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our ' almost perfect ' life together ( Akito Sohma ) -1- The problem child

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Akito is NOT a woman in this!!!!!

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 391 words

today a teenage girl was being escorted in a streach limo to her family's main house. to a normal girl this would be a treat but, this girl WASN'T normal...quite the contary, she was a ' problem child '. her privet girls-only bording school had fainaly got the nerve to expell her and not even a week later, her foster parents had forsed her leave. surely she was NOT normal, the same could be said of the rest of the sohma family...but, she didn't know that. she had never lived with her original family, her father had died of a mishap before her birth and her mother died in labor. so, on this day natsu sohma was being driven nito what she could only imagen was the worst place on earth. no. she corected herself i just left the worst place on earth. she shuddered as she mentaly recounted the horror of living with her foster parents. it was hard bearing them at parent-teacher confrences but, ACTUALY LIVING WITH THEM was one bad nightmare after another. they only keep me for the money- she smirked. but, i bet after the sohmas meet me, those funds will depleate RAPIDLY. she chuckled, as the car came to a halt. she stepped out nimbly with her duffle bag, full of her only clothes. the car drove off, as her eyes widened. " wow...! " a mid-fifty's looing maid beconed to her and she scuttled over quickly. " yeah lady? " the woman got a sickened look. " follow me to your room. " " okay lady. " the maid darted off. wow! for a old bat she sure can move! natsu had to run to keep up.

~ FF, and moving into first person, natsu's pov ~

i ploped my bag to the floor, panting for air. that woman could run the 40 in two secounds, i swear! " when you get done putting away your things, godown the hall to your left, then turn right, then another right, then left agian, left, right, right one last time, and then the fourth door on your left is the head of the family's room. he has requested an audince with you. " she glanced around the room and in a blink was gone. " but,...left, right, left? or left,left, right? WITCH WAY DO I GO LADY?! " a eerie silence was my anser aw man! nuts!
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