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Can't Properly Fix My Story
I just today found out Ficwad came back. I checked on one of my One Piece fanfics and saw some minor problems here and there. Mostly nothing to immediately concern myself with (slashes around words instead of italics, thatkinda thing).

My main problem came in a late chapter where I used special characters (U's and O's with the macron (is that what it's called?) above them). They didn't render properly. no problem, just fix it to "uu" and "ou." But now when I attempt to fix the fic, when I go to check on it the text cuts off mid-way through (if that). Currently the 10th chapter of my OP fic cuts off after about two or three sentences.

How can this be fixed so that the story appears as it properly should. also, is it possible to have the O/U with the macron on? (if not it's not a problem, though I admit I'd prefer to be able to keep it).

Thank you in advance.