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More Problems
Great to see you back. I've been seriously missing ficwad for the past week or so.
Slight problem I've noted... all of the recently uploaded chapters seem to be being cut off very short (as in 1-5 words)...
For example: the new chapter at /story/73933 should be 5834 words according to the story index at /story/64372 but if you go to the chapter itself, nothing is displayed past the first five words.
The stories-cutting-off thing is one I'm looking into. If you've posted a story that's getting cut off, I'd very much appreciate you emailing the original to me (admin@ficwad.com) so I can play with it.

In other news, I've just gotten everything I need to handle view counts hooked back up. (A shell script analyzes the logs nightly, then updates the database. This means you'll only see updates once a day... but it's much less of a resource hog.)
um.. the updated stories aren't had the top of the first page(if there is one) and they are all jumbled up it's hard to see if anyone updated or added a new story
missing chapters
Chapters 7,8,9 from 'The Sleeping Dragon Wakes' by AncientzDream are missing.
Searching Stories
Just so you know...your new search engine sucks complete donkey balls...big and juicy ones! Your old search engine is much better. This new one is a waste of space. No doubt you're going to get majorly flamed for the new engine of searching. I suggest putting the old one back up. Searching by title only? C'mon dude, thats BS.

As for the rest of the site, there isn't much difference. This post isn't meant to be insulting, of course, some people will take it that way. Oh well, aint my problem.

Pulling my hair out.
OK, before I rant, I want to let you know that I appreciate the hard work you put into this site and I'm glad you finally got things up and running again. With that said, uploading my new chapter is impossible. For some reason, HTML, apostrophes, and quotation marks are not recognized and it makes the published version go bonkers.
CUSSA!!!!!!! I SO miss the OLD FICWAD!!! GIVME IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allthough the new one loads faster...BUT STILL!!!! I CAN"T EVEN FREAKIN' GET THE CHOSE CARITERS...I HATE COMPUTER BUGS!! Hits closes object hard enough it shatered...Again owww...that was glass.
Okay...now i'm gonna give a COMPLEMENT, yes, no complaining voice in head: You are such a insalt ment to v- Me: Just let me give my freakin complement, okay!...anyway. It goes much faster, and it is neat, and i like the little bar at the top after giving a coment when it says...' yep, thats a coment'...it is a nice bar, yes, very nice.. Anyway, i am going to try to be normal and say you did a good job. There you go...i can be nice when i want to try (or my friend forces me to)
Character Box
I have nothing comming up in my character box. Is anyone else having this problem?
With no search, NO SORTING and most stories having the same date, ficwad is less than useless right now.