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{ Luffy X Zolo } Secrets - One-shot - | Yaoi |

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Warning!: Crack pairing! Some secrets are better off said. By: Hayley

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Zolo was laying in his hammock thinking about his captain. Living on the Merry-Go with Luffy was a trying business. Luffy sang (badly) at the crack of dawn, shouted random things all day, and snored like a dying cow the whole night through until the next morning, when he promptly stared singing again. What was worse was that with all the racket it was nearly impossible for Zolo to get the rest he wanted. Zolo usually baited the rubber boy away by telling him when the crap-cook was to busy playing puppet to Nami to gaurd the kitchen. If Zolo failed to distract him, Luffy would talk for hours. Not that he minded, in fact he rather liked Luffy's doteing on him. Zolo just wanted to sleep sometime this millenia. So, he had to come up with ideas to make Luffy be quiet for awhile. In fact, right now had been half-listening to Luffy for fiffteen minutes. The crate Luffy was sitting on looked like it was ready to cave in on itself. " Hey Luffy? Why's it me you always stick around? " Luffy simply smiled. " Aw, that's an easy one! You're cool, and nice, and you're my best friend! " Zolo let out a sigh. " Well, you could learn how to cook from Sanji, chart out coordinates with Nami, you could learn healing methods from chopper, or even listen to Usopp's stupid stories. It's not like you could really learn anything from watching me sleep and train. " Luffy got a slightly distressed expression. " But I like hanging out with you Zolo! " " ...Why? " There was a long pause. " Can you...keep a secret? " Zolo's eyebrow raised. " ' A swordsman always keeps his secrets. ' It's in the- " Luffy quickly placed a kiss on Zolo's lips. " code. " Luffy couldn't hold back his smile at the kawaii blush that covered Zolo's face. " D-did you just kiss me? " " Yup! So anyway, as I was saying about that goat- " Zolo sat up and pulled Luffy onto the hammock with him, laying Luffy next to him. " Huh? Zolo? " Zolo layed back, colseing his eyes. " Just keep talking...I'm listening. " " Okay! " And just like always the more Luffy talked the calmer Zolo felt. After awhile Luffy yawned. " I'm kinda getting sleepy. Hey, is it okay if I sleep up here with you? " " Sure. " " Thanks! " Luffy snuggled up to him. " Oh, and Zolo? " Zolo open an eye to stare at the smiling straw-hat. " What? " " I love you! " Zolo chuckled. " Can YOU keep a secret? " " Sure I can! What is it? " Zolo grabed Luffy's chin and brought him into a passionate kiss. Tounges started out playing, but soon it became an all-out war, in the end Luffy's was the winner...But Zolo didn't mind. Soon they had to break for air. Zolo smiled slyly. " I love you too. "
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