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Chapter 2

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  • For Want of a Wand

    (#) Clell65619 2008-04-09 03:22:49 PM

    - first he was kidnapped, now he wasn't... Is a chapter missing?
  • For Want of a Wand

    (#) The_Blood_Rider 2008-04-22 04:52:56 PM

    Alright, I am completely confused, and not in an interesting or good way.

    Harry is telling his story but what he is talking about makes absolutely no sense when compared to the reactions he is recieving from his audience.

    First, he tells them that he snuck into his uncles car to get to London before going into how he decided to leave the country yet he also says that his uncle was a polyjuiced Death Eater who kidnapped him and took him to Germany as opposed to him going on his own. So, which one is it?

    Second, he says that he took Bellatrix's wand, yet he then says that he didn't know whose it was but that the Death Eaters found his house because of a tracking charm on it. Once again, an occurance that doesn't make sense because of Harry's 'escape' from Privet Drive didn't involve a Death Eater according to his story.

    Third, by Harry's own admission, HE killed the two men by accident, it was an instictual reaction to him being attacked, yet, once again, everyones' reaction don't match with what he said, as if he wasn't the one that killed them but he was present when they died, forced to watch.

    So, my question is this. through the first three chapters at least, which is it? Did Harry leave on his own as he apparently said, or was he kidnapped which he also claimed, it can't be both. Did he kill those two men or did he simply witness it. Once again, it can't be both.

    If, however, the full explaination of what happened is the truth, and everyones' reactions are based on Harry telling a different 'false' account of his experience that isn't included in the story so far, I would have to recommend a very serious re-work of this fic because as it is, it makes absolutely no sense what so ever. It's like trying to read two completely differnt fics simultaniously where every other word is missing.

    Author's response

    A fair enough point - and I've had enough of similiar points of view to merit a serious look back, especially through the first three chapters.

    Over at, very, very obvious lines have been added so that there is no question that Harry is telling two stories, and what he tells the order is a point. Beyond that, I'd say the story is fairly straight forward, though I am taking time right now to give the whole thing a polish, and it's very likely that a chapter's worth of scenes will be interspersed into the current lot.

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