft sigh excaped me. i guess i was just geting used by him, but i had loved my father deeply yet, somehow he NEEDED to die. someone with such a morbid hate always has a wish to be set free. from it a knock on the door sounded. " shori. can i come in? " i gave a low growl. " you say the same thing every moring, you should know the answer by now. " the doornob turned and he peeked in " does that mean yes? " i responded by throwing the left of my favorite tabi boots at the door. " stupid of suna! leave before i find my syth! " he wimpered and closed the door. i listened to his footsteps dissipate before, jumping up to change into my clothes and boots. " hey! Shunkei have you seen my pants?! " " nooo. how did you know i was still outside your door? " " we're TWINS remember? " " god damn it! that slips me up every time! " " yeah, don't take it to hard. okay, i'm ready. " i opened the door and stepped out. he blinked at me " okay, now feed me. " i scoffed and punched him. " uncle said be exclusive! we can't let THEM know we exist! we can't just start making food in clear sight! " " sence we moved here a week ago uncle keeps on giving us one retared rule after another! they're our cousins! it's the dumbist thing that we can't meet them! " " when uncle says we can, then we will! " " like he'll ever! " i looked away " i'm not sure i want to meet them... " " why not? " " that one...killed him. he killed father. " " what...? " " uncle said that the one red hair is the one who killed him. his name is gaara. " he blinked. " you're afraid? " i glared at him. " i'm NOT afraid,... i want REVENGE. " posion dripped from every word. he sweatdropped with a small smile. " oh. i see. " his stomach growled. " but, it doesn't change the fact that i'm hungry. " i sighed. " i wish we could just go back to Konoha!! " " i miss Gai-sensei's breakfast boxes! they tasted so good and were sooo easy to steal! " i smacked him. " you just miss the FOOD, not the people! " " of course i miss people! like naruto and choji! we had the most AWSOME food eating bets! " i got a irk mark. he just doesn't get it! baka boy! i started to walk down the hall. " hey! wait for me! where are we going? " " you can't come Shunkei, go away. " " no. " " yes. " " nuh-uh. " " yeah-huh. " " nope. " " yeah. " " SHUT UP!!!! " i punched him and he flew through the wall " why didn't you DODGE you big oaf?!! " hey wait on the other side of this wall-!!!! i looked around franticly, to be met by two confused faces and a totaly blank one. i gulped. " " something started tickleing my feet, i looked down to see them covered in sand. " who are you and what do you want? " my eyes locked with the red head's " my name is shori niyari, i am your uncles only daughter and your worst NIGHTMARE. "
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