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Flame burns ( Original story ) -4- hot guys! friends or foes?!

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i was little maybe seven, and i was telling my mom for the zillionth time, that i was going to be a vampire when i grew up and she couldn't do anything about it. she wacked my head with a wooden spoon. " listen you dingbell, there's no way! vampires are fake! " i rubbed my head with tiny tears in my eyes. " i will one day, just you wait!! "


my eyes fluttered open and i sat up. i glared over at a very smug pair of yellow eyes. " damn you. " i was startled by a new voice from behind me. " you poor lass! what has this mongrel done to you? by the way i'm zail. " i turned to see the man speaking and blushed. " OMG!!! you're hot!! " he sweat-dropped and vinran yanked my hair. " listen ya little minx, don't go hittin' on the homo. " i gasped. " y-you're gay? what a loss! T__T wait...vinran's NOT gay?! what a nightmare! 0.o " zail smiled and laughed, while vinran got anger marks. " why ya little MINX! after how nice i've-! " " NICE?! you kiddnaped me, drugged me, beat me up, and just introduced me to a totaly gay hottie! what more torture are you thinking of putting me through?! " he rolled his eyes. " well, that's realy up to ya ain't it minx? " i pouted at zail. " this guy has been positivly evil to me, and he sounds stupid...REAL stupid. can you save me from him? " " i'm afraid not, i'm on his side. i kidnapped you too. ♥ =^_^= " i did a anime fall. life is so unfair... zail glanced at vinran. " have you told her yet? " " no. " " told me what? " he sighed in exasperation. " i'm a vampire, and vinran here is a warewolf. " i sat there for a minute. " that's SO WRONG!!! the more the man of my dreams you become, the more i can't EVER HAVE YOU!! this has to be somebody's sick joke!! FEH! " both vinran and zail sweat-dropped as, i mumbled curses under my breath. " well, at least she's agreealbe. " " she tried to set me on fire. " zail's eyes got big. " oh my, that would have been horrible! " " no kiddin'. " i was still rambleing on to myself. " - in short it sucks!! " " ya done now minx? " i flared. " what is that, my NICKNAME now?! " they both nodded simultaneously. well, it's hard to mess with that... something caught my eye in a nearby tree that made me jump back. " WTF?! is that a neko guy?! " " huh? " " what? " they both looked up in the tree with dull expressions. " oh, hi. " wow, these guys are on the ball today...NOT. -__-0 i smiled up at the neko, trying to make up for my comrads display of stupidity. " hello, my name's leana, what's yours? " his tail twitched. " ...Cougari. " the guys looked uninterested. " i'm zail. " " hn. vinran. " i tilted my head. " but you don't look like a cougar at all. you look like a panther. " he scratched lightly at the trees bark. " ...cougari is my fathers name. " " oh. " he gave me a Curious look. " what are you kitten? " " what? " he smiled like a Cheshire Cat. " so,...even you don't know. " his face became very Serious . " that's a dangerous power you have kitten, use it wisely. " " huh? " his ear twitched and he turned to a bush. " " a man with dragon wings walked out. " SWEET MOTHER OF CRAP!! " the guys looked angerly at me. " what's your problem NOW?! " " that dude has DRAGON WINGS! " " so?! " i gave them a blank look. " your stupidity astounds me... " the man chuckled. " that's telling them. " vinran roared. woah...scary. 0.o " shut up! this is all yer fault too! " " shut up mutt, before i find a rolled up newspapper! " i got an anime sweat-drop " well someone woke up a little too early. " vinran glared. " yeah, that's comeing from the minx who just got up from mid-afternoon nap! " i looked at the new guy. " so...i guess since i'm stuck here...who are you? i'm leana. " " skight a dragon-lycan. the end. no more questions? good. " WTF?!'s gonna be a looong day...
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