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Part II

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Now turn away,
'Cause I'm awful just to see.
'Cause all my hairs abandoned all my body,
Oh, my agony.

Now you’ve woken up in a hospital bed.
Everyone’s around you, but can’t look you in the eyes.
Something’s not right here, because they’re all about to cry.
That’s when the doctor comes in and this is what he said:
“I’m sorry young man but you’ve got cancer in the head.”
You lie there shocked and in disbelief.
You think for a moment, then you said:

“Oh, I see.”

You look around and shake your head.
“I guess all those cigarettes finally caught up with me.”
You turn to the person who’s sitting on your right.
You wanted to say “Don’t worry, it’ll all be alright”
Instead you just blink and then you mutter “I’m so sorry little brother.”

Then the dream fast forwards, to another point in time.
It stops somewhere around the year 2029.
We’re in a cemetery with five headstones in the ground.
I turn and stop at each one and can’t believe what I found.
I read them all; here is what each of them said:

“Here lies Gerard Way 100% dead.
Cause of death was cancer, spreading to his head.”

“Here lies Bob Bryar who died not long after.
He too had cancer, which caused a major disaster.”

Next were Ray Toro and Frank Iero
I shook my head at what it said.

“They didn’t die from cancer but something worse instead.
From the smoke that they inhaled, got emphysema then pneumonia.
And soon, inside a week, it was all over.”

The fifth one here still lies empty,
For who know second hand smoke could be so deadly.

“Mikey Way the last survivor
Now fights for his life for he has cancer.
He hanged around his brother and all those who had smoked,
Now he has his Chemo and the pills that makes him choke.”
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