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Yeah, it can take time to get reviews, but after a loong time, i finally got one.
Umm, that wasn't what I was talking about....
I've been a member for a couple of years, and I've only gotten a few reviews. Granted, I haven't posted much, but I would still like to have the ones that haven't been commented on reviewed.

Maybe it's just me, but I think that if you like a story, write a comment, or at least add it to your favorites.

I sometimes give a little constructive criticscm at times.
Well, what are you supposed to do if the story it a trainwreck?
Maybe not review it, but if a story is terrible then the author needs to know.

Constructive critisism is necesary.
Look I really need a review on my new story so can some one please tell me what they think of it I haven't had a review in a long time
If the story is terrible don't chain the author to the rocks, but at least tell them, "Hey, you need to work on your writing skills for awhile."

I agree, constructive criticism is essential. How else are you going to develop as a writer if someone doesn't point out to you that, " OK, this part doesn't flow, that part works well, but the following scene doesn't fit..."
I'll make a deal with anyone interested - it's already been mentioned here. Review my story and I'll review the story of your choice!

For the record, the only criticisms I EVER offer are grammatical and mechanical. Even if I dislike your writing voice, I won't criticize it unless you specifically ask me to.

As for me - please feel free to criticize anything and everything! Flames are ok as long as they're USEFUL flames, lol!
ill Gladly rate your work, even if i dont know what your talking about. or i'll just have to read about it on wikipedia and understand.
lororie, i'll review yours and the deal you made, stands for me too!