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Synonym Help Needed
I need to find a good synonym for "phantom pain."

(Note: I'm trying to describe the phenomenon that occurs in amputees, in which they feel pain in their missing limb, even though their limb doesn't exist anymore.)

I would've just found a synonym for "phantom," but "ghostly" and the like create a different mental image, which could easily confuse readers.

Thanks for helping!
Phantom pain is also called deafferentation pain, anesthesia dolorosa or denervation pain.
Synonyms for "phantom pain"
Illusory sensation/discomfort/agony

Intangible burning/searing/itching/feeling

Unseen tearing/scraping/scratching/

Invisible slash/gash/injury/wound

I'm sure there are others...Now I'm going to have this stuck in my head all night. Anyway, hope that helps.