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Chapter 2

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Earth is threatened by an unstoppable force, and it's only hope is a man who lives in his own world.

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"Officer Landon, I've been expecting you." The greeting came from a middle-aged man wearing a white uniform, glasses perched upon his nose. He outstretched his arm to shake hands with his guest, simply holding it in it's position when the said company didn't respond. The visitor, a dark-haired manly roughly thirty, wore a simple black suit and tie, which would have seemed to present some element of professionalism if it wasn't so disorganized. The cold look in his eyes however, told of the experiences this man had faced. It was an unfriendly gaze, one that spoke of suspicion against the world, and distrust against all potential threats. After seeing that the doctor wouldn't bite, he slowly extended his hand in an informal, if not unfriendly, handshake.

"I'm here to see the psycho," he said as he stared coldly at his host.

"Ah, yes, Mr. Reynard, of course. I understand you're here on an investigation that you're performing?" The man merely gazed uninterestedly in response, before finally deciding to speak.

"Something like that."

"Yes, I've heard the stories concerning him and those random disapearances," the doctor continued, being able to strike up a conversation with even the unfriendliest of sorts. "Apparantly some think he may have even killed them, though without any trace of a body, they really have nothing to go on with that theory."

"That's why I'm here," the officer responded. "I always get answers from people, one way or another."

"Well, he's quite a determined man himself, he's tried to get out quite a bit since he was admitted. Once he hid under the bed until one of the staff came by, and another time he tried to dig a tunnel through the floor. Then there was the time he tried to get through the plumbing in a toilet, and he also faked an illness one time, simply dashing out the door when we went to check up on him. I believe he's made over 30 escape attempts so far."

"Did any of them succeed?" Reno asked in a serious tone. The doctor simply stared back at him.

" That's why he's still here."

"Oh...right..." Reno stumbled, trying to regain his composure. "In any case, he's clearly desperate to leave this place so he can get back to his work."

"So you really think he could have done it?" the doctor asked. "I admit he may be a little eccentric, but I'd never have thought him a threat..."

"That's because you don't know people like I do," the officer replied ominously. "I've seen humanity for what it really is, behind all these lies everyone hides behind, I've seen the truths that they don't want anyone to know about, the drug-addicted mothers, the pedophile uncles, the homicidal fathers, no one ever suspects them, and the people who know them live in denial when they're faced with the truth. 'They couldn't possibly do it', I've heard that a hundred times. But someone has to, damn it, and everyone's just so damn gullible that they're never able to accept the fact that someone's a sick son of a bitch when they meet them. That's what's wrong with you people. You think you can all tell what someone's really like by seeing some little act they show everyone, but that's not what they're about, do you really think a serial killers going to tell you he loves causing murder and death? Everyone has a dark side, and I've seen it. They may be able to fool others from seeing it, but not me. Never me." The doctor stood speechless, a look of suprise on his face.

"I...I suppose I should show you to him, then..." he finally said, leading his guest down the hall.

In a plain, white room, meanwhile, a man sat deep in thought, simply staring down with a look of grave seriousness. He was a thin, frail fellow, with hair devoid of any color, despite appearing no older than in his thirties. He was an odd looking man when you looked into his eyes, those eyes that said a lot about his character. These same eyes seemed focused with great intent on the object held in his hands, a small bottle of ketchup. He stared at it as if it was the key to his salvation, before being interrupted by the voice of the doctor.

"Vergil? I have a visitor here to see you," the doctor calmly said, as his patient turned to face him while quickly putting his arms behind his back, a look of suprise on his face at being caught off-guard. Accompanying the doctor with whom he'd become familiar with, was a stranger that made him even less at ease, quite a challenge considering how nervous and uptight Vergil generally was. The man who stared back at him with a look of instant dislike held a certain composure of intimidation, while still seeming fairly laid back.

