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The character box for LOTR works - that's the only one I've tried to far. And I like it much better than the previous character selection. Quite easy to handle.

(Because I wanted to say something positive g.)
JSON and You
I realized that the character select box was broken when you changed categories in IE.

Because IE sucks. (Don't just ask me -- ask anyone who has ever had to write a website.)

So I just spent far longer than I thought it should take rewriting a lot of javascript.
Please bring back the Preview option. It made editing the mistakes out so much easier.

And please, please bring the read count back. I like to know if anyone is reading my story.
I hate the new FicWad, no offense but I think it's taken a step backwards.
It works, but it looks like rubbish, and I had quite gotten used to using the HTML rather than "text" and whatnot.
I suppose I'll just get used to it. >.<
But, thanks for all the hard work.
I was starting to go into withdrawal XD
text for italics is all sorts of broken. It does not work 90% of the time, and when it does, it doesn't stop where it should but continues to the next opening , as can be seen in my fic: http://www.ficwad.com/story/74274 In the text box, all the / are perfectly in place, but obviously they're not being interpreted correctly by the machine.
Hah, it even broke in my post...
please hurry and bring the filters back...
Welcome back FicWad great to see you back... love the new layout but would realy love the filters back... cant wait to see what you do with it... XD
okay so. having ratings SHOVED LOUDLY IN MY FACE when I already hate rating systems and was doing my best to ignore them here?

not cool.

there are much better ways to make ratings more noticeable without practically having them shout themselves out to the users.

I don't think I'll post anything else here anymore :/
i'm dieing over here!
Not great
I can't choase the charitors i want on search...whitch
Not great eather
I'm not having fun anymore