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Chapter 4 Bessie's Foolproof Plan

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Bessie and Jack Jack butt heads who do you thinks going to win this one

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Bessie had more than kid specs to find Jack Jack as Violet also noticed a huge stinger on her butt, plus millions of other gadgets.
Bessie(Pointing at her wrists) And these are the stinger gloves one touch from them could prove fatal.
Violet(Pointing at Bessie's stinger) And that what does that do besides sting a lot?
Bessie(Smiling) That is my baby, it's the family tree 2000 and it's going to make Dash wish he was a Higgenbottom to begin with.
Violet: And your boots what are all over your boots?
Bessie: Those are the honeypot 3000's and they make sure that Dash stays in a sticky situation.
Violet: And how did you get the muscles on that suit, I mean they look real.
Bessie: That's because they are, my expieriments have proven that I can grow muscles just like growing a plant.
Violet: Awesome you have got to get me some of the stuff you use.
Bessie produced a perfume bottle with her face on it and smiled back at Violet.
Bessie: One squirt all over your body for days until the bottle's gone, then you'll have amazingly awesome muscles like the Mighty B.
Violet shrugged and sprayed the perfume all over her and could already feel muscles forming all over her body.
Bessie: Now with Happy, my kid specs, my family tree 2000 my honeypot 3000's, my grow a muscles, plus you I will find Dash.
Violet: Well let's get those kid specs working shall we?, he has blonde hair, green eyes, and is probably shivering in a corner somewhere.
Bessie(Smiling) Then let's get shivering kid hunting shall us, Happy's a great bloodhound as all dogs are.
The little boy found his way out of the potato sack as Bessie stood over him smiling.
Bessie: That ought to teach you to play ball in Bessie Higgenbottom's yard now shant it?
Boy: I was just playing ball I mean who cares who's lawn I'm on?
Bessie: Well for one Bessie Higgenbottom cares and for two The mighty B cares, and thirdly of allish Happy the wonderpup cares.
Boy: The Mighty B and Happy the wonderpup who the heck are they?
Bessie(Extending a gloved hand) Bessie Higgenbottom at your service also called the Mighty B, and Happy Higgenbottom at your service also called The Wonderpup.
Happy barked happily as a red cape trailed behind him and the boy shook Bessie's hand and a stinky green smoke erupted from them.
Bessie: Skunk mittens you have to love them, placed under the stinger gloves and watch the little boys faint.
Violet: This little tike will play ball as Dash Parr and he will be playing with his little sister.
Bessie: I also have a skunk tail just in case Dash tries his running again, this time Bessie Anne Higgenbottom will win.
Jack Jack cowered in fear when he heard Bessie, Violet, Happy, and the struggling little boy climb up the stairs as Happy gave a sniff.
Bessie: Like I said all dogs are good bloodhounds just watch Happy Higgenbottom work.
Happy sniffed until he could smell Jack Jack and stopped in front of a closet barking happily.
Bessie(Jumping up and down) Looks like we have a Dash Parr to makeover, now let's make this quick I have a million things to do for my daughter.
Violet grinned evily as she opened the door and Jack Jack used Dash's super speed and ran off as Bessie handed clothespins to Violet.
Bessie: I'd use those now if I were you, plug your nose and your daughter's.
Violet did as she was told and Bessie's skunktail and mittens spread a bad smell and Jack Jack fell to his knees gagging.
Bessie(Smiling down at Jack Jack) Well look what we have here a bee that grew stronger and a boy that grew weaker.
Jack Jack(Gagging) I'm not Dash I'm Jack Jack his little brother so leave me alone.
Bessie clicked her heels as honey found itself to under Jack Jack's feet.
Bessie(Cackling) Just to make sure you don't make another quick getaway Dash, now let's see what we can do about my little villian shall we?
Jack Jack(Struglinng in the honey) I told you I'm not Dash I'm Jack Jack and I can prove it ask me anything.
Bessie(Handing Jack Jack a mirror) I don't have to the proof is in your face Dash, now I believe I have just the thing for you super villian.
Jack Jack: You've got the wrong person I'm Jack Jack and Dash is somewhere in this great, big, nightmare world we're living in.
Bessie(Pulling out a honeybee uniform) Your going to be the greatest honeybee ever, just like your mommy The Mighty B.
Jack Jack: Your not my mom Violet is so just stop treating me like your son.
Bessie(Pulling out the tape measure) Son ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaa, nope your not my son your my daughter now hold still.
Jack Jack(Trying to get out of the honey) Like I have a choice?
Bessie cackled as she pointed her stinger out and pointed it into Jack Jack.
Bessie: Now by the power of the Mighty B's stinger I call upon thee my daughter Cassie Abigail Higgenbottom.
Jack Jack cringed and screamed as the stinger went deeper and Bessie cackled.
Bessie: By the power of the honeybee's I pressent to you Cassie Abigail Higgenbottom.
Jack Jack screamed louder as the stinger went deeper and Violet II giggled playfully seeing Jack Jack in pain.
Bessie: By the power of God I call upon thee make Dashnell Robert Parr my daughter and make him three forever.
Jack Jack saw a white light shoot into him as Bessie pumped her fists in the air happily and then she towered over him.
Bessie: Well Jack Jack, Dash, or whoever you are now your Cassie Abigail Higgenbottom
Jack Jack saw that Bessie was right as he grew light brown hair with ponytails, glasses, and imperfect teeth.
Bessie(Measuring Jack Jack's stomach) Just as I thought your as pudgy as I was when I was three Jack Jack.
The Beehive suit was folded over Jack Jack with much fighting on his part before Bessie just smiled and sat on him.
Bessie: This is how my mom used to get me dressed when I was a kid, and if I have to do the same to you I will.
