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Remembering Sunday

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Her battered heart could barely take it. It had been fragile since the beginning, but man, that boy had put her poor paper heart through so many wars, it was ready to give out.

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It's alright, I'll be fine, don't worry about this heart of mine
Just leave the pieces when you go
Leave the Pieces- The Wreckers

Her battered heart could barely take it. It had been fragile since the beginning, but man, that boy had put her poor paper heart through so many wars, it was ready to give out. She wasn't sure how much more mending she could do.

A lone tear streaked down her face as she looked off the dock, where the grey sky met the dark ocean water. Waves crashed against the old wood and her white cotton dress flowed in the breeze, as she realized this was all her fault. Five minutes before, he was holding onto her as if it was the last time. Her small arms wrapped around his well-built frame and she buried her face in the crook of his neck. He sighed and lightly kissed the top of her head, hoping she wouldn't feel it. Neither of them spoke. He knew exactly how she was feeling. She never wanted the moment to end, knowing after she would have to rid herself of the feelings.

This was definitely easier for him; he lost the feelings a long time ago. She on the other hand, just couldn't let go. They weren't a couple, hadn't been for quite a while. But every time he flashed those honey colored eyes and that pearly white smile in her direction her heart melted. She cared about that boy more than anything, maybe that was the problem. He always said, there were plenty of fish in the sea. He was everything she looked for in a boy.

She watched him walk off the rickety old dock and open the door car. He honked as he drove off, and she couldn't help but smile. She thought maybe this would all be okay. A bolt of lightning lit up the dark sky and brought the girl out of her thoughts. She reached into the pocket of her dress and pulled out the picture. It was a picture of them taken at a water polo districts. He was smiling at her and she was laughing as she held up his clothes which she had stolen while he was in the shower. Tears fell onto the picture as she looked at it. She had to be strong, her heart couldn't take anymore. She ripped the picture down the middle and threw it into the ocean. She couldn't do this.

The rain began to fall as she paced back and fourth on the rickety dock. It was at that moment she knew. She pulled back her short brown hair, stepped out of her sandals and stripped off the dress. She waited for the thunder to roar. She lifted her hands over her head and jumped. The water enveloped her leaving nothing but a small splash. She opened her eyes; the water was murky around her. Something was floating a few feet In front of her. She swam a little closer and grasped it. It was her half of the picture. At that moment, something in her brain clicked. She didn't intend on coming up for air ever again, but she did. She left the picture and got out. She redressed and looked out to the ocean again.

I'm not coming back
I've done something so terrible
I'm terrified to speak
But you'd expect that from me
I'm mixed up, I'll be blunt
Now the rain is just washing you out of my hair
And out of my mind
Keeping an eye on the world
From so many thousands of feet off the ground
I'm over you now
I'm at home in the clouds, towering over your head

Maybe she was ready. Maybe she could do this.
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