"He's here to talk to you," the doctor continued, "his name is officer L-"

"Just call me Reno," the other man interrupted, putting on an obviously fake smile. "I want us to be friends...Vergin, right?" Reno then turned to the doctor, gesturing for him to leave them alone.

"I'll just leave you two to talk for a while," the doctor said, exiting the room and closing the door behind him. Now alone, Reno turned to Vergil, looking at him in what was meant to be a friendly manner.

"...mind telling me what you're doing?" Reno inquired as Vergil pulled out a bottle of ketchup, and proceeded to pour the contents onto himself. In response to Reno's question, he looked up, as if judging the man, before deciding it was harmless to tell him.

"Creating the illusion of my own death," he explained, "if I can fool my captors into believing I have deceased, they shall surely dispose of my would-be corpse, thus I might be able to escape from this decrepit lair and continue my mission."

"Really...I take it this 'mission' you're referring to is the one you've been taking care of over the past year..." Reno casually began, "34 missing people, that's a lot...I mean 34 people, completely gone, not a trace of evidence, that's...that's really something..."

"They're not people, I can assure you" Vergil responded, still less interested in their conversation than his seemingly brilliant plan. Reno stared in disbelief at Vergil's answer, before losing his temper.

"Not people?" Reno asked angrily, "Who the hell do you think you are, some kind of god or something? That you can do to others whatever you want, like they're just your playthings?" With this outburst, Vergil finally directed his attention torward Reno, merely in order to glance at his visitor, before turning away from him again, already losing interest in his guest.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Vergil simply said, "and I have to say you're making me rather uncomfortable with your odd behavior." At this point Reno was fuming, having been dismissed so easily by such a depraved lunatic.

"..alright, you sick son of a bitch, let's drop the bullshit!" Reno shouted.


"The bodies, damn it!" Reno angrily ranted. "What the hell did you do with them? Carve them up into tiny little pieces? Bury them in the Nevada desert? Or did you eat them? Yeah, I bet you did that, just ate them all up like some kind of meal, couldn't get enough of the taste of human flesh, could you, you sick son of a bitch!

"I think you're mistaken," Vergil began defensively, "I've never eaten human flesh. Intentionally."

"Look, you piece of shit," Reno politely began, "I know you did it, and you sure as hell aren't gonna tell me otherwise. You may have fooled the others, because they're all just a bunch of ignorant bastards, but I'm different. I've seen your type before, sick crackpots with a vendetta against society, hunting down victims because it gives them some kind of perverse feeling of power. And let me tell you something, I've busted every single one of those freaks, and you're not going to be any different, I don't care what it takes, I am going to make you crack, and then you're going away for a long time, do you understand me?"

"Going where?" Vergil began in disbelief, "Have you come to take me away?" Reno simply raised an eyebrow in confusion, before speaking again.

"Yeah, right now," Reno answered pulling out a pair of handcuffs and snapping it on Vergil's wrist. Before the patient could react, Reno abruptly headed to the door, yanking the poor fellow with him.

"Mr. everything alright...?" the doctor hesitantly asked as he saw Reno pulling Vergil behind him.

"Just fine, I'm simply borrowing him for a while until I get some answers," Reno said, ignoring the unforunate man being led behind him.

"Wha...but, you can't let him out yet!" the doctor exclaimed, "He's not fit to be reintroduced into society yet!"

"I'll take care of him," Reno assured the doctor, "If he tries to get away, I'll break both his legs." With that, the hardened cop left the institute, his suspect trailing close behind.

"Wait, I get it!" Vergil suddenly let out. "I see what you're doing! You've come here to help me escape! They've sent you to rescue me from this prison so we can continue the mission! I must say you really had me going there! I wasn't aware that there were others like myself, it's very reassuring to know that I'm not the only one fighting to..." As Vergil endlessly rambled on, Reno closed his eyes in frustration and let out a curse before he uttered one last remark.

"Why are these serial killers always crazy?"

End of Chapter 2
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