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in the presence [:: Sabaku No Gaara ::] of great powers -2- you'll disappear gaara

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Category: Naruto - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Gaara,Kankurou,Kazekage,Temari - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 820 words

the sand started wraping around my legs suddnly it stopped, quivered, and fell. they looked stuned. " so, yet again you go against direct orders!!! " i froze as the kazekage steped out of the shadows " un-uncle...i didn't mean to, i-! " " SHUT UP!! i don't need your petty exuse!!! " shunkei stood up " no uncle, it was my fault. " he smiled " oh, that's fine then. how are you today my boy? has shori fed you yet? " " um, no but- " " and why not?! shori get shunkei some food!!! " " wha-? " " NOW!!!! " " i c-can't cook. " " then order it you silly girl!!! " ugh...! i grabed my head " b-but you said not to use the phones... " " useless wench!!! i'll do it myself!! " he stormed out of the room. shunkei growled " stupid, gay, skirt wairing, jerk! " i leaned on his sholder " ...i'm sorry...he's right, i'm useless. " he sighed " oh shut up you big baby. " the boy in black coughed while looking at the giant hole in the wall " nice one. i'm kankuro, by the way. " the girl bounced around then grabed my hand and started shakeing it like crazy " i'm temari! i can't believe i have a girl to talk to now! i'm so happy! " " um, name's shori. " " and i'm shunkei, we're twins. " i glanced around " grr. that scaredy-raccoon left! " i felt something brush against my ear " watch your mouth you filthy brat. " i smirked " like you're one to talk. you've been the cute pampered baby your whole life. how can you overlook the life you have, and act the way you do? YOU are the BRAT. " swirling sound=bye bye gaara=empty conversation. i sighed " maybe i went to far? " shunkei laughed " he looked at you like you were a alien! " i walked through the wall/new intreance " i'm going back to my room. " shunkei squeeked " but i just got you up! " " so? uncle's feeding you, you should be fine on your own. " he huffed " fine! i'm not shareing any food with you then! " " i don't care. " i walked down the hall till i reached my room and walked in. i went to the closet and pulled down my lyric book, i ploped down on my bed and opened it to page five. i started to sing.


A momentary sparkle twinkles within the flowing time I'm a Believer who can keep walking so to engrave into this worlds memories I had a dream that no one else could have and I threw away everything that I didn't need Thoughts that I can't surrender dwell in my chest Even if I'm still in the rift between reality and ideals and my feet are bound by shackles of sacrifice My overflowing impulse isn't fully repressed because I have a heart that yearns powerfully Pretense Fear Vanity Grief; I won't be weak enough To be apprehended by the various negative things; I'm a Trickster who doesn't know loneliness The groups of buildings that pierce the night sky, I look up at the air in which stars and such are invisible And ask myself, Won't I be lost? Things like being smeared by those who overflow in this entire city or being infatuated won't happen to me Because at the end of the road that connects to the future, I want to see something that'll grab onto my hand I close my eyes and it surfaces in my sea of consciousness: the moment when I'll get the ideal that I'd pictured To merely receive limited life in this world and rot away is equal to being stupid Go toward that which no one else can have- the crystal known as oneself The fact of piercing through the whitewash will turn into the truth someday I want to keep believing in it stubbornly; It's just my faith. The absolute truth. A momentary sparkle twinkles within the flowing time I'm a Believer who can keep walking so to engrave into this worlds memories

a snort came from behind me " are you done yet? " " shut up shunkei! " " i guess your singing even made YOU deaf. " i whipped around and threw my teddy at the intruder. a sheild of sand flew up. " you?! what are you some kind of stalker?!! " " i came to hear you say you're sorry. " " what would i have to be sorry for? " he growled " i could kill you. " i smiled " ...but you wont. " he glared " and why wouldn't i? " " we have the same goals. we want the kazekage dead...and we both want something that makes our lives worth living. " " i live to kill. " " realy? what happens when everyone is dead? you'll disappear gaara. " he looked shaken " what is have in mind? " " well...we can work together untill we find why we're alive. " " what happens after? " " i don't know yet. " he blinked " fine. " i grined like a doofus " it'll be cool. " he rolled his eyes " feh! " his sand swirled and he was gone.
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