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our ' almost perfect ' life together ( Akito Sohma ) -3- hugs make you sick?

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Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Akito,Ayame,Hatori,Shigure - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 332 words

not much happened after that. we made small talk, had tea, and then i left. i was laying on my new bed playing mogeta the movie the video game on my gameboy, when i got an idea. i wonder if i could meet some of the other sohmas? i saved my game and put it in the nightstand. i zipped through the halls, skided to a stop in front of akito's door, and threw it open with a huge smile. " hey, akito-sama? do you think-? " i stoped dead in my tracks. there was another man in the room with akito. he looked tan, had laugh-filled brown eyes, and black hair. he looks like a little kid. i squinted my eyes at him, then shook my head. " no, akito's WAY prettier. he looks better than hatori though! ^_^ " i smiled at him. " hello, my name's natsu sohma. " he got a goofy grin. " you actualy think i'm better looking than hatori? " he chuckled. " my name is shigure sohma, i'm happy to meet you. " " i'm happy to meet you too. " akito growled. " yes, that's NICE! now, IF INTRODUCTIONS ARE OVER-!!! " " um, akito-sama? i was wondering if maybe, i could meet some of the other sohmas? " i put on a pout. " pretty please? " he got a weird look on his face, then quickly glared at shigure. " you do it. now leave, both of you. " shigure sighed and exited the room in a bored manner. i walked over to akito and hugged him. " thank you akito-sama. " i felt him move uncomfortably. " don't call me that. " i pulled away and giggled. " i'll call you aki-kun! " i skipped out of the room before he could protest. i ran up to shigure. " lets go! " he laughed. " i like a girl with pep. so, who do you wan't to meet first? " i drew a blank. " um, why don't you pick? " he smiled " ayame. "

~ akito's pov ~

my face is so hot. my heart-beat is ireagular. i'm getting sick again!! damn that incompatent hatori!!
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