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Flame burns ( Original story ) -3- what the heck is a blood-vice?!

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Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Fantasy,Romance - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 317 words

i sighed and ploped down. " who are you anyway?! " saying it made me feel slightly stupid. yeah, like i should know who was kiddnaping me! -___- " vinran. " he took a pocketknife from his boot and started to wittle at a stick. wow this guys...inlightend. i mean what dope tells their hostage their name? " so, where are you takeing me? " " shut up. " he threw the carveing at me. it kind of looks like... " is it a sorwd? " he grunted " well aren't you the gentlemen?! " i stuck my tounge out at him. he picked up another stick and got to work. " humff! you suck. " " be quiet, unless ya like pain woman. " i smirked " i bet i could kick your ass. " he stood up with his little wooden replaca. " then prove it. " i jumped up and poised myself. " prepare to lose cloak boy. " " feh! don't kid yourself! " charge, duck, sweep left, slash!...NOW!!! i took off in a mad dash. he's not moveing to dodge?! whatever, it just makes my stradigy that much easer! " hiya! " i went for the swing but stoped short. " huh?! wh-why can't i move?! " i swivled my eyes around franticly. wha-? " what are you doing to my neck you prevert?! " " i'm pressing down on yer blood-vice. stupid halfbloods shouldn't mess with uppers. " he gripped my neck and forced my face to the dirt. " what are you blabing about you loony?! let me go, or so help me-! " " HA! what could a little swill-vein like ya do to me?! " " frimoss! " a small hunk levitated in the air, suddnly bursting into flames and heading right for him. " disarm! " it stoped and with a 'poof' went out and fell to the ground. " so, ya got anymore fire based spells ya little arsonist? " GRR! " ah, well i think it's time ya had yer nap. " he pressed down hard on the back of my neck and darkness ingulfed me.
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