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blue Fish

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When Kankurou is on a mission, he gets attacked by some weird people in black capes and white masks. He gets a knock on the and the next time he wakes up he doesn't know where or who he is !

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Blue fish

This is my first Naruto fic. I hope you will enjoy this first chapter of Blue fish.


Chapter 1 : Fight

Kankurou cursed as he saw his enemies dodging his attacks. Kankurou was a single mission. He had to take out a person who was terrorizing a village, but when he wanted to take the person out, some members of a clan came between him and his target and started to fight with him. Kankurou was sitting in a tree while his puppets where fighting for him. From out of the tree he could see that more members came to him. ‘Damm where are these guys coming from ?’ thought Kankurou. Kankurou wide his eyes as he saw a person with sort of hammer coming at him. Kankurou was quick enough to jump out of the tree he was in.

Kankurou cursed when he saw that he was surrounded by every member of the clan. They all where dressed in black capes and white masks. “Join us.” said the members all at once. “Join us and rule the world.”

“Now why would I join a bunch of creeps like you ?” said Kankurou and attacked one of them.

“Join us and rule the world with us.” They all said again.

“You guys don’t get it do you ? The answer is no !!” said Kankurou a bit pissed and attacked this time two of them.

“You’re making a big mistake. You will join us even when you don’t want to.” said the members at him and started to attack Kankurou. Kankurou used Karasu, Kuroari and Sanshouo to attack and defend himself.

Kankurou attacked some members with luck, he could kill some of them and some injuring. ‘Man, their just too fast !’ thought Kankurou as he tried to stab some members down with the knives of Karasu and Kuroari.

The members of the clan just kept coming and keep attacking Kankurou. ‘I’m not going to win this if those creeps with masks keep coming to me. I need to get out of here.’ Thought Kankurou. While fighting the coming members, Kankurou was looking for a escape way.

Kankurou felt suddenly something in his arm. He looked at his left arm. There was a small arrow sticking in it. “Crap…” he said before he fell down on the ground.

A person with a red cape came to Kankurou. “Heh, sleep tight, Kankurou of the sand.” said the men to Kankurou.


Whoohoo ! my first chapter finish !! I know it’s very short, but I just want to keep it exciting. I hope you enjoyed it. Reviews are always welcome. If there are some misspelled stuff in it, just send me a mail / note and I’ll change it.
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