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Oh Fuck

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All my feelings about Frank; how I felt everytime he hit me, insulted me, degraded me...were building up inside of me. I could feel the fire and anger exuding from my eyes as I stared at him. I felt my fists balling up at my sides, and my eyes filling with tears. “Why?” I was all I could get out.
He took a few steps toward me. “Evan, I didn’t do anything. He was–”
“You haven’t changed at all! You can’t stand to see me happy can you?!
“It’s nothing like that! I love you!”
“If you would have left everything the fuck alone!”
“I just want you to be happy with /me/!”
I stared at him in disbelief as he spoke those words. I screamed in frustration and practically attacked him, pounding my fists on his chest, letting out every ounce of my frustration. But me being a small person, this barely affected him, and he stood there and took it. Tears were streaming down my face and he finally just pulled me into a hug, sinking to the floor with me as I collapsed, and I cried into his chest for what seemed like hours.
A nurse knocked on the door while entering the room. “Evan its time for your–” she paused upon seeing Frank and I on the floor, me bawling. “I-I’ll come back...” and with that she quickly left the room.
I let out an I’m-so-pathetic laugh as I wiped my eyes.
I heard the baby begin crying and before I could even get up Frank was holding her and rocking her.
I stood up, next to him and stared down at our daughter.
“Hannah,” He suddenly said.
I looked at him, confused. “What?”
“Can we name her Hannah?”
I slowly felt a smile spread across my lips. “I like it.”
[Three Months Later]

“Mikey, here’s the story okay?”
“Oh fuck, here we go,”
“Okay, I have a girlfriend...her name is...Kaitlyn. Okay?”
“You are fucking pathetic you know that?”
“Fuck you,”
“Seriously, if this your way of ‘dealing’ with it, it fucking sucks.”
Maybe he was right, it was a stupid way of dealing with it, but it was my way, and it was working out pretty well so far.
“We’re almost there, any more details you forgot to mention about Kaityln Mcinvisbile?”
I rolled my eyes. “No...just forget it.”
“You sure? You want Evan to know you’re a fucking wreck?”
“Shut the fuck up Mikey!”
He laughed, apparently finding my misery quite amusing.
I scoffed and got out of the car, slamming the door behind me. Mikey laughed yet again and followed me toward the door. Its just coffee Gerard, calm the fuck down I told my self.
“We’re heeere,” Mikey sang into the intercom. The door unlocked shortly after and we walked inside.
Mikey knocked on her door, I stared at the floor and jammed my hands in my pockets. I hadn’t really seen her a lot since Hannah was born. So it was inevitable that this would be somewhat awkward.
She pulled open the door, a welcoming smile played across her lips. “Come in, come in!” she said, ushering us inside. She pulled Mikey into a hug. Then turned to me. “Well hug me, stupid.”
I smirked and wrapped my arms around her. She pulled away and smiled at me. She seemed so happy.
“So, where’s Hannah?” Mikey asked.
She turned and gave him a look. “I put her down for a nap ‘cause I know you will tire her out.”
He smiled. “Yeah...”
“She’ll be up shortly I’m sure.” she said. She pulled an elastic off her wrist and pulled her hair up into a ponytail. As she did this her shirt lifted slightly, revealing skin. Bruised skin.
“You guys want coffee?” she asked, dropping her arms, hiding the marks again.
I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t move!
“Sure,” Mikey said, elbowing me in the stomach. He yanked on my arm and pulled me toward the table. I sat down next to Mikey, staring at the table intently. I couldn’t help but ask myself why I fucking bought Frank’s bullshit. People like him don’t change. I should have known.
Evan set coffee in front of us, then grabbed one for herself. After a few minutes of her and Mikey talking, me staring at the the table, Hannah started crying. Evan excused herself, and I got up so fast to follow her that I practically knocked the chair over.
I walked into Hannah’s room and closed the door behind me. Evan looked over and smiled, “How have you been Gee?”
“I’m really more concerned with you how you’ve been,” I said, reaching for the hem of her shirt.
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