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-1- This hell

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Description of Crevan=

Crevan is a African bat-eared fox furry with bright blue eyes. He is know for his intellect and impeccable bloodline.

~ Crevan's POV ~

Traped, that's what I am.

...But before we go into that maybe I should explain.

From the age of a mere kit I was told that 'my kind' were not ment to speak with others. I had learned the best way to stay alive was to just keep my mouth shut, obey any order without question, and find a suitable mate.

...And by suitable I mean a she-vixen picked by my mother.

Mother needs me to breed kits of my own, for I am the only male from her litter, making me the hier to my faimly's noble bloodline.

My elder sister's territories are to the north and east, whereas my my mother's are set to the south and west. My terra ( by their choosing ) is smack in the middle. Meaning they set it up so I cannot leave. ...If I try they catch me and drag me back.

I am a prisoner.

And soon my sixtenth birthday will be dawning. I'm waiting with eyes peeled for the females my mother will no dout usher into my lands.

My father does not approve of this at all. But by fox laws he has no right to intervene because, my mother is his third female.

Fox law. They can take their danmed fox law and shove it, for all I care.

I will escape this hell.
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