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Flame burns ( Original story ) -5- that long or what?

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Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-10-30 - Updated: 2007-10-30 - 239 words

why me? why me? why me? i held my head in confusion. skight tilted his head. " are you okay? " " no...why would i be you stupid-?! " " well geez, SORRY! " i gave him a skeptic look. " well you should be, you all kiddnaped goddamn freaks... " cougari laughed as the others sweat-dropped. " the kitten has claws. " i sighed and slumped over. " what do you want with me anyway? i don't have any money...i don't even own a WATCH. wait,'re not gonna like rape me or anything like that right? " " i would rather choke myself with an olive. " the voice came from behind me. i turned to see another guy with angel-like wings. i had a billion anger-marks. " where the hell...ARE YOU ALL COMING FROM?!! " he rolled his eyes. " oh great, anger management girl. like i don't get my fair share of this at home...! " zail ran over to the guy. " kioshi! " he glomped the dude and started jumping all over the place. " mineminemineminemine!! " he grabbbed my hand. " leana, isn't my boyfriend a hunk?! ♥ " my eye titched. " i'm surrouned by queers. " vinran pionted at me. " what are ya, some kindda homophode? " " no. i'm a vinranzailcougariskightkioshiphobe. " they sweat-dropped. kioshi sighed. " sooo...lets go already. " skight scoffed. " coming from the person who showed up LAST. " " HEY! i'm not going ANYWHERE until i know what's going on! " thay all looked at me with smirks. " oh, yes you are. " aww man...
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