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What's Missing / Needed
Okay, here's what's missing and needs to be added that I've seen so far...

1) [ Previous Chapter Chapter List Next Chapter ] controls at both the top of the story page and at the bottom. At the bottom so you can quickly go to the next chapter without scrolling, and at the top so you can see a 'Next' link if the story has been updated.

2) Sorting Order Options in Author pages, and possibly even on the category listings. The category ones should be the 'character' lists, story size, complete/inprogress/abandonded, rating, etc. The author page options should be such as 'updated last', 'publish date', category, etc. (Like at Fanfiction.net: Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status . )

3) Login functions need work. Site seems to log me out regularly, even if I keep the windows open while reading a long story. Also, the "Remember Me" checkbox does not work in IE6. I haven't tested other browsers, but it seems that the cookie controls are broken.

4) There are some stories I've seen that I had shortcuts to the latest chapter for. Upon loading these (and updating the URLs), I find that not all the story text was saved--some stories are missing, such as these:

5) Going to a URL for a story that does not exist should give a page stating as such. It should not immediately take you back to the very front page. This could confuse people if they do not realize what's going on. It would be even more helpful if it were coded that the ID could reference which story it had once been a part of, or which author had written the story, even if it were to be removed by the author (or admins) for some reason, so that readers could go to the author's page to see why the story is now gone. (This shouldn't be too hard--ID not found with a story, look it up in a field under the author's table to see which author it was connected to. Deleting a story does not remove the ID from this field--only the story itself. Creating a new story adds the ID to this field for any future reference. Or, alternatively, deleting a story doesn't remove it--it only changes it to a scripted page stating it was deleted and that contains a URL to the author's profile.)

I haven't tried uploading stories, so I'm not sure what might be wrong there, but as I've seen one other say here, there needs to be working support for UTF-8 especially.
Not all the posted reviews for the stories are showing up. Is this just a temporary thing?
many stories are missing chapters, if the story is even there mind you
RSS Feeds are broken / not corrected yet
The RSS Feeds are still not working, or if they are, the links for them must have changed.