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Barbie Pink

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John had did something to Tin-Tin and now Tin-Tin is paybacking him. John VS. Tin-Tin

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Barbie pink

Me: hey, this is my first time that i have made a thunderbirds fic. Well maybe some of you have read 'imagine them saying' on a yahoo group. The last thing that was writing was that Tin-tin had done something with John's close. Well here you have the hole story about it. Have fun whit it D(ps: If there any fault or there some thing spelled wrong please don't be mad. I'm trying to do my best to write in it English, I don't have a English accent, I can only speak Dutch.)


The story start when we see Tin-tin doing the laundry. 'I have to come up with a very good joke, I'm not letting that Tracy go without a revenge.' Thought Tin-tin when she picked up the colored laundry, to hang it out on the laundry line.

flashback to yesterday

"Come on, Tin-tin, you know that you want to swim." Said John looking at the side of the pool where Tin-tin was laying on a bed under a big umbrella.

"Sorry, John I don't feel like to swim right now." Said Tin-tin who was reading a magazine to John, not looking up to him.

"Come on, the more souls in the pool the more fun we have."

"Yeah Tin-tin. Scott, Virgil and Gordon will be gone for hours, so we have nobody to stand in the goal." Said John still trying to get Tin-tin in the pool. Tin-tin put her magazine and look at John.

"Nice try, John, but you're aren't getting me in the pool." Said Tin-tin and stared to read her magazine again. When suddenly she get a golf of water on her. She look up to see who did that, when she looked, she saw John and Gordon in the water.

"Sorry don't wanna make you wet with that." Said Gordon grinning to John. Tin-tin got up and walk to Gordon and pushed him underwater. But when she did, she suddenly was pushed in the water by John. John and Gordon where laughing and Tin-tin came out of the water.

"Just wait John Tracy. I'll get my revenge for it." Said Tin-tin with a evil smile to John.

"Well, then you have to hurry up, because I'm going back to the space station the day after tomorrow." Said John still laughing.

end of flashback

When Tin-tin was back inside she saw John's whites 'that's it !' she thought and looked for something.

"Hey Tin-tin what are you looking for ?" ask Virgil when he and Gordon came in.

"I'm looking for something to put in John's white's." She said and looked with a evil smile to the two boys.

"Why don't you put a pink towel in it." Said Gordon, giving the pink towel to Tin-tin with a grins. Tin-tin put the pink towel in the washing machine and when they where finessed, John's white's had a Barbie pink color. So Tin-tin paced John's suitcase.

The next day when John had left home and arrived to the space station. He would unpacked the suitcase but when he came on his white's, they where Barbie pink ! on the Barbie pink white's lay a letter. John read the letter:

HAHAHA ! I had said that I will take revenge on ya !


Back at base, when Alan had arrived, Tin-tin, Gordon and Virgil where laughing there sick. When John had said that he had Barbie pink close white

Me: ok, I know that wasn't the really character of John's side, I just want to let you see what other side John have beside to be the silent guy or the space guy. Beside I think that he also have some deep precipices, if you know what I mean. Well that's my first Thunderbirds story. I hope that you have enjoyed it and I'll see you the next time. Bye
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