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our ' almost perfect ' life together ( Akito Sohma ) -2- but you're so pretty!

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Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Akito,Hatori - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 358 words

i was wondering the halls waiting for a sign. why does this always happen to me? that pompus old hag did this! AGH! my ears pricked up, at the sound of voices, from the door ahead of me. " hold still or this will hurt. " " well hurry up! i'm expecting a visitor! " could this be-? did i actualy find the right room?! i smiled like a doofus. once agian, RANDOMNESS WINS! i opened the door a crack, and peeked in. i herd a door open so, i jerked away from the door. " are you natsu sohma? " ilooked to my right to see a a pale man, with dark hair and eyes, carying an injection tube and needel. 0.o " well? are you? " i gulped and nodded slowly. " then, you're one door short. " he smirked, as i blushed. he started to walk past me but, i grabed his sleeve. " wait, who are you? " he shuged me off and started walking again. " hatori sohma, the family doctor. " he turned the corner and was gone. well, he sure was chatty... -__-0 i moved one door over and knocked. " come in. " the door creaked as i opened it. the room was lit only by an open door, that led to a garden, leting the smell of exotic flowers mix with the rooms original musky sent. small birds chirped and came to rest on a hanging birdfeeder. i like this room. it's so...tranquil. i let my eyes come to the rooms owner. " hello. i'm akito sohma, head of the sohma family. " i gasped " but... " he had silky skin, that went in great contrast with his drak hair, and strange eyes. " but... " he got an agirvated look. " 'but' WHAT?! " " but you're so pretty! " he blinked in shock. " yes, i guess you could say that... " he smirked. " anyway, i just wanted to greet you into house of sohma. " i smiled. " thank you but, you realy shouldn't. i'm just a bother, i'm a 'problem child'...that's what everyone says. " to my surprise, he let out a hard laugh. " oh, i'm sure you'll see why. it's genetics. i'm afraid the sohma's are a whole 'problem family'! HAHAHA!! "
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