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“Raymus Kayos Antilles: From a Piloting Captain to a Crown Prince”

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SUMMARY: This is fifteen random but essentially chronological moments from the life of Raymus Kayos Antilles, the fourth born child and only boy of Bail Kayid Antilles. There is an actual story her...

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Author’s Notes: 1). For anyone interested, this not-quite-a-story is compatible with my SW AU series /You Became to Me/, including the trilogy/ Thwarting the Revenge of the Sith/, if you squint at a couple of things sideways and view a few others solely through the lens of Raymus Kayos Antilles’ eyes. 2). Although this is technically modelled on a prompt set that I borrowed from somewhere or another on the LJ (I really don’t recall from where anymore, exactly, though if someone would like to set the record straight, I’ll add the info and a link to the community in question here in my notes), it’s not really meant to function as a response to whatever the challenge actually is that’s associated with said LJ prompt set. I just used the specific prompts to give me a reason to string together a backstory of sorts for Raymus. 3). Readers should please keep in mind that Raymus really isn’t any stronger in the Force than his wife and so wouldn’t have been considered sensitive enough to be taken in by the Jedi for training. 4). Readers interested in knowing who the physical models are for EU characters like Alaina should /please consult/ the latest versions of my posted lists of cast original and EU characters and for handmaid(en)s and other important Nabooian characters, which are available on my LJ! For clarity’s sake, though, please know that I specifically picture Rohan Nichol, the actor used in /Revenge of the Sith (not Peter Geddis, the actor in/ A New Hope/ who may or may not play Raymus Antilles, a Captain Colton, or a Colton Antilles, depending on which interpretation of a very ambiguous set of lines uttered by Threepio one wishes to use), when I think of Raymus Antilles, and that Alaina should be pictured as Angie Everhart with fairly auburnish dark hair and an extremely dark tan! Also, Kybella Arshaia Metrac Antilles, the mother of Shashai Antilles Metonae, Breha Antilles Organa, Deara Antilles, Raymus Antilles, and Kimeila Antilles Retrac by Bail Antilles, should be pictured as Ana de la Reguera./ /Please note/ that characters who may be alluded to but not referenced by name (certain family members of EU or original characters, for example) are considered too minor to be cast at this time, and that readers should feel free to imagine them howsoever they wish! 5). Again, in order to more easily keep track of Bail’s family, readers might want to keep the following in mind: in my AU, Bail is born practically in 68 BBY, near the end of what would have been 69 BBY (if events had fallen out as they do in canon, that is), or roughly 954ish years After the Ruusan Reformations and 46ish years Before the Battle of Geonosis (which, remember, occurs in my AU series on Holiday 2 or Productivity Day of the Galactic Standard Calendar, the day that falls in between month five, Nelona, and month six, Helona, in year 25,000 After Founding [of the Galactic Republic] or 1,000 After Ruusan Reformations), with Alaina being born in what would have been ~46 BBY (yes, that would make her just a wee bit older than her husband, Raymus, if you went by the date of birth listed on the SW Wikipedia for him, even though it has no source cited. If you’re like me, though, and don’t like such uncertain information, then please assume that he’s actually a couple of years older than Alaina, since he is the fourth of five children and the youngest of those children is about a year and a half older than Anakin Skywalker). (Their mother, Zamille dies late in 44 BBY, and their father, Prestid, remarries in 40 BBY, wedding Mazicia and then losing her late in 38 BBY. [I’ve interpreted the EU notation that Mazicia was Queen of Alderaan in the time leading up to the Clone Wars as meaning the time around the Stark Hyperspace War, which in the EU is sometimes lumped in with the galactic civil war leading up to the establishment of the Empire, due to Palpatine’s tendency to rewrite history.] Prestid then remarries again in 35 BBY, to Alessya Retrac, who has Celly, Rouge, and Tia in ~32, 30, and 28 BBY.) Bail and Alaina’s deceased brothers, Declin and Valyn, would have been born in roughly 50 BBY and 48 BBY and died (with their father) late in 28 BBY (not long after Tia was born), and their deceased sister, Merisol, would have been born in roughly 67 BBY and killed in 52 BBY. 6). In order to more easily keep track of Raymus Antilles’ family, readers might want to keep the following in mind: in my AU, there are five Antilles children, Shashai Antilles Metonae, Breha Antilles Organa, Deara Antilles, Raymus Antilles, and Kimeila Antilles Retrac, all born to Bail Antilles and a Kybella Arshaia Metrac Antilles. Shashai was born in ~67 BBY, Breha in ~54 BBY, Deara in ~51 BBY, Raymus in ~48 BBY, and Kimeila in ~44 BBY. The large gap between the birth of the first Antilles girl and the other children is mainly due to the fact that Bail Antilles took his Senatorial duties extremely seriously, with an added complication from a bad miscarriage in roughly 63 BBY that made Kybella unwilling to attempt to have other children for a time (until a bad scare wherein Shashai was nearly killed by an out-of-control landspeeder while on her way to school late in 56 BBY made Kybella once again want very much to have more children).

