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in the presence [:: Sabaku No Gaara ::] of great powers -3- fankin teddy and a new hair-cut

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Category: Naruto - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Gaara,Kankurou,Temari - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 357 words

i picked up the cute little teddy. " mister fluffish, you have a rip! don't worry. i'll just stich you up again! " he's been stiched up so much he looks like a frankin-bear! he even has a eye missing. heh heh! ♥ i pulled the sewing box out from under the bed and started with my task, in a few minutes i was done. " there! good as new! " i placed him on the mounds of pillows on the bed. my pretty teddy...the only thing dad ever gave me... i sighed i just made a pact with the man who killed him...what am i doing? < hey, sis! come eat! >
_ get out of my mind you toad!! _ < why are you so mean to me dear sister? > _ feh. don't make me knife you in the head. _ i closed my mind before he could further his display of stupidity. " do you want to come with me teddy? " i picked him up and begain to navigate my way to the hole in the wall/new intrance way., wait. i push open a door and entered, i had been here before. it was a small half-bath, with a faint cream color that made me slightly sick. i stood in front of the mirorr and pulled out a kunai. i've needed a hair-cut. it's always geting in the way on missons. shirsh. my hair fell to the sink. it's a little uneven but, it will do. i pulled out some hair-tyes and put my hair up in bouble-pigtails. it's to cute. oh well, i'll have to live with it. i sighed and went on my way, not even bothering to clean after myself. the maid'll do it.

~ gaara's pov ~

i was being forsed to sit with the new...was it a boy? i couldn't tell but, then again i was trying to ignore it. it didn't matter . i was just going to kill it when i go dored of it anyway. " AAAAH!!! " " shori? did you fall again you ditz? " " shut the hell up loser!! " she wondered in and my heart raced. she's a wildcard...i can't wait to meet her in battle.
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