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In My Blood

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Virgil is telling how he feels about music. one-shot

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In my Blood

Me: Virgil is telling how he feels about music.


Music is the most beautiful thing I had ever heard of.

Some people don't understand the beauty of it. How emotional it can be. The beautiful thing about music is that it can help you to come to terms with your emotions... My favorite instrument is my piano. A baby Grant Piano. I've been playing it, since my mother, Lucille, has taught me how to play it. Since my mother died, live wasn't easy for me.

One day I tried to play a song that my mother had taught me, before the accident, before she died. My dad was working on some office papers, I was sitting at the piano, playing that song. When suddenly dad came to me and slammed the piano cover down and yelled, 'STOP THIS NONSENSE RIGHT NOW ! IF YOU PLAY THAT SONG AGAIN, YOU WISH THAT YOU NEVER HAD HEARD OF THAT SONG ! OR BETTER, YOU NEVER EVER PLAY THIS PIANO AGAIN !'

That was the day that I was forbidden to play the piano and that was the day that my heart broke.

How can I live without playing the piano ? Sure I can survive a week without it, but never play it again ? No, that would be like staying a detoxification center. How could he take my stuff away like that ?

First my mother who was a teacher to me, my childhood and then the only thing I had at that moment...My piano...

I was so happy when grandma had talked to dad and convinced him to let me play the piano again. But when I played a song that mom had taught me, he always snapped at me like, play another song or don't you know another one that's not so sad ?

Now I'm sitting behind the piano, looking at my father. Even if it was 24 years later, he still sighs when I play one of mother's song. I know I hurt him sometimes when I act like mom. But it's my nature...

Can't you see, dad ? The passion for music is in my blood. And no one can take it away from me. It's like a virus had bitten me when I was born... and even now it's running through my veins. Mom had it too. The passion for music. Dad had loved the piano when mom was playing on it. That's when he understood it. I hope, that one day he can understand it again what it means...What it means to me...But for now I'll let it flow through my veins. And there it always will stay...In my blood.

Me: I hope that you enjoy this story so please tell me what you think of it.
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