“Raymus Kayos Antilles: From a Piloting Captain to a Crown Prince”

01.) Ambition: Raymus has never had any ambition whatsoever to ever be Crown Prince and Viceroy of Alderaan (and is, occasionally, selfishly glad that the question regarding which family had a greater claim on the throne was decided in favor of the Organa children rather than his Antilles father) – he wants to fly, loves to fly, would be just as happy to be a simple pilot as to be the actual captain of one of Alderaan’s few larger defensive ships (as his father seems to think he should be, at the very least) – but he’s crazy about Bail Organa’s little sister, Alaina, loves her so much that he actually thinks he might wither away and die of grief, without her presence in his life, and so he girds up his mental loins and asks for permission to beg for her hand, even though she is currently Bail Organa’s sole full-blooded heir apparent to the throne of Alderaan, and, as her husband, it places him quite literally next in line for the honor of a shared/wedded throne.

02.) Job: He doesn’t really understand politics or people, much, either – it seems to him that career politicians and actual working politicians are two wholly different breeds of animal but that the first so heavily outnumber the second (and seem to think that it’s their job to keep the second from really being able to accomplish much of anything at all actually useful, no matter how hard or how long they work) that the second are essentially all but useless, outside of their own little personal spheres of local influence (and, thus, largely wasting their time on a thankless, resultless job), and, furthermore, that the vast majority of the supposedly intelligent sentient beings of the galaxy (who should know better, dammit!) are either so gullible, so stupid, or so lazy that they enable the first, despite complaining endlessly about their general uselessness and corruption, and refuse to do much of anything that might possibly help the second actually get anything truly useful accomplished – but he knows that the Organas take their responsibilities very seriously and that they are among the few working politicians he knows of who ever do seem to get much of anything done, so he’s very careful not to ever seem to doubt or question Bail and to be as supportive and understanding of his wife’s job and often insane work hours as he possibly can, even though he has no idea, really, what she’s actually doing (or at least trying to do), half the time.

03.) Family: Raymus enjoys working for his brother by marriage, and it makes him feel better, to know that there’s another family member there with Bail to protect the man’s back and to watch out for him and (try to) take care of him (since the man seems unable to remember to consistently take care of himself), but it occasionally makes him a little nervous to be essentially rubbing elbows with some of the most powerful (both literally powerful, as with the Jedi, and politically powerful, as with individuals like Garm Bel Iblis and Mon Mothma) beings in the known galaxy, and he’s not sure he’s ever going to be entirely comfortable, walking about in places like the Jedi Temple as if it were perfectly natural that he be in such an important place.

04.) Respect: It’s hard to maintain respect for his father after the old man essentially retires from politics like a spoiled child spurning a group of playmates because he wasn’t the first chosen for a game, but the fact that his father so obviously regrets the impulsive move and has devoted much of his resulting free time to trying to help refugees fleeing from the growing troubles (presaging the outbreak of actual galactic civil war) helps a great deal.

05.) Love: He loves his sister, but Force help him, some days he just wants to smack Breha, and her absolute refusal to face or deal with the fact that she willingly, knowingly married a man deeply in love with someone else makes his blood boil and his stomach churn with excess acid!