Bessie forced Jack Jack's shoes, socks, Super Suit, and underwear off as his body went limp.
Bessie: Nice try but your not getting off that easily, you forget I used to be just like that and I know once I stand up your going to run off.
Jack Jack(Struggling) Get off of me I promise I won't run away, I just want some space to take all this becoming a young lady.
Bessie(Smiling down at him) Your also a great liar that also comes from me.
Jack Jack saw no choice as kneehighs were placed over his feet, a white blouse was thrown over his chest, and a skirt and underwear were thrown over his bottom.
Bessie: Now for the best parts of the ensemble, the hat, the sash, and the shoes.
Jack Jack(Weak) But if you beat me who's going to be your villian next?
Bessie(Chuckling) I'm sure I'll find another mouse to catch in the land of mice Dash, Becuase in this land of mice I'm the only cat that anybody will answer to.
Happy walked up and sniffed Jack Jack's head then licked him as Bessie laughed triumphantly.
Bessie: He only licks Higenbottom's and since you have my blood soon you'll be Cassie Abigail Higgenbottom.
Jack Jack moaned as his body quickly became a pudgy mess and Bessie picked him up kissing his cheek and hugging him.
Bessie: Soon Jack Jack or so you call yourself. you will be the only daughter that I ever have.
Jack Jack: But my hair is blonde yours is light brown how will I ever look like you?
Bessie: First off it's light orange and second take a look in the mirror lately?
Jack Jack saw that his blonde hair was gone and quickly became light orange as Bessie giggled at his shocked face.
Bessie: Your growing weaker by the second Dash and soon your not going to be able to resist calling me mommy and acting just like me.
Jack Jack heard Bessie's evil laughter in his ears as she stood over him with a triumphant smile on her face.
Bessie(Hopping up and down) I win I win ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I finally beat my villian and now nobody will get in the way of the Mighty B as she haunts kids nightmares.
Jack Jack tried holding his ears closed to get the evil laughter out of his head but it just grew stronger as Jack Jack crawled to her feet and she smiled.
Bessie(Kissing his cheek) My special little princess, now let's get you in a tub and then I'll show you around your new life.
Jack Jack moaned and tried to tune out Bessie's laughter as it seemed that speakers were in his ears and the bass was on all the way.
Bessie: The laughter will stop when you become Cassie Abigail Higgenbottom, but until then enjoy my voice in your ears also.
The laughter in Jack Jack's ears turned to screams as Bessit took his hand and led him to the bathroom.
Bessie: The first stop on our tour is the bathroom, this is where you'll take bath's not showers, pee, and brush your teeth.
Jack Jack(Weak) Stop the screaming please, my ears can't stand much more screaming.
Bessie: Next on the agenda is my ten and a half year old body Dash, now to show you what you're going to be missing.
Bessie flashed into his head this time and she had no clothes on and Jack Jack became weaker to her beauty.
Bessie: You said that I was an ugly duckling, well looks like this duckling just learned some new tricks.
Jack Jack showed his true form as Bessie looked down seeing a red pair of footie pajama's and smiled.
Bessie: Well I guess you weren't Dash, but I can cut my losses and look at it this way, at least I got one of the Incredible boys.
Violet: I would love to stick around but I have a boy to turn into Dash, and you just may become his girlfriend if you play your cards right.
Bessie liked the fact that the youngest Incredible boy was all hers and she knew the perfect way to get even with Dash.
Bessie: He will date me just not older me younger me, 10 and a half year old me.
Bessie(Kissing Jack Jack's cheek) As for you cutie pie your going to be Skunk Girl and learn to get even with all the little people in this world.
Jack Jack stared up at Bessie as she finally took control of him and she saw a baby with all of her features staring back at her.
Bessie: Now how's about that bath?, then I'll feed you breakfast and place you in front of the TV.
Jack Jack cooed as Bessie led him to the sink pouring bubbles into it and Jack Jack popped them one after the other as they floated up.
Bessie: Just like your mommy, she was obsessed with bubbles at your age too.
Jack Jack let out a girly giggle as Bessie placed him in the sink and she knew that she was going to have fun raising Jack Jack as her own.
Bessie(Snuggling Jack Jack) After this I'll teach you the wonders of tea parties and what they can do to up your friendship circle.
Jack Jack stared confused at Bessie as she lathered soap on him and rinsed him off making his skin silky soft.
Bessie: If anybody tries getting in my way they'll feel the wrath of Skunk Girl and her mighty tail of doom.
Jack Jack's eyes caught on to a suit that Bessie folded up and she smiled as she showed him a black and white skunk suit.
Bessie: You will be Skunk Girl and you'll make the people of this world fear you.
Jack Jack's eyes turned from blue to green and Bessie knew that it was the last part of Jack Jack waiting inside of Cassie.
Bessie: Now that I have you where I want you I'm going to make sure I'm the bestest mom ever, and when you get older you can be the bestest mom ever.
Jack Jack lifted his hands up to be led out as bessie lifted him and covered him in a towel.
Bessie: You'll get to see your new room with pictures of mommy everywhere, that way when you get older you'll be just like mommy.
Bessie dressed Jack Jack in a white undershirt pink underwear and a purple nightgown and smiled at her creation.
Bessie: All set now to give you a bottle and then it's off to bed and then tomorrow I'll knit you a sweater for winter and I'll sew the patches on my old bear for you.
Jack Jack clutched Bessie's neck in a hug as she tucked him into his crib and she could feel some of him trying to fight.
Bessie: We'll also get makeovers tomorrow, if that doesn't make the girl in you come out I don't know what will.
Jack Jack's green eyes became full of fear as Bessie cackled and kissed his cheek.
Bessie: Nighty night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.
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