06.) Resist: Raymus actually sympathizes a lot more with the stated complaints and aims of the Separatists than he supports the reactionary idiocy of the Republic, but he knows the real leaders of the Confederacy of Independent Systems don’t really believe in the ideals they spout, so he doesn’t even try to resist his family’s support of the Republic (and the Jedi Order) when war breaks out.

07.) Pilot: Raymus is simultaneously endlessly fascinated with and utterly terrified by Anakin Skywalker: the boy can do things with ships that should, by all accounts, literally be impossible, and, as a pilot, Raymus would love to have even a fraction of the talent that the boy has; yet, the boy is so very cocky and seemingly full of himself and so, well, /careless /(for lack of a better word) of his immense strength, as a Jedi, that it frankly scares him, thinking of what the boy could do (or become), and he’s not really sure he believes Bail’s offhanded mentions of Anakin’s arrogant behavior as a kind of mask, to placate the suspicions of the Jedi High Council, make enough sense to be all that likely to be entirely true, so he’s glad the boy has someone like Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Master, to keep him at least partially ground and sort of in line.

08.) Sick: The very idea of using clones tailor-made to be absolutely obedient and fanatically loyal soldiers makes him feel sick to his stomach, and one of the few times he speaks up voluntarily in the presence of a Jedi is the day he praises Obi-Wan Kenobi for treating the clones as he would any other group of men.

09.) Aid: Padmé Amidala would probably be offended to know so, but Raymus actually prefers former Queen Jamillia (with her dreams of establishing some kind of galactic-wide program to aid all of the many refugees and war/disaster orphans) to the rather naive Senator (and former Queen of Naboo).

10.) Sly: Bail’s half sisters really should have been given over to the Jedi Temple for training – they see and sense and know things that they really shouldn’t, dream (accurately, so far as he knows) about the past and the future, channel the Force as naturally as they breathe – but he understands why their mother decided to keep them, instead, and he’s selfishly glad that she did, for he enjoys teaching Celly how to pilot and even drive, on the sly, whenever he’s home.

11.) Militia: The idea of secretly building up a sort of planetary militia strikes Raymus both as an extremely sensible and an extremely dangerous thing to do, and he just hopes that things won’t ever get so bad that they actually have to use any of those weapons or ships against the might that Palpatine and his supporters could likely (and probably quite easily) muster.

12.) Second: Raymus is both horrified and relieved to discover that Palpatine (of all people!) was the second Sith Lord, and he just hopes that the destruction and discrediting of the kind of government the man build up and led will allow good people (like his wife, his brother by marriage, Bail’s protégé, Mon Mothma of Chandrila, and others of like mind and morality) to build something workable and good out of the ashes.

13.) Mix: Raymus is so stunned when Obi-Wan and Anakin (who are so full of power that they appear to be lit up, like mythical avatars of the Force, even to his not all that very Force-sensitive sight) declare for /Bail/, as the first new recruit of their reformed (and renamed) New Jedi Bendu Order and as their intended shared Padawan, and it isn’t until his wife has talked him down from his semi-hysterical state of terror over the prospect of becoming the new Crown Prince of Alderaan that it even occurs to him what it might mean for the galaxy, for this new Order to be willing to mix politics and matters of the Force so freely.

14.) Blow: Breha’s death is a blow, but in an odd way it’s also something of a mercy, given how unhappy she’s been, and, though he knows he’ll miss her, he’s almost glad for her, to have made such an end (and therefore avoided the mess and heartache of losing Bail to his new Masters).

15.) Hope: With the Jedi Bendu and the new government quite willingly working so closely together and everyone so fiercely determined to do their utmost to make the New Alliance of the Republic everything that the old Republic should have and could have been, Raymus has some tentative hope that politics and even sentient beings might actually begin to make a whole lot more sense, so he girds up his mental loins once again and quietly agrees to share responsibility for the throne of Alderaan with his wife . . . and desperately hopes that he won’t frack things up too badly, no matter what else might happen.
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